Blog Update 2019 – Slowing down

Last month a couple of stuff happened, first off I was preoccupied mostly by Fire Emblem Three Houses. To say that it took a lot of my time away is an understatement. It took all my time away lol (thanks Dimitri Fireemblem).

But mostly been busy getting that bread full time. I dunno if most of you know but I don’t earn anything from blogging (other than the satisfaction of laying out my opinion of a shitty anime lol) and having an pricey hobby like playing games, collecting figures etc ain’t easy to keep up. So am getting that bread… though it means I won’t have much time to write or play games to review (funny considering I wanna play more games but got no time now lol).

I could stop my blog entirely but I really do enjoy writing posts, especially ones where people can benefit from my help. So I’ll do my best to prioritse my weekends on writing up posts and scheduling them as to spread them out evenly. Though I cannot guarantee that I’ll be able to post often, especially when I take such a long time writing review posts… Hopefully things will work out.

I also hope I can get around to writing posts about announcements (be it games etc) that may interest me greatly or just a little, even if they’re shorter than my usual posts. Though I might just fall back to my usual pattern of writing big posts of stuff that interest me.

I think that’s about it for now. I know I don’t have that big of a presence compared to other otome blogs so maybe my lack of posts will go unnoticed 😂 especially when I usually don’t blog that much lately.

Thanks for reading and understanding! 🤗

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Playing otome games by moonlight, suffering by daylight.

8 thoughts on “Blog Update 2019 – Slowing down

  1. GO GET THAT BREAD. It’s always fun to read your posts! Writing about stuff you care about is nice. I hope you’ll have more time for yourself in the future be it for blogging or gaming, and wishing you luck!

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  2. I’m on the same boat.
    I like to post on my blog, but I haven’t had much time lately with work and study.
    I don’t want to abandon my blog, but I’m posting less frequently now.
    I hope things work out for you too 🙂

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  3. Look at all of us, floating on the same boat haha gotta get that moolah if we wanna keep funding our expensive hobbies lmao ^q^ honestly tho I feel like I should have started with someone other than Dmitri cus I feel as though I’m going to spend all the other routes just worrying about Dmitri now LOL but yeah Dmitri #1! Anyways wishing you well~ I always look forward to your posts no matter when they get published ^q^

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    1. I’m also regretting doing blue lions first bc I gotta go through two or three routes just worrying about him (and everyone in blue lions who are now my children that must be protected). 😩 I’ll prolly replay blue lions in the end of all the routes to rectify it.

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  4. Sometimes I also think that I would like to close my blog and be done with it all. But there’s fun in talking about your hobbies through blogging that I could not quite get via social media. 😅

    Good luck on whatever RL things you are doing! Also, scheduling helps a lot. I use it so so much. xD

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