[Unboxing] Jakou no Lyla Vol.1 (Limited Edition)

What a good way to start off a year with a good ol’ unboxing. The last time I did an unboxing of an otome game was back in 2017, so it’s been a while.

I’m actually quite excited for this game, to the point that I would put Cendrillon palikA on hold just to play this. Heck, I even have a rule for myself that I must start a new month with a monthly overview or if its January I gotta write up a post overviewing games that will release this year. But this time I’m breaking those rules just for this one post bc that’s how hyped I am.

I just hope my expectations aren’t crushed. /Cut to my expectations being crushed/

Ok, for starters I bought the limited edition (though hopefully I don’t buy limited editions for all the volumes bc it would cost me a lot more than a full game limited ver in total) and I got it from Amiami. I got the Amiami bonus version which included two badges.

This would have to be my first PC game from Otomate, but also my third Japanese PC game. The package is quite interesting though and because I like dissecting and reviewing packages Imma gonna bore you all with my small observations.

As you know, I’m not much of a PC otome gamer (I prefer playing on consoles) so I have no idea what normal packaging of PC games are like in Japan. It’s interesting to see that the limited version cover is landscape rather than portrait, which I kinda like because it gives more space for the artwork. My copy of Tsumikui ~Sen no Noroi, Sen no Inori~ also has a landscape slip/dust cover, so it got me wondering if that’s the norm in Japan because I’ve yet to see that kind of orientation done to covers for PC in the West. Either way I can dig it.

I’m really falling in love with this limited edition lol

The contents of the limited edition cover just slips right out which is neat. No need for having a little wrestle with some paper hook tabs to open it up like a book. Inside the cover there is the regular CD cover that contains the game, a drama CD sleeve that comes with the limited edition and a booklet that also comes with the limited edition.

Interesting part of this is that the drama CD cover is made out of cardboard. At first I mistook it as some kind of card (I know, I’m dumb) but it’s actually a pretty neat cover. I’m pretty bored of finding jewel cases for the drama CD in my limited editions so I’m glad they did a little something different. You’d kinda expect for everything in the limited edition to have something unique in it because you’re paying more than a regular edition. Though the most intricate limited edition drama CD cover still goes to Reine des Fleurs (I still don’t know why they made it so different):

The booklet that comes with limited editions is one of the big reasons to pay a bit more (that and the gorgeous limited edition cover illustrations). Though sometimes these booklets have a bit of spoilery stuff so I just gotta close my eyes real quick if I spot something that might be a spoiler lol. Though it’s a bit unfortunate that Jakou no Lyla’s booklet has the illustration like this…

Poor Shirien doesn’t deserve this treatment…

Jakou no Lyla Vol.1’s booklet is alright, it’s got promotional illustrations, character profiles for the two main dudes as well as our heroine, a small handful of CGs (some of which I could unsee so I can go into this game blindly) and character rough illustrations and draft CGs (some of which I hope to see after I play the game).

I love looking at the sketches and drafts of any artwork. I particularly like the costume choices for the characters, while they try to stay true to period clothing the artist gives it a little personal flair for each character. I really like Vince’s (not pictured above) costume, particularly the slightly puffy sleeves and the excessive belts lmao. I like how Shirien looks a bit mature, especially compared to other Otomate heroines who sometimes look like they’re in high school when they’re supposed to be in their 20s or 30s. It’s nice to have mature looking heroines, especially outside of R18 games lol. Though I chuckled a bit at the artist’s notes kinda describes Shirien’s hair horse-like.

I am also thankful to Yuuya for adding in a sketch of Vince with his hair down. Thank you for this meal 🙏. Never forget that Yuuya also drew this masterpiece in celebration for Vol.1 of Jakou no Lyla releasing:

Thank you based Yuuya for inventing nips on anime guys

Onto the actual product we’re after… the game! Not gonna lie though, it kinda feels like I’m holding up a DVD for an obscure anime.

Though technically the disc that the game is on is a DVD-ROM so I guess describing it as a DVD would be accurate. Inside there’s an installation manual which has an activation key in it, which is interesting because I don’t think Tsumikui had one… But I think Anata Nikki -Euforia- had an activation key (or maybe I’m just not remembering right). But its pretty understandable considering piracy is an everyday thing, though people always makes cracks to bypass this stuff so it’s a losing battle really (which is a shame bc piracy may lead to company bankruptcy but enough guilt tripping). It was a pretty easy install, I remember I had trouble with both Anata Nikki and Tsumikui because my anti-virus software kept flagging it as malware or something lol. I still need to fix my locale to Japanese because it’s still giving me jibberish for the execution file shortcut and installation wizard 😆

