[Game Diary] 刀剣乱舞 Touken Ranbu | May《#12》

Originally I planned on doing these posts every once in a while but considering I need content to stack up and schedule while I’m away why not write a game diary post? 😆

Day 1491 | Saniwa Lvl 130 | Average sword Lvl 60 / 
Average Kiwame Lvl 36

Now that I got the new Swexey Boys™ I don’t know what to do

Special Investigation Bunkyuu Tosahan

This event kinda plays like the Yamanbagiri Chougi event where you have a limit number of dice (two dice rolls that replenishes morning and evening, making it 4 FREE rolls per day). The only difference is that in this event there’s a twist where you need to chase after a moving boss which moves through the nodes as soon as you get close to it. In order to catch the boss you need to lay down traps by defeating enemy nodes and changing them into trap nodes. You need to be strategic about which route you’ll take to make sure you’re efficiently and effectively laying down a trap route to get the boss to fall for your traps. Thankfully I saw a tweet from a Japanese player who illustrated the best route to get the boss to fall for your traps every time while not using too many dice rolls.

I didn’t see the tip/warning that you’ll need to have Mutsunokami Yoshiyuki in your team to see the interactions between the new swords and him during the first run of the event map. Though I did manage to get him in the team half way through the run, but I still missed out on context lol.

Lots of people on the Touken Ranbu wikia say this is a ‘greed event’ and they’re not wrong because if you want to get the swords ASAP and clear all the rewards you’ll need to pay up and buy a lot of lucky 7 dice to get shit done.

Though its quite easy to get the new sword boys with patience and perseverance, so there’s no rush. Plus I was lucky enough to get a couple of Nanakaitarou Chouson (glasses man) to drop from boss nodes, though I only got one or two drops of Hizen Tadahiro.

Overall the event is okay I guess. The event map is good for training the new swords to about level 30 but if you want to level up level 1 tantou with this map I wouldn’t recommend because my green sword son got knocked out during the first enemy node of the map lol. It’s nice to see the Touken Ranbu team making new types of events but this one really reeks of pay-to-win.

Anyway if I were to pick a favourite out of the new sword boys I’d choose Hizen, mainly because I’m partial towards FGO’s Okada Izou (who once wielded of Hizen irl) but also because Nanakaitarou gives me this creepy vibe like he’s gonna break into my room and steal my kidneys.

Other Updates

I worked my butt off getting this neat new background. This might be the first time I’ve ever successfully gotten the “Solar Term” backgrounds.

This one is called “Solar Term: Spring’s Beginning – Westeria”. Really gorgest to look at, especially when you got your fav sword boy with you (I’m sorry Hasebe).

I also sent off Ookurikara to get kiwame’d, though I was kinda hoping on sending Sengo Muramasa but he wasn’t strong enough and I wanted to see Ookurikara get out of his Chuunibyo stage (jk I don’t think he’s a chuuni, he’s just a brooding boyo). At the time I’m typing he still hasn’t come back but by the time this is posted he’s prolly back with sick arm armour (but only for the right arm).

That’s all I’ve achieved this month. I have no idea what they’ve got in store for the next event or if they’re gonna release some new boyos but I’ll casually play it when they do add new stuff.

Thanks for reading.

Sword Bois

*Greyed out sword bois = still missing/have not obtained yet

Kiwame Bois

*Greyed out sword bois = have not kiwame’d yet

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