Blog Update (January) – Bunny rants

This is just me bitching and moaning about some stuff that has happened lately to the blog lol

Hoooo boy.

If you haven’t noticed, the blog’s url has changed from yankeebanchou dot wordpress dot com to yankeebanchou dot blog. Mainly because I caved in and wanted to be one of the big boys wearing big boy pants by upgrading my ‘domain’. It was mostly free as it came with my plan and I had been putting it off for a while now in terms of registering a new domain.

How I wished I never done it.

So it happened in January 11th, had a bit of some hiccups with not receiving the verification e-mail. After everything was done things went a bit smoothly running the blog with a new domain. Stats were ok for a while until it dropped a bit, bit it was only minor. Then I post my B-Project Ep#1 review on January 16th and noticed that my stats were pretty slow that day… and then the next day my blogs views gained a steep decline for whatever reason.

it’s decreased to more than half my daily views

Now I’m almost back to square one, back to the old days of starting out a blog with 100 or so views per day. Which got me in a panic as to why was this happening within a short amount of time. I sort of marked it up to changing domains, which with some searching some articles say that could be the case as you’re supported to tell google (google webmaster in particular) that you’ve changed domains for your site or else it’ll affect your SEO (search engine optimization) which dictates how well your site will pop up in search results. Had I known this I prolly wouldn’t have bothered changing my domain, especially having built up my blog for 3 years only for it to almost hit bottom within days.

I do take part of the blame for being a stupid hoe and thinking nothing will be affected if I updated my domain, but still kinda wished I was warned beforehand.

My experience with wordpress has been a bit frustrating at times, especially when I want to really customise my blog I’ve got to pay to access some features, and even if I pay for the professional plan I still won’t be able to access plugins as they are locked away behind the business plan, like…. c’mon. At least give us a choice to purchase plugins instead.

Anyway, I dunno if my blog will recover or anything. RIP in peace, lil blog. Of course readers who are following my blog via wordpress or e-mail or the sort won’t be affected as you guys are notified each new post I publish, though it does mean that new people or people who only check the blog through google searching will be affected. Heck, I even searched my B-Project Zecchou Emotions EP#01 review and found it on page 4 of google search, one page after a wattpad review of the same episode lol.

It’s kinda got me down in the dumps that my blog might be harder to find. I’ll try to switch my domain back to wordpress dot com and see if that’ll help it but I’d doubt it.

Thanks for reading my rant, I just wanted to get this off my chest lmao.

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