[Unboxing] Toraware no Palm -Collectors Edition-

Yeah I caved in and bought the collectors edition. I wonder how much money have I donated to Capcoms cause of milking every franchise they have 🤔 But at least on the bright side I didn’t fork out 18,000 yen for the Capcom Limited Collectors Edition (though this collectors edition sent me back maybe around 130 Australian dollary doos because of Australian tax and weak currency conversion rate).

Anyway let’s take a closer look at the collectors edition shall we?

When I got it out of the package I couldn’t believe how big it was. I guess Capcom really goes ham with their collectors editions.

For comparison sake, here’s how big the box is compared to a limited edition of an inferior game:

It’s maybe four times as big as the average limited edition otome game box? Though now it’s gonna stick out like a sore thumb in my otoge limited edition collection 😂

So what little goodies are kept inside this big, humongous box?

It’s another box! It’s quite plain compared to the outer box but it’s the main course when it comes to what’s inside of it.

First up we got the cleaner cloth that has floral design on opposite corners, the anemone design represents Haruto and the sunflower design represents Aoi. It’s not exactly a microfiber cloth, which is a shame because they’re usually handy of catching dust but it’s a cleaner cloth nevertheless.

Next up is the canvas board that has the same illustration as the collector’s edition cover. Its obviously made out of canvas but the colours do look a bit washed out compared to the box cover, but still a lovely addition to display Chisato Miwa’s gorgeous illustration anywhere.

Also got chibi acrylic standees of Haruto and Aoi and finally you get the physical copy of Toraware no Palm Deluxe Edition that has all the DLC in it.

Closer look of Haruto and Aoi standees plus the floral designs on the cleaner cloth

When you open up the game case you’ll find a small leaflet advertising Toraware no Palm -Refrain- for the mobile as well as a small manual showing the controls (something I didn’t expect to see in game cases these days). They also used an old illustration used for promotional material for the other side of the game cover (I dunno if it’s a reversible game cover but I reversed it anyway so y’all can get a better look of it).

And that’s about it for the collectors edition. Was it worth it? Well probably for die-hard fans of Toraware no Palm it’s worth it for sentimental sake. Though I’m sure for super die-hard fans they would’ve bought the expensive Capcom limited Collectors edition that has more goodies in it. Though it may be little goodies in this one to justify the price but at least it’s not a mahjong set that you will never use *looks at my Fate/Extella Link limited edition with mahjong set that’s collecting dust with regret*. Don’t ask me about the story behind that purchase decision.

I’ll attempt to write a quick thought review of how the Nintendo Switch port of Toraware no Palm holds up, but until then…

Thanks for reading!

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2 thoughts on “[Unboxing] Toraware no Palm -Collectors Edition-

  1. Hell yeah I got this too!!!

    When I first pulled it out with all my other tiny games I was like wtf is this huge box!? LMAO I was super shocked honestly… the box like just barely fits with maybe an inch or so leeway on my bookshelf LOL. Also I had no clue we got the little painting and I’ll admit I laughed so much when I pulled it out of the little box it came in LOL but it is super gorgeous. The artwork is so pretty for this but I’m kinda like a little canvas painting… like what a thing to put as an extra for a game lol

    That said I appreciate this big box. I should also probably pay more attention to what I’m buying rather than just… tossing it in my cart and buying it… lol ^q^

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