[Figures & Statues] Heshikiri Hasebe Noodle Stopper – Touken Ranbu

He can stop the steam escaping from your instant noodles during cooking time, but can he melt your heart?

Heshikiri Hasebe

Series: Touken Ranbu

Manufacture/Compabny: FuRyu

Sculptor: Unknown

Price: Prize figures have no fixed price

Release Date: 27th November, 2018 (as Prize)

Height: 11.5cm / 4.49 inches

Scale: Non-scale

⚠️ Note: I have color corrected the images as the lighting in my room isn’t right for peak figure photoshoots (I’ll try to improve on this in the future). So keep in mind that colors may not be accurate in the photos compared to the figure in real life.

I had teased about doing a full review of this figure in my Japan Trip Haul post and now I’ve finally gotten around to making it (only because I don’t have any topics to write about at the moment, so this is just my trump card).

I picked up this Hasebe figure during my trip to Japan in a kbooks store for an all right price of 2,160 yen. He’s a prize figure that you could get from arcade machines but since his release he’s been retired from being a prize in arcades, so you’ll be lucky to see him being sold in stores.

This Hasebe figure is a noodle stopper, which somewhat became a thing now? There’s a line of noodle stoppers from all kinds of series made by FuRyu, a company that specialises in making prize and kuji figures. He’s not exactly up to scale but he isn’t that small either. He’s a bit larger than a palmate and weighty enough to be a paper weight or… a noodle stopper (as he should be).

Though I don’t have any plans on putting him on top of my instant noodles any time soon considering PVC figures are prone to deforming in heat, like this infamous melting Sonico figure (ironic considering that Sonico figure is also a noodle stopper figure). Though maybe sitting on top of a hot noodle cup for 2 to 5 minutes doesn’t affect PVC figures…? Either way I’m not taking any chances.

Even though I don’t use this Hasebe for his designated function (of stopping noodle lids from popping up), he does make a nice addition to my collection and good enough to display. He comes with his sword which you can place in front of him or just about anywhere.

It looks exactly like the one in-game, though a shame that upon further inspection the paint job is a little sloppy. Hasebe’s main body paint job is pretty basic, though could be a bit neater, though that is kinda expected when you buying a mass produced product. There are places like his hair that looks like the paint either chipped off or was rubbed off leaving white spots on his hair as you can see below…

His face is a bit strange depending on the angle. Sometimes his face looks a bit too thin or his eyes are too close together. His expression is definitely hard to pin down, unsure if he’s smiling or just in a neutral expression. Maybe its the placement of his hair that’s making his face looks off, but it’s mostly his eyes that makes him look strange. At certain angles his face looks goofy and almost bootleg, but if you look at him straight on he looks somewhat passable.

This angle is kinda unflattering, making him look dead-eyed. Though maybe it’s just me being picky.

His sculpt is all right, nothing fancy but still captures the esscence and character of Hasebe (patiently waiting for his master to come back after not playing Tourabu for 6+ months). I would like to see an alternative version of the same pose but with his Kiwame version and maybe with a better expression, though I don’t think FuRyu or Touken Ranbu is planning on making that any time soon.

Anyway, here’s a showcase of his good angles and some details of his sculpt.

His little tooshie and feets that are viewable between the little flaps of his coat is prolly one of my fav details about this figure.

—Final Thoughts

I’d say its an all right figure, though that might be my bias considering I like Hasebe but considering some of his scale figures aren’t really my cup of tea (most of them is just him standing, nothing neat about it) I’m really happy I purchased this one, especially when there’s not a lot of opportunities to find this figure in stores. Though I have a feeling that this figure I bought isn’t new, considering the chips in paint on his hair and some other marks… then again maybe those marks and chips happened during the production line for this figure.

I would’ve preferred for a better expression or at least face but all in all it’s a nice figure. It didn’t come with a base like most figures do so I just have him placed on top of my rotating turn table. He just spins… 24/7. Non-stop. Though probably for the best.

Enjoy a showcase of Hasebe the Noodle Stopper with Sims 1 music playing in the background.

Thanks for reading!

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