[Monthly Overview] April 2019 Overview

PS Vita

Variable Barricade – 4th April – Otomate

Nintendo Switch

Taisho Alice all in one – 18th April – Primula

Reine des fleurs – 25th April – Otomate

Phew, I’m back from my unannounced hiatus 😂 Honestly I owe you all an apology for not writing any posts last month as well as delaying my monthly post for April. Really there aren’t any excuses for my absence (other than just being lazy and trying to focus on bettering myself… [is bettering even a word?]).

Anyway in my absence I guess Otomate dropped a couple game release dates as well as announcing all the triAngle project games being ported to the Switch–especially the Jakou no Lyla games and I’m here like…

I dunno if I should consider it good luck that I didn’t buy the final volume of Jakou no Lyla but that still makes me a fool for having two of the volumes when Otomate is gonna port them all into one game for the Switch AS WELL as adding in new content. Like…. the Jakou no Lyla games aren’t even a year old yet and it’s already getting ported to another platform lol.

I mentioned this to one of my mutuals on twitter, but I would really want to see Otomate port some of their hidden gems onto the Switch, especially the games that didn’t have the chance to be ported to the PS Vita while that console was still alive. Like, I get it that y’all wanna port the popular stuff first but I would like to play Binary Star or Glass Heart Princess on the Switch gotdam it. Then again, who knows if some of those games can be upgraded to a 720p~1080p resolution…

Anyhow, here’s a run down on this month’s releases.

Variable Barricade is Otomate’s last PS Vita game to release but probably not the last otome game to release on the PS Vita. This game took a quite while to be released, with a lot of delays, cancellation of a PS4 version and changes of a voice actor. But as you can see we’re living in the timeline of when Variable Barricade successfully released on 4th of April. Give it a couple of months until Otomate ports it to the Switch. Also, apparently (probably rumour) butler-kun doesn’t have a route so ya lost me and my money, Otomate.

Taisho Alice all in one is a port to the Nintendo Switch, which is the port of the PS Vita version which combines all the original PC games (except Heads&Tails). However it does have bonus content that the PS Vita version doesn’t have. The drama CD that was part of bonus for those who bought the first batch of the PS Vita ver, is being turned into a playable scene in the Switch version of the game. The drama CD title “Kagami no Koku ichi no Do-M wa Dareda Taikai”, which the content will prolly be something like “let’s see who’s the biggest masochist out of all the guys”.

Reine des Fleurs is a port to the Nintendo Switch of a PS Vita game. I dunno why this is getting a port considering some of the consensus on this game is that it’s kind of a kusoge. Then again I haven’t fully played it considering I was getting a bit bored with it at the start. Either way, I haven’t heard that there will be new content which is a shame.

That’s about it for this month. Hopefully I can think of some posts to make for this month lol.

Thanks for reading!

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7 thoughts on “[Monthly Overview] April 2019 Overview

  1. Take care of yourself first! ✨ The porting party over at Otomate sure is wild. ESPECIALLY THE TRIANGLE PROJECT GAMES…THEY REALLY JUST WENT AND DID THAT…INCREDIBLE. NO FEAR. Hopefully one day we’ll see GHP, it looks like a lot of fun. I’d love to replay Binary Star as well. Too bad Taisho Alice got a Switch port while I still solemnly look at the Vita version I had on my backlog for almost a year…it’s nice to see that the market is still moving along.

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    1. Honestly I haven’t really touched my PS Vita since 2017/early 2018, so I’m hoping I may never touch it again once these switch ports keep coming in. I was holding off before with not buying some vita games and saving my money by waiting to get it for cheap but as I waited some of the games I wanted to play just got ported to the switch so I’m like 😂 welp I guess I got no excuse.
      I hope switch ports kinda keeps up with this pace so they can get to the good stuff.


  2. Welcome back, but it’s ok to be lazy from time to time!

    Seriously, screw you, Otomate. I have all three volumes of Lyla, so I can totally relate to your feelings. It pisses me even more, because I’ll most likely get the Switch port as well. I’m not too fond of otoge-ming on PC for some reason.

    I will be getting digital copy of Taisho Alice, I love the art and I’ve heard a lot of praise about the game. As for Reine des Fleurs, it really sucks it’s a kusoge, because the art is sooo pretty 😦

    Overall, I’m glad there’s a lot of otoge ports to Switch planned. I was kind of stuck in limbo during the PS Vita golden otoge era. I only got Vita last year, mainly for Dialovers. Yeah, I suck like that…

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    1. Yeah I find it hard to play Otome games on the PC, especially when my chair gets really uncomfortable after sitting down on it for many hours lol. I prefer just lazing around with a portable console so I won’t get blisters on my butt 😂


  3. If you want to sell your Vita games to me, I’m open to negotiate xD
    I probably won’t buy a Switch so soon.
    I just got my Vita last year ;-;

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