[Otome Watch] Readyyy Announces End of Service For the App on 6/28

On 26th of April, Readyyy announced that the idol raising mobile will be ending its services on June 28th. The reason given for the sudden decision to shut the app down is “due to difficulties in providing a service that satisfies our customers“.

So what does that mean for current players and fans?


A brief rundown on the history of Readyyy project. It was announced back in 2018 on the 14th of February during a live event that was also streamed on popular video site Nico Douga. Since then there have been a couple of live events introducing the newbie voice actors who will be taking the roles of high school boys who are also idols in training.

Edit: Had to edit this upcoming paragraph because of missing information that slipped my mind. Sorry.

So far they have released 3 music albums, each album containing one song per unit (5 units in total), as well as 2 songs sung by the whole cast. There is plans for a 4th music album containing 5 new songs that have yet to be released as well as a new song sung by the cast of 18 voice actors in the works, which makes the total of 23 songs produced from this project. There is also work on a 5th album though its contents are yet unknown. The project has also produced 5 fully 3D animated music videos, playlist can be seen below:

After a year long campaign of promoting the new voice actors and characters, the game was finally released on the 1st of February, 2019… only to have the announcement of the game shutting down 2~3 months later.

What Now?

It’s a bit unsure of the future of Readyyy. Whether or not it continues in some other form/media is unknown to me. However they have released a schedule/roadmap for the app until the fated day of 28th June:

More information on that schedule can be found on their site.

From 30th April until 14th May will be an event called “Ruby Fes!” which features Soushi Fujiwara as the 5 star card.

From 26th April until the 28th June there will be a “memorial photo” gacha that is split between group A (featuring Sui Yanagawa, Hiro Igarashi, Aki Takachiho, Chihiro Usui, Soushi Fujiwara and Uta Kamijo) and group B (featuring Ango Kousaka, Azusa Konno, Genshin Shimizu, Samon Nishikido, Junnosuke Sanada and Riku Orikasa).

From 30th April until 28th June there will be a photo/gacha featuring Touya Munakata as a 5 star card.

From 1st May until 28th June there will be birthday gachas for Genshin Shimizu (birthday is 13th May), Tatsuma Akashi (birthday is 28th May) and Aki Takachiho (birthday is 24th June).

Starting from 26th April until the end of service there will be two campaigns, one being receiving 10 times the daily login bonus (get 30 diamonds per day) and receiving 10 times the daily mission rewards. Also starting from the 26th of April, you will no longer be able to purchase diamonds and you are welcome to refund your bought diamonds as long as you have not already deleted the app.

There is an FAQ regarding the shut down which you can find here. If you would like a translation of this page check out this tweeter thread:

During the past few weeks the Readyyy cast have been touring Animate stores across Japan where they announced new songs. It is unknown if or when they’ll release them for the public to purchase digitally or physically.

Lastly, on May 11th there will be a planned live event with the voice actors attending. This was planned before the announcement and will still go through with it, which may be the last time the voice actors will get together to perform.

Final Thoughts

Its sad news for fans, especially those who have been supporting of the project since day one. But it’s especially sad for the new voice actors who managed to get their big break in voice acting only to have it cut short. I really hope they get more roles as there are promising voice actors within the cast that just need a chance to show their true potential.

There has been some outrage with the English speaking community who are familiar with Readyyy project and yeah I’m pretty sad/mad too. I would like to divulge my thoughts on the matter though this post might not be the best to express my outrage and cynicism over the decisions that have lead up to this when this post is just a bit of lamenting but also sharing the news in a somewhat professional manner.

It is still a shame that it had to end this way.

Anyway, as always thanks for reading.

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9 thoughts on “[Otome Watch] Readyyy Announces End of Service For the App on 6/28

    1. Soon… I’ll unleash my rage lol. Though I think I’ll save it for after the date of 28th June 😂 Maybe Sega will surprise us with unexpected news (again)

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  1. Broooo it LITERALLY just started… I need to hear your thoughts- plz lend me ur insight *q*

    (Also: there’s 3 albums out, no? So 15 songs in total?)

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    1. I plan on writing my thoughts either after the date of Readyyy shutting down or near the date, just in case Sega announces anything new.
      I think the third album hasn’t released yet? I’m not sure but I’ll edit the part where I mention it later so it’ll make a little more sense.


      1. Yeah I saw that in the other comment lol but if you must okay 🙂

        The albums are first blue, pink, then white ptty sure- I’ve listened to them on iTunes anyway.

        I sorta thought there was an anime in the works too??

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      2. I guess with Production I.G involved in the project gave the allusion of the possibility it’ll get an anime, but I dunno if it was planned or not. Wouldve been nice to see it become an anime.


  2. It was so weird to see the news on my feed with my friends enjoying Readyyy one day and suddenly HI GUYS WE’RE SHUTTING DOWN that I thought it was a bizarre April Fool’s joke. I feel so bad for the voice actors…fingers crossed for whatever is going to happen on that day in June (especially with the recent slew of cryptic tweets), and for your post when or if you put it up!

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  3. Wow they put so much effort and work into this game and now they’re already shutting down so fast. I’m literally mind blown lol. I haven’t been online on wordpress or twitter / following these things seriously so this was literally like lightning on a clear sky. Man that’s just so sad! I feel bad for those new voice actors. Disappointed cus all the production work for the game seemed really good. Sigh….

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