[Monthly Overview] September 2019 Overview

PS Vita

Gunka wo Haita Neko – 12th September – Primula / Prototype

Nintendo Switch

Amnesia for Nintendo Switch – 12th September – Otomate

Jakou no Lyla ~Trap of Musk~ – 19th September – Otomate

Hakuouki Shinkai Tsukikage no Shou – 26th September – Otomate

Amendment: I can’t believe I forgot another Voltage game got ported to the Switch last month😂. Honestly some of these websites I follow seem to forget about it and then I forget to add it.

Anyway, “Koi Shiteshimatta Hoshi no Ouji” or its English title “Star-Crossed Myth” is a Voltage game that released on August 28th, with a cast of 12 ikemen who are gods that represent each star sign (the cast is split between two separate games that released on the same day). It has no voice acting and is a port of a mobile game, it also has English text, check it out in your nearest Nintendo eShop!

This month may very well mark the last PS Vita otome game to be released in this life time (something I find myself saying a lot of times this month until a company announces a PS Vita port out of the blue again). It is also the month where the Nintendo Switch Lite releases on September 20th (I’m guessing its a worldwide release).

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a more portable version of the Switch where it is lighter, smaller, about 100 dollars cheaper, has an improved battery life compared to the first Switch models and comes in many full body colours. The only downside is that the joy-cons/controllers cannot be removed like the original Switch so you can share a controller between friends and family, no HD rumble or IR motion camera found on the right joy-con and it cannot go into tabletop mode nor TV/docked mode. It is said to be compatible to all current Nintendo Switch games (though I dunno about “1-2-Switch” considered it focused on the use of the joy-cons).

All in all it’s good timing for otome gamers that the Nintendo Switch Lite is releasing soon considering the library for otome games on the Switch has grown immensely this past year and a fair amount of the classic otome games have already been ported or will soon be ported. It’s more portable for those who miss playing otome games on their PS Vita but wish for an upgraded screen/experience as well as being cheap.

Otomate had a special campaign where upon preordering a Switch (or Switch Lite) bundle with Hakuouki Shinkai Tsukikage no Shou you’ll get a bonus present of a fan and bromide.

Gotta milk Hakuouki for all its worth, eh?

In similar news, expected to come out at around the same time as the Nintendo Switch Lite release is the new Nintendo Switch model. Same price as the first Nintendo Switch model except different packaging and longer battery life, lasting longer than both the Lite and original model with an extended battery life of 4.5 hours to 9 hours in portable mode depending on the game. You can read more about it in this IGN article. Hopefully the newer models will replace the older models in terms of stock sold on shelves because that battery life is much needed for the Switch 😳 I kinda feel like a fool for buying the original model seeing that there’s gonna be an improved model in the market soon.

On a different note: Seems like I was right in my last Monthly Overview post for August, I predicted that Diabolik Lovers GRAND Edition will be set for November release and surprise, surprise. It is.

Onto this months games rundown:

Gunka wo Haita Neko is a port to the PS Vita of a PC game that released same time last year. Set in a world where people with cat ears and tails live and “humans” are thought of as Gods, the heroine Tama, a princess of the Republic, prepares for her marriage to her cousin. As the fated day seems to go smoothly, a rare human boy falls from the sky setting things into motion as Empire ships from a distant land come to disturb the peace.

Amnesia for Nintendo Switch is a port to the Nintendo Switch of a PSP game, which was also ported to the PS Vita. I’m sure you all have already heard of Amnesia, played one of the games (in English or Japanese) or watched the anime so I guess there’s no use for me to introduce it. But just for the sake of it, basically you play as an unnamed heroine who has seem to lost her memory after an incident and has to piece together everything about herself and the people around her while keeping her amnesia as a secret. Also there’s some kind of fairy boy who resides inside her mind and basically acts as her only braincell.

Jakou no Lyla ~Trap of Musk~ is a port to the Nintendo Switch of 3 PC games rolled into one Switch cartridge. Jakou no Lyla is the last entry to triAngle Project, a project that produced games focusing on “love triangles”. The heroine Shirien is a spy for hire while working as a dancer for her adopted father’s store (who is also into the spy business). Shirien uses her feminine wiles and alluring henna tattoos when seducing and manipulating men to her will. Switch added content includes bonus event based on the drama CD bonus from the PC version plus new CG, 6 new CGs not seen in the PC game, special content such as scenarios seen through the guy’s POV, short stories and letters from characters, animated sprites with blinking and mouth flaps and joy-con rumble whenever characters touch such as when being hugged.

Hakuouki Shinkai Tsukikage no Shou is a new Hakuouki game that kinda acts like a fandisc to the Shinkai series (the Shinkai series being kinda like a reboot but adding new routes/characters and adding routes for a couple of existing characters). These fandiscs are split in two because of how many guys there are to romance in the Hakuouki series. Tsukikage no Shou includes routes such as: Hijikata, Okita, Sannan, Yamazaki, Iba and Kazama.

That’s about it. I’ll prolly buy Jakou no Lyla switch port bc I can’t be bothered sitting at my computer to play otome games and its much easier just to lay around and play. But I won’t buy the limited edition lol (tho the illustration for it looks nice).

Thanks for reading!

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4 thoughts on “[Monthly Overview] September 2019 Overview

  1. I cackled so hard at Orion being the only brain cell. FE3H really is a lot of fun! There’s so much to do. Otomate’s attachment to Hakuouki is impressive but I guess the fans are even more impressive to keep up with those new releases for them to keep doing so.

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  2. Hm Gunneko I heard wasn’t very good iirc? Or something about how it seemed unfinished… can’t completely remember. I was pretty interested in it at first considering it came from Primula and everybody loved taiali so I guess I had pretty high expectations for it. That being said… I’m still pretty curious…. LOL

    Anyways probs won’t buy anything this month considering I just bought so much crap rip lol but I might consider buying jakou no lyla or gunneko when either of them go on sale 8P hue.

    I also feel kinda dumb buying the switch when I knew there was probably going to be an upgraded version, but I couldn’t stop myself. While it does have a short gaming time, I find myself only playing a few hours a day on portable mode anyways and otherwise docking it, so ultimately it doesn’t bother me much. I’ll just have to buy a portable charger for the longer trips, I guess.

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    1. Yeah I heard about the lukewarm reception gunneko had lol like I didn’t even see anyone playing it or talking about it but I do think I heard some ppl say it was disappointing. So prolly not good then, which is sad bc my fav voice actor is in it and prolly his second time voicing a romanceable character in an Otome game 😳😔

      But yeah I guess I’ll wait until they roll out something like a “new Nintendo switch plus” model where it improves game performance and adds more than battery life 😂 so I won’t be trading in my current switch any time soon lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah same lmao I think I saw one of my friends playing it and that was… it… LOL

        But yeah I agree. Maybe I’ll upgrade if they give us you know… a bigger actual upgrade in terms of hardware LOL otherwise, longer battery life is not worth it to get a new switch since I’ve literally owned mine just over a year now LOL ^q^

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