[Game Diary] 刀剣乱舞 Touken Ranbu | April 《#11》

I know I said something along the lines of writing more of these Touken Ranbu game diaries last year and didn’t do anything until now, so from now on I’ll try to do a post at least once a year (considering making these posts can get boring if I report every month).

Day 1467 | Saniwa Lvl 130 | Average sword Lvl 60 /
Average Kiwame Lvl 36

Awaiting new swexey sword boys

Spoilers: Already got Juzumaru, have
no idea what to do with myself now

4th Saniwa Anniversary

After 4 years I finally logged in on the day of my anniversary of when I first started playing Touken Ranbu.

Now I can hear my dear Hasebe congratulate me for playing this game (on and off) for 4 years

My anniversary was on the 14th of April (as shown in the picture at the start of this post) and in belated commemoration I will list all the swords I’ve gotten in the period of time between my last Touken Ranbu diary and this diary. I’ll try my best to remember how I got each one of them lol.

Starting with the swords that were on my wanted/missing list in my last post:


I think he either dropped at a node or I smithed him


I think he either dropped at a node or I smithed him


I’m pretty sure I smithed him after they added him to the smithing pool


He may have been a drop or got him by smithing, but honestly I can’t remember


I got him from a seal exchange campaign


I also got this sword from smithing after he was added to the smithing pool


Got him through one of the Village of Instruments event (all that bead grinding worked out)


Managed to smith him in the limited smiting campaign at the start of 2019

🎉Get! 🎉

I don’t know how but I managed to smith him at the start of the year and I wasn’t even aiming to smith him lol

I still haven’t obtained Daihannya, Koryuu, Kenshin and Azuki.

New Swords Released between February 2018 ~ Now (April 2019)

Swords that I’ve obtained in events between the last post and now are:

Their events were pretty easy to complete, though to be honest Nenekirimaru’s event felt like a long slog. Oof, never again. But if its for a big beefy then I’d prolly do it again (but for real collecting 100,000 otoshidama is hell).

I didn’t get Chiyoganemaru because I couldn’t bother doing his event (same with Buzen Gou who I completely forgot existed until I looked through the sword list). I honestly tried my hardest to smith Hakusan Yoshimitsu, which is the first sword boy of the new sword type “Tsurugi” that helps heals your teammates. I guess the RNG gods weren’t on my side at that time.

I also got the swexy Shizukagata, which is the third naginata that makes up the swexy sword trio by Kinako-sensei 😆 The gang is all here now.

My favourite idol unit: Titty (Iwatooshi) Ass/Abs (Shizukagata) Back/Nape (Tomoegata)

Kiwame Update 2019

My previous posts I’ve recorded about 12 swords being kiwame’d. Since then I’ve kiwame’d an additional 13 swords. Now my kiwame army is at 25 sword boyos lol. I managed to kiwame all the ootachis that are able to be kiwame’d, but at the cost of using up my kiwame resources lol. I dunno if kiwame’d ootachi is worth it though… their extra ability seems like it doesn’t help much in terms of defence or offence but then again most of the time I’m looking away when playing Touken Ranbu (gotta multitask at the speed of sound). In my opinion kiwame’d uchigatana are very helpful in taking the brunt of long range damage of targeted swords beside them, same goes for kiwame’d wakizashi.

So probably next time I’ll prolly focus more on kiwame-ing uchigatana and wakizashi… though most of my uchigatana are pretty low levelled right now so I guess I better train ’em some more.

It’d be interesting to see what kiwame’d yari or naginata’s skills will be once they get around to doing it 🤔 but I dunno if they’re planning on implementing them any time soon.

That’s about it for my sword inventory update post. Maybe I’ll just write these posts instead and just do it once every year 😂

Apparently there will be a new event at the end of April featuring two new boyos so I’m kinda excited for that (hopefully this new event means new gameplay that’s not bad or frustrating lol).

For a new change up, from now on I’ll just have a diagram after every Touken Ranbu game diary post to show which swords I’ve obtained and which ones I’ve kiwame’d. Hopefully it’ll help me keep track of my swords lol.

Anyway, thanks for reading!

Sword Bois

*Greyed out sword bois = still missing/have not obtained yet

Kiwame Bois

*Greyed out sword bois = have not kiwame’d yet

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