[Otome Watch] Toraware no Palm for the Nintendo Switch Overview

Toraware no Palm will be ported to the Nintendo Switch on 30th August 2019, exactly 3 years after it was released on mobile devices back in August 2016. It can be played in both docked mode (also known as TV mode) as well as portable mode on the Switch. It will support both Japanese and Chinese text, no word on any English localisation.

If you would like to read more about Toraware no Palm click here. I have also written a review of the prologue and episode 1 of Haruto’s episode which you can read here.

From here on out I will do my best to translate information about the Switch port using the information provided from the official website. Most of the images used in this post will have been taken from that site as well.

TV Mode

In TV mode you can see your man on the big screen. Depending on the size of your TV you can enjoy seeing him up close and personal.

During TV mode and tabletop mode you can use either the Joy-Con and Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. Using the left stick of the controller you can move the cursor and in some scenes you can also use the gyro function to interact with him.

There will also be shortcuts available according to the scene. We have optimised it so you can play on the Nintendo Switch stress-free.

*In tabletop mode and portable mode, touch operation is also possible

Portable Mode

In portable mode, if you turn your Nintendo Switch vertically you can play as if you were playing on a smartphone with the touch screen. You can also play using touch and gyro functions in this mode.

*You can also play with the Joy-Cons removed

*In portable mode you can also enjoy playing it horizontally

Skinship with your bro…

You can interact with him through the glass whenever the icon in the bottom-left hand corner appears.

Use the icon in the bottom-left hand corner as a guide on how to interact with him.

When using the controller, in some scenes use the controller to resemble the glass between you where you can touch foreheads or even kiss.

Express your feelings through the cursor…

When using the controller, you can move the cursor to select the dialogue you want.

When choices are displayed the cursor will automatically select the top dialogue choice for your convenience.

Play comfortably using the settings and convenient shortcuts!!

In the settings you can choose which screen mode you prefer to suit your play style (choose between vertical or horizontal screen mode).

In addition in the language setting, despite character voices being exclusively in Japanese, the text can be either Japanese or Chinese (Traditional Chinese or Simplified Chinese).

There are also handy shortcuts when using the controller.

Shortcuts when you want to retrieve “topics” that pop up during your monitoring of him, when you want to look at his messages immediately when you’re out, when you want to select topics and dialogue choices quickly when messaging him, etc. is conveniently at your fingertips.

View every inch of the beautiful illustrations with the big screen!!

Even though you could magnify the beautiful illustrations gained from the story to a certain degree in the mobile version, with this port you can appreciate the finer details when in TV mode.

You can freely expand certain points of the illustration. Of course, full view is also possible.

Also included in this port are concept art, magazine covers, things drawn for novelty and other valuable illustrations that are available to viewed in the “art gallery” section of the game.

Nintendo Switch Port Product Information

The port includes both Haruto’s and Aoi’s episodes rolled into one game. Package versions include the “Deluxe Edition” which includes all content and “Collectors Edition” a quite luxurious version with original goods, making 2 editions in total. There is also the download version where you can purchase the edition and 2 additional content packs of your choice.

Here’s the edition guide as shown on the website.

*To use the download version of “Additional Content Pack A” and/or “Additional Content Pack B” you must have the separately sold base game “Toraware no Palm”

*The contents of the game is the same as the mobile version of “Toraware no Palm”. It does not include the “VR Visitation” content.

A quick explanation of what is the contents of the base game and additional content packs.

Contents of the base game includes all the episodes for both Haruto and Aoi plus extension time on every visitation (which was paid DLC on the mobile version) as well as memorial visitations, certain phone call events and a small handful of “dream app” accessories.

Contents of the additional content packs includes extra content that was added after the episodes of each guy finished releasing for the mobile version and are split in half between the two packs so pick your poison if you plan to purchase it separately.

Deluxe Edition

» Base Game

» Additional Content Pack A

» Additional Content Pack B

Collectors Edition

Deluxe Edition physical game

Collectors Edition outer box

Acrylic Stand (Chibi chara Haruto + Aoi

Canvas Board (18cm x 14cm) | Illustration similar to the outer box

Cleaner Cloth (20cm x 20 cm) | Design has Haruto’s and Aoi’s motif flowers

E-Capcom’s Limited Goods “Memorial Box”

Shoulder Bag (18cm x 28cm) | Can be used as a shoulder bag or clutch

Memorial Soundtrack

Big Acrylic Stand Haruto (18cm)

Big Acrylic Stand Aoi (18cm)

Handwritten Message from Haruto (10cm x 14.8cm)

Handwritten Message from Aoi (10cm x 14.8cm)

—Overall Thoughts

I think its nice that they’re porting Toraware no Palm to the Nintendo Switch and that they’re giving us a chance to purchase a physical version so we don’t have to worry about a future where Toraware no Palm is no longer able to get from an app store in this world of digital technology.

Though makes me wish I had future vision so I didn’t have to pay big money just to have extended time with Haruto during visitation when there’s an edition that practically gives you all the extra paid stuff for an okay price (I dunno about calling it cheap but cheaper than buying every single thing on day one for the mobile version).

I may buy this port, its been like 3 years since I finished Haruto’s episode and I still haven’t finished Aoi’s so it might be worth it to play it again. Maybe this time I’ll get the wedding ending with Haruto (least likely). I honestly don’t understand how the controller works when you go into skinship mode with the guys… like the explanation on the website is so vague and so was the promotional video. Do you just raise up your controller? Or something. I guess seeing is believing.

I honestly hope they also port Toraware no Palm Refrain in the future because I can’t be bothered buying all that extra content. Capcom just really loves wringing out every single cent from their customers huh. Like that e-capcom limited edition goods set… oof.

Anyway I hope that this post informative to you all!

Thanks for reading.

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  1. I just started playing the android ver. then this have ns version?!! T_T i should have bought this instead.. instead of spending too much on the android ver. 😦
    i am quite confuse on how to get different endings.. i reach a certain ending and i know for sure its the END1. now, i dont know how to reach the other endings. I heard theres three endings.. does the ending change only depending on my answers during the visitation and the tapping on the glasses? . . I cant find a proper guide for this game.

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    1. I think the endings depend on your choices, though I dunno about the glass tapping (though I know if you tap the right spot the place you tapped will light up with a shade of pink, so maybe that effects your ending?) Maybe there are wallthroughs out there but I’ve never checked.
      Then again I only saw a small fraction get the wedding ending, while the majority got ending 1, so I’m guessing you have to do something special to get it.


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