[Monthly Overview] July 2019 Overview


Monochrome Wizard – 31st July – Dusk

*R18 PC Game

PS Vita

*Old promo video from 2011 because Takuyo hasn’t made any promo videos for the PS Vita port, sadly

Shinigami to Shoujo – 25th July – Takuyo

Nintendo Switch

*Old opening video from 2010 because Takuyo hasn’t made any promo videos for the Switch port, sadly

Kaeru Batake de Tsukamaete – 11th July – Takuyo

Tlicolity Eyes ~twinkle showtime~ – 18th July – Otomate

Piofiore no Banshou -ricordo- – 25th July – Otomate

Oof there was a lot of stuff I missed out in June. So I’ll start this post with a couple of amendments:

  • Last month’s overview I totally forgot to add three games that were going to be released in June (I prolly forgot bc they’re download exclusive). So here’s the games I forgot to mention:

Dear Magi -Mahou Shounen Gakka- was released on the Nintendo Switch on the 6th of June. It is a port of a mobile game that had shut down recently. I’m not entirely sure if it has the “otome aspects” y’all crave for but it mostly focuses on the heroine who is a master to these “magical boys”. There is currently a whopping 10 DLCs ranging from 540 yen to 756 yen.

Enchanted in the Moonlight -Miyabi, Kyoga & Samon and Enchanted in the Moonlight -Kiryu, Chikage & Yukinojo- (two separate games btw) was released on the Japanese eShop (Japanese ver) and North American eShop (English ver) on the 13th of June. Funnily enough I can’t find it in the Australian eShop so I’m unsure if the English version is available anywhere else so I’m assuming it released in America because we all know every single foreigner to Japan resides in America *rolls eyes*. This is Voltage’s first otome games to be ported to the Nintendo Switch and not the last as they’re planning to port “Star-Crossed Myth” later in 2019.

  • There were some posts I wanted to write up in June but never got around to, one of them was writing a post announcing the Switch port for Toraware no Palm. Hopefully I can get around to writing it this month.
  • Last month was also this blog’s anniversary haha. It’s almost a running gag where I always forget my blog’s anniversary. I think last year I slightly celebrated it so maybe that was the first and last time I did a post to celebrate lol. Anyway I’ve been blogging for about 4 years now, hopefully there’s plenty more years in me even though I’ve been slowing down a bit 😅

Anyway, onto talking about this month. Right now July is the month of Takuyo vs Otomate vs A Porno Game. It’s actually interesting to see Takuyo with a double release this month, though its a bit disheartening that they’ve haven’t produced some new promo videos for their games…

Before I get started on my game synopsis for this month, let me talk a bit about the new otome game localisation news. Aksys Games, prolly the only company that’s willing to localising a couple of console otome games, announced at AX (an anime con) that they will be localising 6 otome games from Otomate, not to mention all of those games will be on the Nintendo Switch. Most of them are set for a 2020 release. If you would like more info I’d suggest checking out a fellow otome blogger Kitty Chlo’s blog post.

As for my opinions on the news, I welcome it with open arms… though it’s strange that they’re localising “Code:Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~” (the original game) and “Code:Realize ~Future Blessings~” (the first fandisc) as separate games rather than localising “Code:Realize ~Saikou no Hanataba“, which is a Switch game released in September 2018 that combines both the original game and the fandisc into one game 🤔. The same goes for CollarxMalice (original game) and CollarxMalice -Unlimited- (fandisc) getting separate Switch releases when Otomate is porting the two games into one for the first time to the Switch which is slated for 2020.

Its very strange indeed. You could make an excuse and say “Aksys Games didn’t know about CollarxMalice getting a bundle port to the Switch because it was announced so recently”. But it makes me wonder how does the negotiation between them and Otomate goes down in terms of making deals for localising their games… Like did Otomate know they were going to make a bundle port before negotiating for a split localised port for CollarxMalice with Aksys or nuh? Oh what I would give to be a fly on the wall during the negotiations. Though its mainly to maximise profits right? lol

Anyway onto running down on this month’s games:

Kaeru Batake de Tsukamaete is a port to the Switch of a PS Vita port which is a port of a PSP game which is a port of a PS2 game. As the portable console generation increases the chain of ports will increase, ngl. From the looks of it (on vndb) it seems like a love comedy based on the story summary where the heroine and her upperclassman&classmate accidentally break a mysterious shrine at the school which turns them into frogs? There’s also some mini-games.

Tlicolity Eyes ~twinkle showtime~ is a port to the Switch of a collection of PC games (3 games to be exact, they all serve as 3 parts of the same story but with 3 different heroines with their respective suitors). The story focuses on the entertainment industry and three sisters one sister is an aspiring actress, the other is a photographer and the eldest is an idol manager and they are all heroines of their own story. These sisters share an ability that boosts up an individual’s status but there’s a side effect to their power where the person affected by the heroine’s ability will become their “prisoner” (aka have their heart captured by the heroine). Switch bonus content is a bonus event based on the bonus drama CD given out in the PC version which is fully voiced and has a new CG, after stories for happy endings that includes new CGs (6 in total), 18 short stories in total, heroine faces are now an option and updated sprite graphics that will animate eyes blinking and mouths flapping.

