[Monthly Overview] August 2019 Overview

PS Vita

Kannagi no Mori Satsukiame Tsuzuri – 29th August – Matatabi

Nintendo Switch

Katakoi Contrast -collection of branch- – 22nd August – Otomate

Omega Vampire – 29th August – Karin Chatnoir Omega / Prototype

Brothers Conflict Precious Baby for Nintendo Switch – 29th August – Otomate

Toraware no Palm – 30th August – Capcom

Amendment: Apparently last month’s R18 PC game “Monochrome Wizard” was supposed to release on the 31st of July but was delayed to 4th of August. Though I’m not gonna add it to the line up considering I already talked about it in July’s overview lol.

Also, good news everyone. My fever dream of Diabolik Lovers Grand Edition being announced to be released on the Switch was not a fever dream at all, it was just harsh reality. So you heard it hear first folks, the PS4 port that combines both the original Diabolik Lovers and its sequel MORE,BLOOD will be ported to the Switch. Release date is pending but my guess is some time this year. November is looking a bit empty in terms of releases so hopefully it’ll be under y’alls Christmas tree this year.

So what have I been doing on my ass all day, for the past couple of weeks not uploading posts you ask? Well good question because I’ve been wasting my days playing Fire Emblem Three Houses and god, is it good. I won’t do a review of it just yet as I haven’t finished my first route but let’s just say it does what Fire Emblem Fates failed to do.

I had started writing a post about my thoughts on Otome Yusha’s renewal now that I’ve played it but yeah, my ass was swept away by Three Houses. Sorry about that. Also double sorry for this post being extra, extra late. A lot went down this month and hopefully I’ll explain in a separate post.

Anyway, even though most of the games listed above have already released by now, I’ll still do a little run down on each game.

Katakoi Contrast -collection of branch- is a port to the Nintendo Switch of 3 PC games rolled into one Switch cartridge. It is one of three games in a themed game project series focusing on “love triangles”. Katakoi is rather vanilla compared to the other two (one that focuses on sisters who have a unique ability to improve another’s talent but at the cost of the person being infatuated with the heroines, and the other game has a heroine that is a spy that seduces her targets). It mainly focuses on a high school setting and explores love triangles between classmates, upperclassmen and underclassmen as well as a teacher and transfer student. Switch version additional content includes new CGs, after stories, additional story based on the drama CD bonus of the original PC game, animated eyes and mouth for character sprites and finally the use of the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-con’s vibration motors will activate whenever characters touch, such as being hugged.

Kannagi no Mori Satsukiame Tsuzuri – is a port to the PS Vita of 2 PC games rolled into one Vita cartridge. The story focuses on Mizuki Kinami, the protagonist, who was able to see things others couldn’t ever since she was young. On rainy nights it is said that the dead will come back and it just so happens on a rainy night that she caught a glimpse of her mother on the street who passed away 3 days ago. Additions to the PS Vita version include bonus scenarios and new CGs.

Omega Vampire is a port to the Nintendo Switch of an R18 BL PC game. Seeing that the original game was R18, the Switch port will be toned down to fit a Cero D rating (an equivalent to an MA15+ or R rating, aka almost borderline X rated). As the title of the game suggests, it takes place in the “omegaverse”, which is a bit too long to explain but let’s just say mpregnancy is possible in this universe and things like people going into heat like animals is also a thing. The protagonist Keiichi Moriya whose parents (both dads) were killed by vampires, dies in a traffic accident until he was given a drug that revived him. The side effect however changed him from a beta to an omega (basically a bottom). Expect a lot of vampires, werewolves and (not)guaranteed mpreg maybe I dunno.

Brothers Conflict Precious Baby for Nintendo Switch is a port to the Nintendo Switch of another port that was on the PS Vita under the same name that combined two PSP games into one cartridge. If you aren’t aware of this game through its anime that aired a couple years back, basically the game focuses on Ema whose father remarries to a lady who has about 13 sons whomst soon become her step-brothers. Ema tries to adjust to this new family lifestyle after being an only child for so long, though can they all really get along? Spoiler: this is an otome so obviously things are gonna get romantic 😂

Toraware no Palm is a port to the Nintendo Switch of a mobile game under the same name. The mobile game first launched with one character episode “Haruto” and after Haruto’s episodes finished releasing, character episode “Aoi” was added into the game. I’ve only finished Haruto’s episodes so am unsure about Aoi’s but basically you play as a self-insert that tries to help these boys get their memories back because you may or may not be blackmailed into doing it. The physical Switch game will include most, if not all, of the paid DLC that released in the mobile version. Digital version let’s you choose if you want just the base game or base game plus one or both of the DLC packs. It will also support both simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese text. No word on an English localisation/translation though.

That was it for this month. All of these games already released…. but maybe it’s not too late to get a copy of any of this month’s games that interested you.

Thanks for reading!

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