[Anime] B-Project: Zecchou*Emotion Episode #01 (Anime Review)

Ayyy, back at it again with B-Pro the anime. This will be my third attempt at writing episodic reviews, though no promises I’ll keep up or be on time.

Following up B-Project: Kodou*Ambitious 3 years after it’s rushed and fever-dream-like ending is the second season: B-Project: Zecchou*Emotion. Was there a need for a second season? Not really. Did anyone ask for this? Prolly.

In preparations for this season I did not rewatch the first season, mainly because I will lose my mind marathoning it again. I wrote a review for the first season but I don’t know if that’ll help me refresh my memories. Not like there was anything of substance to remember from that anime.


Tomohisa Kitakado (Kitakore)

CV: Daisuke Ono

Ryuji Korekuni (Kitakore)

CV: Daisuke Kishio

Goshi Kaneshiro (THRIVE)

CV: Toshiyuki Toyonaga

Yuta Ashu (THRIVE)

CV: Natsuki Hanae

Kento Aizome (THRIVE)

CV: Kazuki Kato

Kazuna Masunaga (Moons)

CV: Yuto Uemura

Momotaro Onzai (Moons)

CV: Tetsuya Kakihara

Hikaru Osari (Moons)

CV: Showtaro Morikubo

Tatsuhiro Nome (Moons)

CV: Genki Okawa

Mikado Sekimura (Moons)

CV: Toshiki Masuda

Yuduki Teramitsu (Killer King)

CV: Kotaro Nishiyama

Haruhi Teramitsu (Killer King)

CV: Taku Yashiro

Akane Fudo (Killer King)

CV: Shoya Chiba

Miroku Shingari (Killer King)

CV: Takuya Eguchi

Tsubasa Sumisora (A&R Staff)

CV: Asami Seto

Sakutaro Yashamaru (Director of B-Project)

CV: Kosuke Toriumi

Episode 1 “Brand New World” | Air Date: 11th January, 2019 (Japan)

With this season there has been quite a few changes. One of them being the change of voice actresses for the heroine, Tsubasa Sumisora–as her original voice actress Hisako Kanemoto is taking a hiatus to study abroad. Another change being that they dumped A-1 Pictures as the animation studio in charge. AW YEAH 🎉 The animation studio replacing A-1 pictures will be Bandai Namco Pictures (known for the studio behind the Gintama anime series and Aikatsu!). Though it’s a bit sad, knowing we won’t get the same amount of quality A-1 Pictures supplied us….

Huge Ryuji will live on forever in my heart

This second seasons starts right after the final episode of the first season. Seeing it’s a 3 year gap between the first season and the second season, my memory is pretty foggy but apparently it was New Years Day/Eve during the final ep/first ep of this season… which is quite good timing because it’s January right now lol.

The start of this ep is a bit messy and weirdly paced, especially when I sort of remember Tsubasa going to Tokyo Dome lamenting that the boys of B-Project aren’t going to make it for the concert in the last episode until they surprise dropped in or something? So in the start of this ep everyone (even Tsubasa) is organised backstage after the first performance so I’m like… So was this whole thing planned without Tsubasa knowing? I dunno. But in this scene the color was so off, maybe they were doing something because there’s different lighting but it just makes everyone’s hair color look so weird:

I dunno what they were going with this colouring style lol.

Also the staff ppl are just spraying some kind of mist at a sweaty Kazuna? lol. I wanna say they’re spraying deodorant at both sides of him, like all that sweat is gonna create some major BO lmao. Certainly a weird detail to animate, along with animating Hikaru using his asthma inhaler (that also sounds like a spray paint can when he uses it lol). I guess this is the fanservice we wanted?

They get back on stage via jumping off those elevator platforms and then we get treated with the opening. Ngl the opening song this season isn’t as great as the first season’s opening which is pretty catchy, heck I got it stuck in my head right as I’m typing this review. Here’s what the first opening was like:

In this opening there is a lot of 2D animation, while it’s not completely perfect the animation is alright. The composition and transitions between characters and their respective verses in the song flows nicely and its pretty bright and energetic.

