[2018 Recap & Review] Bunny Recaps 2018 – A lazy long, but short year

2018 Mobile/Browser Games Recap & Review

This year has been a weird one for mobile games, a lot of them being shut down and a lot of new ones popping up. I played quite a lot so hopefully I can remember them all.

I’ll put them into two sections: first section is just an update recap on games I previously played and talked about on previous yearly recap posts and the second section is a couple of short reviews on the new mobile games I played in 2018.

—Updates on previously played games

Touken Ranbu | On/Off Playing

lets get nekkid

Because of DMM changing the address for the browser version of Touken Ranbu it was hard to bypass the region locking with cookies alone. So sometime earlier this year I got myself an iPad and installed this game because my old phone was too weak to handle the load times and the game.

Now I’m back in babbeeeyyyy. Though I only play sometimes if the event interests me. I’ve got quite a few swords kiwame’d and as I am writing right now I’m currently playing the event to get Nenekirimaru (a big beefy sword boi). Hopefully I can kiwame one of my ootachi boyos too.

Ensemble Stars! | Dropped

(reusing this image from last years recap)

I’ve officially dropped Enstars, but I’m not gonna uninstall or sell my account bc I’m keeping that shit. I used more than 100 dollary doos on that app and goddamn it I’m gonna keep it until the game eventually shuts down.

I’ve dropped it for many reasons, one of them being I’ve lost interest in it and the other is I don’t like how Happy Elements/the Enstars team is directing this. Before A3! came along they just let the game have the same old mechanics and the same old event gameplay, changing and improving nothing. Now that A3! has come along and posed as a threat to Enstars as competition they’ve ‘added new stuff’ but really not improving gameplay to be more fun or engaging. It’s just gimmicks to create the illusion of improvement. Now they’re planning on making a rhythm game and a newer version of the Enstars “basic” game.

Wonder hows that anime they promised back in 2015 coming along.

Yumeiro Cast | On/Off Playing (?)

Yumeiro Cast is shutting down next year which is pretty sad, but I guess I saw this coming. It has been great, loved the songs and characters. Thank you Yumeiro Cast.

I Chu | On/Off Playing

Been playing this on and off, though lately haven’t been participating in events but still pulling those gachas sometimes. I only go balls to the walls hardcore playing if Saku has a card in an event lol.

A3! | On/Off Playing

Lately I have no time to play and rank in mobile games. I’ve gradually stopped playing A3!, but don’t get me wrong it’s not because it’s bad or anything but mainly because it’s so hard to get a decent rank in A3! events that I don’t even try to participate anymore. That’s just how it be.

Still a good game though.

Fate/Grand Order [Jpn & NA ver] | On/Off Playing

Last year I neglected my Japanese FGO account to focus on my NA account and build that up, but thanks to a lot of good luck in terms of getting 4* and 5* servants in gachas I’ve turned my attention back to my Japanese FGO account and neglected my NA account lol.

I’m glad my luck turned around because for a year or so I had bad luck getting higher rarity servants in my JPN account so hallelujah. I also got myself a Cu Alter so I am content.

Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage | On/Off Playing

pwease check out my dream unit of voiceless idols

I still can’t believe this is a free mobile game. The quality is through the roof and I feel so rewarded playing this game. I’m mostly here for the gorgeous dresses and costumes for the SSR models but the characters and the songs are great too. The game doesn’t stay unchanging like Enstars, it constantly changes and improves and that’s what I like about it. I just wish that josei-muke games (games for females) could be on this level of quality, but alas… we mostly get shit games with dumbed down gameplay.

This year I feel very blessed with SSR card pulls and I haven’t spent any money on it lol. I just wish my fav voiceless idols get a voice actress next year 😂

Band Yarouze!! | Shut Down

Band Yarouze!! shut down this year, though technically they said they were gonna stop updating the app but that’s kinda the same as just shutting it down. I continued to play it a little at the start of the year until I got locked out of accessing my account because it said it needed an update and I kept getting an error saying something about the apk package not working or something. So that’s about the second or third time my Band Yarouze account got lost lol. I don’t think I even saved a transfer code.

