[2018 Recap & Review] Bunny Recaps 2018 – A lazy long, but short year

2018 Otome Games Recap & Review

I’m gonna be real and say that I haven’t played that much Otome games this year, which is pitiful on my behalf but at least it wasn’t as bad as last year where I only got around to playing about 2 otome games.

CollarxMalice (Localised ver) | Hiatus

I got the Japanese version but didn’t get in far enough because of the complicated kanji that popped up. Thankfully this one got localised and I bought it last year. I played it a lot while on the plane to and from Philippines to visit the family for Christmas and I also played it a lot when I was in my mother’s home town where there’s nothing much to do.

I progressed a lot and had two routes left to do–Kei and Aiji–but I just dropped it when I got into Kei’s route. I dunno, it felt that there was a lot of retreading in some of these routes that it got kinda repetitive. Also Kei was kinda rubbing me the wrong way, I forgot the reason why though.

Even though I haven’t finished it, I was already spoiled on who’s Zero or whatever his name is, but I pretty much called it in my quick look post of it. They didn’t do a good job of masking the guy’s voice because I can recognise the voice actor’s mannerisms in his speech (if you know this voice actor you can pretty much pick up on how he sometimes inhale after a sentence, especially when he’s trying to sound eloquent).

Some routes were good and had their strong points but the overlapping of stuff you find out in other routes and then having to rediscover in another route gets kinda boring. Maybe if I played it in a particular order I would’ve enjoyed it more but I dunno. It was still an alright otome game and I liked how the heroine was written.

Translation wise, it could’ve been done better. I picked up on a lot of grammar errors, misspellings, mistakes where the speaker’s name in the dialogue box is the wrong one (this happened 2 or 3 times). C’mon Aksys Games you can do better than that… or at least hire better people to quality test your games because jeeze, this is just unprofessional.

Ayakashi Koi Gikyoku -Forbidden Romance with Mysterious Spirit- | Completed

This was my first otome game on the Nintendo Switch and I dunno if I should regret it being my first Switch otoge or just laugh at how badly translated this game is. I wrote a review which you can find here.

The translation done (presumably) by DIGIMERCE is pretty abysmal. Unlike the translations done by E2 Gaming with the “”””localisation”””” of Taisho Alice where the dude probably doesn’t know shit in Japanese, the people behind translating these games have some form of competency in terms of Japanese to English translation. They know the meaning of Japanese words/sentences but the execution of translating needs some work and some heavy editing by a native English speaker.

As for the story, story wise its ok for something that originated from a mobile game. There are points where the story makes no sense, complicates things when it could’ve been solved earlier in the story etc. But I really liked how there’s another story interwoven between the routes that makes more sense in the ‘true route’ (aka K-suke’s route), which is a good plot device to keep visual novels interesting. But yeah, I wouldn’t exactly recommend buying these badly translated games, but this one gave me a good chuckle here and there with the bad translations. Like this classic:

Iris School of Wizardry -Vinculum Hearts- | Completed

This one may be worse than Ayakashi Koi Gikyoku. It’s another Nintendo Switch otome game translated to English by DIGIMERCE. It felt shorter than Ayakashi Koi and one route’s two endings are practically the same which is pretty disappointing. It also doesn’t help that the true route, and possibly the true romantic interest is the heroine’s half brother sooooo… lol.

It was frustrating to play for me, even the bad translations couldn’t cheer me up. I’m sure other players would may have enjoyed this one, so it might be just my personal opinion that this game wasn’t good.

You can check out my review of it here.

Cendrillon palikA | Currently Playing

This would be my first Otomate game on the Nintendo Switch. I only played a couple of hours, but I haven’t gotten too far. I’m going against Otomate’s recommended play order because I wanted to romance Natra because he’s the only character in this game that’s my type lol.

The premise of the story is pretty simple, Kashika (I’m guessing a magic user and maybe a reference to Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother) coerces Haili (Hairi?) into a plan to lift the curse on the city of Tokyo (spelt differently to Tokyo, Japan) with the help of a co-conspirator/partner. It’s a little bit too coincidental how Kashika just pushes Haili onto so many coincidences and just so happens to meet all the main boy cast in like 2 days lol. It’s a pretty short common route, I’ll tell you what. With the premise being so simple I got kinda off-putted that the whole story would be just Haili trying to convince some guys she met a day or two ago to help her lift the curse by sneaking into the clock tower.

I’m hoping that this may be the tip of the iceberg and that there will be something more deeper and complex as the story goes on because it seems pretty safe so far. It’s also interesting to hear that Haili ranked 3rd in the character popularity poll Otomate does for every game they release, this may be the first time I’ve seen a heroine so well received by otoge players (in Japan) in a popularity poll. I think she deserves it, bc so far she’s a great protag. I’m interested in seeing how she develops.