I’m not gonna do a quick look for this post because I’m guessing everything at the start of the story was covered in the trial version so I’ll just link to my review of the trial/demo of it. Though one thing’s for sure, they still got a bad UI. The gallery menu reminds me of those internet flash games with the way some illustration looks like it was animated with the most basic animation tools you can find in flash. I could post a gif or video but I can’t be bothered figuring out how to video capture my computer screen, so just try to imagine:

But it is pretty cute how the chibi characters have things to say at random times, sometimes talking to other chibi characters. I just wished it didn’t seem so childish lol. Seriously, the art direction in terms of UI/GUI is all over the place I swear…

Last but no least, the badges. Now these types of badges I haven’t come across until now. When I was purchasing this I didn’t even look closely at the specs, I honestly thought they were tin badges until I opened up the package.

These are acrylic badges and they’re semi-transparent. They’ve got a clip on the back but for some reason a safety pin too? I guess so if you wanna pin it instead, which makes it look a bit weird. One down side to acrylic badges and stuff is that they can scratch easily (though I guess that’s from my experience), but there’s also a neat thing to these badges and that thing is that because it’s semi-transparent you can shine a bit of light through it. I dunno if this is intentional or not but I found out this out accidentally that the design of the badge looks better when held near my monitor that has light illuminating from it. Looks pretty cool.

It’s a shame you can also see the clips on the back when you do this, kinda takes away the allure of it. *Edit: I forgot to mention that the edges of these badges are sticky for some reason so maybe try not to rub the edgesor anything (maybe give it a good rub with a wet cloth or something to get rid of the sticky substance).

Anyway, that’s about it. I hope you enjoyed this post. Kinda broke my house rules for this blog but who cares! (Actually I care lol). I might just dive into the game as soon as I post this. I’m really hoping Vince is the gap moe that I think he is. Rolan is prolly gonna be creepy 24/7. I’ll listen to the drama CDs after I completed the game, maybe I’ll talk about it in the review that I may (or may not) write.

Thanks for reading!

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11 thoughts on “[Unboxing] Jakou no Lyla Vol.1 (Limited Edition)

  1. Ooh, those badges are so pretty with the lighting effects! The screencap of the gallery UI looks really unfortunate…all those clashing colours…I hope you have fun with the game. \o/ Artwork drafts are always such a blessing. 🙏

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    1. Yeah I’m currently playing it right now and I dunno whether to skip the parts in the trial or just reread it to see if they added anything new lol. I’ll just do whatever suits 😂 I kinda wished they could’ve taken my save file from the trial and merged it to the game so I wouldn’t have to be so backtracked.


  2. Jesus christ this is a pretty nice LE! Man every time I look at this game I can sense all the horny vibes the authors were feeling if ya know what I mean 👀 LOL but yeah can’t wait for your review!! The triangle project hasn’t interested me much except for jakou no lyla haha I love the theme and the heroine’s look. It has a mature feel to it compared to otomate’s usual shit but I’m still wary so I’m waiting for reviews! If it’s good tho lol rip my wallet 💸

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    1. You’re right about the horny vibes exuding from the story lol
      I’m still in common route and enjoying it so far, I’m liking how it delves a bit deeper on the politics of Vince’s kingdom and Rolan’s ex-kingdom. Don’t wanna spoil tho. The heroine still kicks ass but has a bit more dimension to her, so I’m liking her so far. I’m seeing a lot of new sides of these characters which is great, tho I’m still not in a characters route yet so I’m curious how the story will be like when we change gears lol.

      Anyway I’ll save the rest of my thoughts for the review 😂

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  3. This limited edition looks really lovely! I can’t wait for your review, I literally keep refreshing your blog a few times a day… heh.

    I’ve already pre-ordered the limited edition of Vol.2 and will be definitely getting Vol.3 once my bank account recovers from its post-holiday emptiness. Based on your review, I’ll probably try to get LE for Vol.1 as well.

    This game better not suck, it’s so hard to get a good 1001 nights themed otoge!

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    1. Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised with this LE. I kinda wished all otomate games had this type of packaging by ps vita and switch game cases are pretty small so it’d be easy for them to slip out unlike PC game cases lol.
      Anyway it may take some time for me to complete the game and review it, so please bear with me 😂 but it’s nice to hear that you’re anticipating my review.
      I’d like to get a limited edition for vol.2 but then it’d make me want to complete the set with LE vol.3, especially when the spines of the LEs looks rly good, it’d be interesting to see them all together. Anyway I hope you enjoy the second volume when it releases!


    1. Prolly just wait for some reviews before buying, but so far its good story wise (tho it’s got some kanji I can’t recognise bc there’s some political stuff going on). I hope otomate just puts all of these volumes into one game to save some ppl the money of buying all three different volumes bc they like all the dudes.

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