You were a true OG, Band Yarouze.

Kimikiri | Shut Down for good

It finally happened folks. Square Enix remembered Kimikiri existed and shut it down for good. Though many more bad games by Squeenix for the female audience popped up in it’s place, they will never live up to the greatness of Kimikiri. But don’t worry, I recorded all the main story of Kimikiri before it shut down, hopefully one day I can get around to sewing videos together and translating it lol.

RIP in peace sweet prince.

Project Tokyo Dolls | Dropped

Had to drop it because there wasn’t enough room on my old phone to keep playing it. It was fun while it lasted.

Sengoku Night Blood | Dropped

Dropped because I didn’t have enough room on my phone and I was just salty I never rolled a 5* card lol. Either way Otomate plans to port it to the Nintendo Switch… somehow.

Cocktail Prince | Shut Down

The great mobile game purge claimed Cocktail Prince too. It shut down sometime this year, making a lot of fans sad, similar to how Band Yarouze fans were sad their game wasn’t getting any updates anymore.

Idolmaster SideM Live on Stage! | Dropped

I dropped it bc I wasn’t having fun with the game and I hardly touched it. I don’t particularly like playing rhythm games with just one screen tap/button press and the 3D graphics didn’t look up to par compared to the other idolmaster rhythm games so I had to pass on it. It’s a real shame too though, fans of sideM deserves better.

Uta no Price-sama Shining Live | Dropped

The rhythm game part I liked, it was fun and satisfying but for me, the songs just weren’t slappin’ enough (is that what the kids say these days?). Plus the story segments were boring as heck. I don’t wanna know all these boring mundane stuff these idols do lol.

Starevo | Shut Down

This game was yet another one button rhythm game, added bonus is that it was made by Rejet. It didn’t even last 1 whole year before it was shut down. I can hardly remember any of it.

Animal Crossing Pocket App | Dropped

Most of these games that I’ve dropped I pretty much dropped at the start of the year. I dropped Animal Crossing Pocket App mainly bc I’d rather play a console version where I’m not limited in what I’m doing, though more power to y’all who keep playing it.

—New Games Played in 2018

Otome Yuusha | Hiatus?

I played a lot of this when I was in the Philippines last year, and continued playing it well into 2018 but then stopped playing it for a bit as the middle of the year came closer.

Then they decided to temporary close access to the app for what I guess is some refurbishment. Its due to reopen somewhere in 2019 but it’s only a matter of time to see whether or not fans of the game will return to play it.

You can check out my review here.

Dance Trips | Dropped

It plays like Tokimeki Restaurant, except it has a more edgy main story. I dropped this bc while it is addicting to play, it doesn’t have much going for it.

You can check out my review of it here.

Library Cross | Dropped

I hardly remember playing this. All I can remember is that the company developing it (in collaboration with Otomate) pretty much ripped off Yume100 in terms of UI and gameplay that they had to change it before release but even so there were a lot of similar gameplay elements left over. Story wise it was eh, the available routes were dudes that I wasn’t interested in so I just dropped it.

You can check out my review of it here.

Dynamic Chord Jam&Join!!!! | Dropped

Another game that blatantly rips off another, Dynamic Chord Jam&Join rips off A3! in terms of gameplay and UI. Though a lot of people pointed out that Asgard and Liber are owned by the same parent company, it still doesn’t justify the blatant low effort rip off. Dropped it bc I was gonna explode from frustration.

You can check out my review of it here.

Onmyoji | Dropped

I mainly downloaded it to draw dicks on the charms/talismans to summon shiki (I believe that’s what they’re called). Then I stayed to get Yasha and then I got kinda bored of just farming resources all the time and just gradually dropped it. I’m very sorry friends on my Onmyoji friends list.

