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Back in October 2018, mobile game Otome Yuusha went into a long maintaince to prepare for a ‘renewal’. This maintenance was meant to end on January 29th 2019 but instead they announced maintenance will extend further into the year until May 2019. To lessen the blow of the news of delay, they showed off what exactly they have planned for the renewal of Otome Yuusha.

You can read more about Otome Yuusha in my original Otome Watch post, as well as a review of the game.

Otome Yuusha originally launched back in December 2017, not even a year after Level-5 announced to put the game into a long-term maintenance to upgrade it in terms of improvements and adding new features.

During its short run, Otome Yuusha slowly lost active players where ranked events had to adjust ranking tier awards to accommodate the lack of active players. I used to play it religiously but got burnt out by the back-to-back-to-back-to-back events with little to no breaks, so I eventually dropped it for a bit. I wouldn’t be surprised others felt the same.

But anyhow, the renewal will be called “Tensei(?)* no Illuminasia ~Otome Yuusha~”. Not quite sure if this will be the new name for Otome Yuusha, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did rename it. *Google translate translates 天惺 as “Tenchu”, though if you listen to the audio pronunciation of it in google translate it’s pronounced Tensei sooo…. kinda confused here. Plus I’ve never seen this kanji 惺 used before so I’m unsure how to pronounce it 🤔

Game renewals has become a practice with mobile games recently. It usually happens mostly with games that have a low player base, usually by game companies that can afford putting more money and resources into “rebirthing” the game into something that goes beyond the original in order to spark new players and keep current players satisfied with the improvements. Though not all games have second chances, which is a shame because I would’ve liked to see Yumeiro Cast to get a renewal to improve its load time and other stuff that turned off new players.

The renewal will have player data transferred from the original Otome Yuusha into the brand spanking new version (possibly in the same app? unless we have to download a separate app).

Here’s what they have planned to implement into the renewal:

—New Slayers/Characters

6 new Slayers will be added. They’re called 六天魔 (roku tenma?), though the above furigana says シス・ブレイブ which may mean “Six Brave”, but the proper katakana spelling of six would be シックス (shikkusu) not シス (sisu), making me wonder if its on purpose or just an honest mistake. シス could be read as “sith”, which might work with the kanji 天魔 which can be translated to demon or evil spirit… which would makes sense with why they’re silhouetted with a sinister purple 🤔.

Maybe they’re bad guys but who knows really. There’s no information about them except what you can tell from just looking at their silhouettes.

From left to right you’ve got a staff user(?), an archer, some dude who I don’t know what weapon he wields, next guy in the middle is prolly a swordsman, next guy is a mystery and the final guy is a cat? dog?boy with an axe.

—Raising Babies

You can now raise babies with your favorite slayer boy… though you’re just raising an egg which will grow up into a mythical beast. Depending on how you raise the babby it’s appearance will change. It says that the beast you raise will have a pivoting role on whether or not you win or lose a battle during a race, but more information elaborating what role these beasts play during races hasn’t released yet.

Upon inspection of the sample screenshot, you can pet the beast and feed it. You can also check on other beasts you’re raising with different slayers (heroine of Otome Yuusha has more baby daddies than you think). It looks like the beasts have stats and you can make them stronger possibly in terms of raising their levels.

—New Story

There will be a new story, possibly a new chapter to the existing story. I kinda hopes this new story will actually give the heroine something to do bc the key visual shows her holding a badass sword. Though she had a sword and shield for the original key visual and she never did anything with them in the story so… lol.

There will also be an intimate episode that will unlock once you break the limit of a 4 star card (the highest rarity), which will “give you a chance to know his real feelings”. Thanks for the bait, Level-5.

—3D Models

Well, I didn’t see this coming.

Apparently they’re making 3D models for “race battle scenes” which is a bit vague on what they’re being used for. Are they using 3D models for during the race? Are they using it only for during battle scenes? How would that transition from 2D chibi characters to 3D models? Is it just cut-in animations that will be 3D or something? It’s quite curious but I hope the 3D models are used a lot because they look pretty good so far.

I do like they’re upgrading with 3D models that are accurate to the character designs in terms of height and proportions, instead of y’know… making 3D chibi characters like most mobile game for female audience lol.

—New Dating Event

They will add a new date themed event. This new event you can get costumes for chibi characters to change into. Which is nice to know that they’re allowing costume changes that will change the appearances of the chibi characters bc I always wanted the chibi characters to dress the same as the card you have equipped during races. So I hope these date events open a new door to costumes for the chibi character to wear. Though it prolly won’t be like that lol.

—Other refurbishment and new elements

➥ Upgraded UI: Easier to use UI

➥ Significant addition to main story: A story that will allow you to know about the slayers more deeply

➥ New Main Theme song

➥ Create new visuals for all slayers

➥ Readjust parameters (of card stats)


They will give out special gifts/rewards for those who had been playing Otome Yusha up until now as a way to commemorate the reopening of the app. The gifts will be a “Tensei(?) Ring”, an accessory that can be equipped on a slayer with the auto-skill of raising the rate of rare drops, plus players will receive five 10 roll tickets. So that would give you 50 free rolls. It might not be much for a gift considering this maintenance has gone on for about 4 months and will have to wait for another 3-4 months for it to be released from maintenance hell, but oh well lol.

I’m kinda looking forward for this renewal now. It’s not everyday you see a mobile game made for women/girls get a second chance and upgraded with 3D models, usually companies don’t give a damn for the female demographic so it’s kinda nice.

Though it might take a while. Heck, it might even get delayed, but I hope it’s worth it in the end. I never really got to beat the final boss for the second time and find out what his deal is (plus I never got to see his ikemen face).

Anyway, thanks for reading!

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  1. Damn I only saw there was a renewal but didn’t see any of the stuff they announced alongside it. I’m actually kind of excited! I liked Otome Yuusha but I was playing like ten other mobage at the same time so it sort of fell to the wayside after a while and then I never bothered to pick it back up. But looking at this new stuff my interest has been sparked again. I like that they added addition of more story and a dating event. Also, yay pets. LOL

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