Hopefully sometime next year I can get back into playing it.

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  1. Thank you for all the videos of the riveting mobage gameplay, they are a treasure to be cherished. The fact that you could pick up the CXM culprit just from knowing the VA’s mannerisms is pretty impressive! My friend picked it up from the very moment they spoke some lines of interest when they were first introduced. As much as I enjoyed Cendrillon Palika, I can understand that some of the developments can feel pretty contrived at times, haha. I hope you’ll have fun if you get back to it! Haili is (thumbs up).

    Good luck with your swords along with all your game backlog! I can’t believe Enstars anime was 3 years ago. It was fun reading through the post, thank you for writing it! I hope you’re feeling better and will be able to welcome 2019 in a good state of mind. \o/

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    1. Yeah those lines the character said when introduced really cemented my suspicions lol, it was a little too on the nose.
      Anyway I’m feeling better, I’m just glad my flu is over before the new year came. Thanks for reading and have a great 2019!


    Ironic that you mentioned my post about Ken ga Toki because I’m actually getting ready to write a post about the winter comic up which also featured a KgT booth ^q^ CP23 happened in fucking middle of december but I’m only getting to it now hahahaha
    Anyways it was fun reading your recap post!! I always enjoy seeing everyone’s end of the year posts, not sure why but I guess I just like the nostalgia of it all.
    Ah, well. Onto 2019! Here’s hoping we have a great 2019 haha ^q^

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    1. I look forward to your post bruh 👀 You’re our only hope in getting the latest scoop on Ken ga Toki seeing Rejet ain’t gonna update us on anything lol (no pressure though).

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  3. YOOOO have we been watching the same youtube vids or smt rofl cuz I’ve been binging so many ball-joint dolls and building PC stuff lol. But they are so expensive. I decided to just start using all of the journals I’ve collected and make a use for them and it’s been surprisingly productive and inexpensive if you don’t go all out and purchase stickers. You can actually make your own but you do need to spend a little mula at first.

    Eventually you won’t think twice about ditching soda entirely for water. I had no idea just how badly soda could cut your life short until a few years ago and now I only have a glass maybe once a few months or so if I go out drinking with friends (alcohol just don’t do it for me lol). If you’re worried about a healthy intake of water it’s different for every person based on their weight. Cutting a lot of salt and sugar out of your diet works wonders but I’ve yet to ditch them completely rofl.

    “though I kinda find it creepy how when you monetise your site the ads that appear will be based on the person’s previous web searches” WUT. Oh my god I will never monetize mine now rofl no one needs to know the crap I look up. Though, considering some of the searches people enter into my blog I guess maybe they won’t be bothered?

    Australia’s mess of taxes is smt and I can’t at the death of the Vita. I’ll cling onto them even when they’re dead lol.

    Happy New Year, Billy! I’m looking forward to seeing what you do this year and I hope you’re doing great!

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    1. I’m guessing YouTube has been recommending ppl the same vids maybe lol. I think all of those video binging on dolls, PCs and DIY crafts is bc YouTube recommended me one video and then I just went into a rabbit hole of videos based on them 😂

      I can for sure live life without too much salt. But sugar… I just seem to cut that down lol. Though I guess I gotta if I want to live a long life.

      Anyway, the stuff about ads based on a persons searches is “pretty normal”. A lot of websites have ads based on that, though it’s still kinda creepy. Like I look at an online shop once without buying anything, next time I go onto a website that has ads I’ll get ads for that shop showing me the exact thing I’m looking for and other related products. It’s a bit funny too tho lol.

      Though, if you look on the bright side of Vita’s death, the game’s for it will be much cheaper than a game for the Nintendo Switch. Though that could also be a downside of finding a physical game when it’s low in stock…
      I look forward to seeing your posts in 2019 too!


  4. I’ve been wanting to cook okonomiyaki too! It’s been a while since I’ve cooked anything Japanese (I’ve been trying out Korean lol) but I want to be able to cook that. 😀

    And about the game reviews, nah, you’re doing great at your own pace. It’s not that you’re lazy or anything. You deserve a pat in the back. 😀

    Happy 2019!

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    1. Hehe, thanks! 😊
      I’m curious what Korean cuisine is like. I’ve never tried but maybe it has a lot to offer in terms of different flavors compared to other cuisines 🤔 One day I’ll look up recipe videos to see what it’s like lol

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      1. I’ve tried the easiest one I could find, the Korean pancake. 😀
        The other recipes I found were almost similar with the Japanese ones, I think? Just don’t forget kimchi or other spicy stuff. xD

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