Idol Fantasy | Dropped

Right after Kimikiri shut down, Square Enix moved onto their next phase of making mobile games for females. Idol Fantasy was prolly made to keep up with the idol fad that has been popular with mobile games for women, while adding in “RPG” elements, though I’m putting RPG in quotation marks bc there’s nothing much going on as an role playing game. Squeenix tried to keep itself relevant in the niche market of mobile games for women, but failed tremendously as they did not learn from their mistake of dumbing things down because it’s aimed at females.

It’s a game that basically plays itself, no skill or effort required. Right now there’s probably at least 2000 active players, possibly less if you truly believe.

You can read my review of it here.

Shinen Resist | On/Off Playing

I like how the character in this game has a wide variety of male body types, a lot of beefy boys which is something I’d like to see more in games for women (though I doubt this game was intended to be for women at the start lol). It’s a turn base RPG, though it’s pretty easy/unbalanced if you have an OP character that has a wide attack range.

The game has been riddled with a couple of bugs, one of my twitter mutuals had a game breaking bug where it kept giving them an error saying they don’t have enough stamina to play despite the stamina bar being full. Which is another reason I kinda don’t play. Another reason is that for so long I never got one single 5* card from a gacha no matter how many times I rolled, until a week or so ago where I got two but the second one was a duplicate of the first lol.

On Air! | On/Off Playing

I was planning to write a review post for this but got a little lazy. It’s a game similar to Enstars and A3!, but plays a bit more like Enstars except it actually has an auto button for its ‘lesson/produce’ gameplay. It improves on what Enstars lacks in which is neat. Though it does have a few bugs.

World End Heroes | Dropped

Dropped it like a bag of bricks because the gameplay is abysmally boring. Like gotdam Square Enix, y’all are really bad at making video games huh. I don’t have any else to add on what I said in my review so check out my review here.

Idolmaster Shining Colors | On/Off Playing

This may be my first non-rhythm idolmaster game. As soon as it was announced that people overseas can play it without having to use a VPN to bypass the region lock. It’s a browser game but you can play it on your phone via an app that I guess just runs a browser client or something…. kinda technically makes it a mobile game too but I dunno.

Its an interesting idol raising game and it’s not quite easy either lol. In my state as I am I cannot take one of my idols all the way to become a top idol because I suck at time management and problem solving. I’m sorry my idols I have failed you. Graphically it looks good and there’s a couple idols that I like. It would be interesting if Readyyy! Project took this route of an idol raising game, it’d be double interesting if it was a bit challenging like IMAS Shining Colors.

DREAM!ing | On/Off Playing

A couple of twitter followers/mutuals suggested I should play this and I decided to give it a go. Good points are character design, art style and graphics design. The animations in this game is so good and its oozing with style. The Yume Live animations (sample video above) are too good and the songs are such a bop, I love the harmonisations in the songs.

Interestingly enough there’s no ‘self-insert’ in this game, instead the closest we get to a protag is our boyo Yuma Mochizuki. I haven’t read far into the story, been a bit busy but I’ve been told on Twitter that it gets pretty sad in some places. I’d prolly recommend it.

Starry Palette | Dropped

I wanted to check it out but dropped it right after playing it once. It lagged my phone a bit (despite my phone being new lol) and I just really couldn’t get into it.

Toraware no Palm Refrain | Currently Playing

The sequel prequel to Toraware no Palm. Feels like a blast to the past, back to the innocent time of 2016 when I first played Toraware no Palm. I’ve been intending to review Refrain’s prologue and chapter 1 but I had to push it back because of a flu and then being busy around and after Christmas.

So far I enjoy playing it and find Chiaki’s personality interesting.

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  1. Thank you for all the videos of the riveting mobage gameplay, they are a treasure to be cherished. The fact that you could pick up the CXM culprit just from knowing the VA’s mannerisms is pretty impressive! My friend picked it up from the very moment they spoke some lines of interest when they were first introduced. As much as I enjoyed Cendrillon Palika, I can understand that some of the developments can feel pretty contrived at times, haha. I hope you’ll have fun if you get back to it! Haili is (thumbs up).