Shinigami to Shoujo is a PS Vita port of a PSP game. Its about a girl who meets a shinigami boyo. Her author older brother (who is blood related and prolly has a route so yikes) is writing a story called “Shinigami to Shoujo” about a girl and a shinigami looking for the most beautiful word that exists. The heroine is also voiced.

Piofiore no Banshou -ricordo- is a Switch port of a PS Vita game. Its about mafias and the Italy pizza pasta in the 1920s (after the first world war) and a church girl caught in the middle of a mafia pizza pasta war. It’ll be the same game as the PS Vita except on the Switch with some added bonus content. There will be an after story that takes place after the best end and will show the simple everyday activities of the couple of your choice, a short story taking place after bad ends in the POV of the guy for all you masochists out there, a short story that takes place after the finale/all guys end and finally there will be over 15 new event CGs that will accompany existing events.

Monochrome Wizard is a new R18 PC game, that may be an isekai because the heroine (who lives in the modern world) somehow finds herself in some other world where these military guys find her and somewhere along the line they just bang her I guess. Honestly don’t know much about plot, but they plan on releasing a soundtrack and drama CD 2 months after the game’s release, after all Dusk is an R18 drama cd company foremost. Anyway the announcement of this game was quite sudden especially when it has an earlier release compared to Dusk’s other PC game in the works that was announced before this game. Makes me wonder if this game will be ready on time 🤔 Anyway there will be 10 endings, 2 romantic interests, the heroine is unvoiced.

That’s about it for this month.

Thanks for reading!

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7 thoughts on “[Monthly Overview] July 2019 Overview

  1. Oh, happy belated anniversary! 🎉 Four years is a long time. What a legacy.

    I…was thinking that the word choice of “ability” in regards to Tlicolity Eyes a little strange when I was reading about the protagonists and your summary is the first time where I finally know what the game is actually about. Oh my god. Toraware no Palm’s Switch port is tempting but I’m still on the fence about whether to check it out or not, heh.

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    1. Tbh I had no idea about Tlicolity Eyes during it’s initial release I thought it was just some slice of life story but with the setting of the entertainment industry. Then I got curious about what exactly was “Tlicolity Mode” when I saw it in promo and gave some time trying to translate the official synopsis and found out the heroines have this strange ability to power up others “status”?? Lol, never saw that coming.

      Anyway Toraware no Palm port might be worth it for those who haven’t played it but eager to see what it’s about considering it bundles both Haruto and Aoi episodes plus the extended time you get during visitation that was actually paid DLC for the mobile ver but is now part of the console game with no extra charge (I think). It’d be interesting if it ever got an English release because I noticed “Chinese” was written down as a supported language in the Japanese eShop’s product description so that’s interesting 🤔


      1. Honestly, same, I glossed over it entirely with the preconception it was that along with the added love triangles LOL. I can’t believe I’ve been punked for this long…oh, that’s pretty cool, but it makes me feel bad for those who bought it on mobile. (How would the costs in the mobile app compare to the Switch, actually?) At least there’s the sweet merch you can get with it as bonuses, I guess. I wonder if other companies besides Aksys will step up, but small steps!

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      2. The price of the original toraware no Palm games fluctuated as time went on, now it’s much cheaper to buy all episodes for one guy but it doesn’t include all the other extra content. But on day one I think the price of prologue plus ep 1 was 360 yen and the other esp were also 360 yen each, it’s been cut down by half right now. Honestly capcom milked a lot of money from the mobile version with the laid content so who knows if the ppl who paid full price are either angry about the port or interested in buying it all over again lol.
        Capitalism at it’s finest (I say as I contemplate buying it all over again lol)


      3. If you enjoyed it enough to get it again, that’s a good sign, but damn. I hope it won’t cost you too much if you end up going for it! Hopefully there’s other exclusive content to look forward to other than just being a straight port.

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  2. Tbh, It’s weird how they decided to separate the original game and fandisc into two cartridges for Cxm and Unlimited. I was actually thinking they’re prob not aware that the JP switch port was a bundle??? But I assumed since they plan to split Code Realize series, they’ll do the same for CxM. Inner me thinks its to get more sales? rofl.

    Oh and belated happy blog anniversary! Four years! That’s awesome! 🎉🎂Get yourself some cheesecake, ya deserve it! Congratulations!

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    1. Methinks to has to do with more sales too 😂 But it’ll be so strange that the games will be ported separately only in the West when Japan has the bundle already on the switch lol.
      I’ll try to celebrate my anniversary with a cupcake or something hah.

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