Second season opening goes a little like this:

There’s about 14 characters now and they’re mostly in 3D, prolly to cut costs on animating it all in 2D. Animation that isn’t heavily focused on dancing is in 2D. The 3D models aren’t bad, though if they were an FMV for a PS2 game it’d be mindblowing. The movements aren’t too stiff like one of Utapri’s endings where it was distracting and bad. The song is okay, may take some time to get used to. Interestingly this time each unit sings verses together rather than individually at the start of the song like in the first season’s opening. Either way this one gets an okay pass from me lol.

The majority of this episode is a bit of a recap ep, though most of the episodes in the first season were pretty much filler episodes, the most important thing they remind the audience on is how in the first season they revealed that Tsubasa’s dad prolly murdered Yashamaru’s family and that’s why he recruited children to create B-Project….? Though they just briefly flashback to it in this episode with Tsubasa remembering when Yashamaru tells Tsubasa that her dad did shit and that he hates her, only for her to go “Huh, I wonder what he meant by that… Oh well, better not think about it”. I’d be surprised if that was the only mention for this whole season about last season’s “plot twist”.

Anyway, thanks to whatever happened in the last episode of season 1, Yashamaru decided to quit and now Tsubasa is running around trying to manage all the idol boys with their work and appointments. Because of this Tsubasa gets run down and worries a bit about how the guys are holding up without Yashamaru. In addition to that, Tsubasa gets a call by the higher ups saying they have another thing for her to do (hint: gonna have to manage/look after another 4 boyos).

The boys see that she’s haggard and decides to cheer her up a bit with a group pep talk… with dead eyed stares.

This scene really got me lol. Everyone is trying to cheer Tsubasa up but its so distracting at how they don’t change emotion or blink and how static the shot looks (if it didn’t have that panning to the left). Though afterwards they changed it up by having close ups on their faces when they were cheering Tsubasa up with this god awful background lol. So far it looks like this season may have some bad backgrounds going on:

Anyway, after filming a music video(?) I’m guessing, Tsubasa takes them over to another studio which idol unit Killer King is performing. When we are first introduced we get some pretty good close up stills but then seconds later we get slightly potato quality far away shots lol.

After they’re done it seems to be these guys are acquaintances with the other guys in b-pro, prolly because they were in the same kid school for idols (they had a cameo in the first season in a flashback irc). When the guys get acquainted Tsubasa is forced to announce that Killer King is going to be part of B-Project making it 14 idol boyos that she has to look after for lol. Then the episode ends on this shot, which pretty much sums up this episode:

Really bad abstract backgrounds galore.

The only thing I really liked from this episode is the ending credits. Even if its basically a slideshow of still images being zoomed in and zoomed out, I still like the artwork. It’s pretty dream-like. The song is kinda eh, but oh well.

There wasn’t much to this episode, basically just a short and vague rundown of last season and then an introduction to the new unit. Though most of us already know about the new unit through the mobile game and CDs, its kinda weird that in the mobile game Yashamaru still works as the director of B-Project and Killer King exists as well. I guess the mobile game can be chalked up as an alternate reality lol.

Tsubasa’s new voice actress may need some time getting used to (for me), though one tragic thing about this season is her clothes this season. The top kinda makes her look like a grandma (no offence).

But yeah, it’d be interesting to see what they have in store for the rest of the 11 episodes (I’m guessing it’s a 12 ep season). As I’ve said before, the first season of B-Project the anime was pretty much filled with filler episodes à la Utapri’s latest anime seasons. It might get boring, especially without the janky animations A-1 Pictures once provided. But who knows. Maybe this anime will surprise me.

Also big thanks for keeping the tradition of naked idols for the end card for each episode:

I’m guessing he’s lounging on that chair fully naked? Because I don’t see no shorts on? Hello? Is he buck naked? I can see his uncovered hips? Hello? Is Bandai Namco Pictures not gonna show us all the goods?

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