    Good luck with your swords along with all your game backlog! I can’t believe Enstars anime was 3 years ago. It was fun reading through the post, thank you for writing it! I hope you’re feeling better and will be able to welcome 2019 in a good state of mind. \o/

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    1. Yeah those lines the character said when introduced really cemented my suspicions lol, it was a little too on the nose.
      Anyway I’m feeling better, I’m just glad my flu is over before the new year came. Thanks for reading and have a great 2019!


    Ironic that you mentioned my post about Ken ga Toki because I’m actually getting ready to write a post about the winter comic up which also featured a KgT booth ^q^ CP23 happened in fucking middle of december but I’m only getting to it now hahahaha
    Anyways it was fun reading your recap post!! I always enjoy seeing everyone’s end of the year posts, not sure why but I guess I just like the nostalgia of it all.
    Ah, well. Onto 2019! Here’s hoping we have a great 2019 haha ^q^

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    1. I look forward to your post bruh 👀 You’re our only hope in getting the latest scoop on Ken ga Toki seeing Rejet ain’t gonna update us on anything lol (no pressure though).

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  3. YOOOO have we been watching the same youtube vids or smt rofl cuz I’ve been binging so many ball-joint dolls and building PC stuff lol. But they are so expensive. I decided to just start using all of the journals I’ve collected and make a use for them and it’s been surprisingly productive and inexpensive if you don’t go all out and purchase stickers. You can actually make your own but you do need to spend a little mula at first.

    Eventually you won’t think twice about ditching soda entirely for water. I had no idea just how badly soda could cut your life short until a few years ago and now I only have a glass maybe once a few months or so if I go out drinking with friends (alcohol just don’t do it for me lol). If you’re worried about a healthy intake of water it’s different for every person based on their weight. Cutting a lot of salt and sugar out of your diet works wonders but I’ve yet to ditch them completely rofl.

    “though I kinda find it creepy how when you monetise your site the ads that appear will be based on the person’s previous web searches” WUT. Oh my god I will never monetize mine now rofl no one needs to know the crap I look up. Though, considering some of the searches people enter into my blog I guess maybe they won’t be bothered?

    Australia’s mess of taxes is smt and I can’t at the death of the Vita. I’ll cling onto them even when they’re dead lol.

    Happy New Year, Billy! I’m looking forward to seeing what you do this year and I hope you’re doing great!

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    1. I’m guessing YouTube has been recommending ppl the same vids maybe lol. I think all of those video binging on dolls, PCs and DIY crafts is bc YouTube recommended me one video and then I just went into a rabbit hole of videos based on them 😂

      I can for sure live life without too much salt. But sugar… I just seem to cut that down lol. Though I guess I gotta if I want to live a long life.

      Anyway, the stuff about ads based on a persons searches is “pretty normal”. A lot of websites have ads based on that, though it’s still kinda creepy. Like I look at an online shop once without buying anything, next time I go onto a website that has ads I’ll get ads for that shop showing me the exact thing I’m looking for and other related products. It’s a bit funny too tho lol.

      Though, if you look on the bright side of Vita’s death, the game’s for it will be much cheaper than a game for the Nintendo Switch. Though that could also be a downside of finding a physical game when it’s low in stock…
      I look forward to seeing your posts in 2019 too!


  4. I’ve been wanting to cook okonomiyaki too! It’s been a while since I’ve cooked anything Japanese (I’ve been trying out Korean lol) but I want to be able to cook that. 😀

    And about the game reviews, nah, you’re doing great at your own pace. It’s not that you’re lazy or anything. You deserve a pat in the back. 😀

    Happy 2019!

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    1. Hehe, thanks! 😊
      I’m curious what Korean cuisine is like. I’ve never tried but maybe it has a lot to offer in terms of different flavors compared to other cuisines 🤔 One day I’ll look up recipe videos to see what it’s like lol

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      1. I’ve tried the easiest one I could find, the Korean pancake. 😀
        The other recipes I found were almost similar with the Japanese ones, I think? Just don’t forget kimchi or other spicy stuff. xD

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