[2018 Recap & Review] Bunny Recaps 2018 – A lazy long, but short year

2018 General Games Recap & Review

I won’t lie, I mostly played general games this year. The reason being that A) there weren’t a lot of otome games that interested me and B) I wanted to take a break from otome games because some of them were starting to get stale. I’m sorry… but my inner gamer screams for action.


i wuv u

As I was slowly getting into the Fate ‘franchise’ as I’d like to call it, a friend on Twitter mentioned about Fate/Extella and shared some screenshots. I wanted to give it a go and decided to purchase it and play it. There’s quite a lot of wrong going on with this game, mainly it feels pretty unfinished and rushed. The only saving grace was Altera’s story route but then that was ruined with the true route sooooo…. lmao.

The writing was very good in Altera’s route which makes me believe that was mainly written by Nasu. Meanwhile Nero’s route was bad as we are constantly reminded of how beautiful she is and perfect and all this kind of shit as we are forced to read the protag’s thoughts about Nero and her every move being beautiful, like this route made the protag feel so brain dead and has no personality other than to fawn over Nero. Tamamo’s route felt a bit better as the comedy kinda helped the bad writing, but still kinda bad. The true route fuckin’ ruined Altera’s route, like how can you follow up Altera’s route with something bullshitty like this:

Nero Ex Machina.

I rolled my eyes so hard at this ending and the stuff leading up to the final battle was just so shit. Also all the other characters got small but kinda unsatisfying ‘story campaigns’. I wanna see Cu, Emiya and Gil do some cool shit with the protag. Alas, at least the overall plot was a bit better than Fate/Extella Link.

Also Altera deserves all the love in the world. Protect her at all costs.

Fate/Extella Link

I wuv Cu… despite his flat ass

I bought Extella Link in Japanese because I couldn’t wait for the English translation. It was pretty easy to follow despite it all being in Japanese. The graphics have updated, Extella looked butt ugly, you can check out the comparison in this video:

However there was just no saving Cu’s flat ass…

The gameplay felt a bit better, with some new gameplay features but felt like stuff was taken away. I remember in Extella some moves unlocked when my servant levelled up and that some moves depended on L stick movement but I think Extella Link cut out the middle man and just had a quick menu to some of the good moves, so I just found myself button mushing. But there were some good improvements in gameplay for sure.

The story was a bit better in terms that I don’t have to keep reading how beautiful and perfect Nero is. It was more like a group story rather than focusing on one character, though Charlemagne was pretty much the main guy where the plot pretty much revolved/focused on him. The story was pretty lackluster, with very little divergence in terms of the endings. One ending has Charlemagne just walking away for an adventure after defeating the boss and some other variants. The last boss was boring, it’s just some dude who goes into a mecha suit and can be beaten within minutes if your servants are OP and they will be OP because this game feels easier than Extella. The story CGs looked like they were either not finished or didn’t have enough detail, which sucks because the CG art in Extella (which I assume was done by Wada Arco) were gorgeous:

Left: Extella Link | Right: Extella

All in all, there were some good improvements but a lot of small things that just detracted from this game being better than mediocre. It’s fun but it’s not exactly fulfilling.

Also it was fuckin’ stupid that Gil was missing in all the routes of main story except for the true route where the gang happens upon him where he’s strapped to this stupid machine made out of cogs where the cogs will whirl around and light up whenever he opened his goddamn mouth. Like all this time, behind the scenes of other routes he was just stuck in that machine. Even when we free him he just fucks right off on his flying ship thingy he had in Fate/Zero and I don’t think we ever hear from him again in the ending.

Bad and naughty Gilgameshs get put into the cog wiggler to atone for their crimes

Blue Reflection

Check out that lip sync (Please listen with earphones)

Blue Reflection looks like one of them magical girl genres by looking at the cover, I wanted to give it a go and kinda dropped it after the introduction of the first dungeon/other world map. This is a turn based RPG, the developers said they wanted to focus on the friendships between high school girls but lets be honest, this has some “””subtle””” fanservice for male players. One of the early scenes the heroine (the black haired girl in the video above) is pulled into another world and falls into a body of water, when she gets up her school uniform is wet and her blouse is see-through… because fanservice. Like I get it, y’all be horny, but come on.

Gameplay was kinda boring, but I guess I barely scratched the surface. Art wise it looks good, I like the shades of blue it’s going for and the 3D models look good and reflects on the art style of the character designer. It’s interesting to see a game with a big cast of females (though most of them are NPCs) and the focus on ‘friendship between girls’ but y’know… fanservice.

Will there ever be a form of media/game that has a cast full of girls and isn’t fetishy/for men and something for girls and women to enjoy? Probably not.

Project Diva Future Tone

I got this game a few days after Miss Hatsune Miku’s birthday and was gonna do a post about it but then I skipped out on doing it (like other posts I planned and scrapped). When I heard about the Project Diva Arcade game I was wishing they would port it or at least sell arcade machines to ppl so they can take it home 😆 Thankfully Sega delivered and ported it to the PS4. I’m not good at playing rhythm games on TV screens or monitors, I’d prefer playing on something like a Vita or mobile device so i can zoom my eyeballs close to the screen so I can time it perfectly. That being said I suck at playing this on a TV lol.

But I did have fun playing my favourite songs from previous Project Diva songs in this game. The newer songs however are either a hit or miss. Another thing about the arcade exclusive songs is that some of them had fans(?, or at least ppl with usernames being credited) making the MV that plays in the background as you play the rhythm game. Some of these amateur made MVs weren’t good, some were ok but it felt like it would’ve been better if the team behind the project Diva series made it themselves (though it seems like they wanna just do background videos of the vocaloids dancing and performing on stage and that’s it). I liked that they had the original MV animations for some of the songs (like Leia), I’d rather that than amateur made background videos. Though I feel cheated that they didn’t use the original MV for Just Be Friends, instead they just had Luka just dance and sing on stage which was a bummer. Would I recommend this game? I dunno. If you haven’t played the previous games I’d recommend getting this as a way to play all the music in previous Project Diva games while getting an ‘upgrade’ in graphics (though the art style doesn’t look great in an ultra realistic engine).

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Aka, I love a fish man. I got this game as a bundle with my Switch and I’m so glad I did. Spent over 100 hours playing and still not finished. I put it down but I hope to pick it up again when I have time.

To tell you the truth I’ve always wanted to play a Legend of Zelda game ever since I was a kid. I would make these long Christmas wish lists that were long enough that you could roll it up. In some of those wish lists I would cut out pictures of LoZ games and paste them into the list. Of course I never got any, but that’s the beauty of being an adult, you don’t need to ask Santa (aka your parents) for stuff when you can go out and get it yourself. So this is my first LoZ game and I’m glad it is because I had so much fun and loved exploring and getting into fights and getting shit scared whenever a guardian just wakes up and shoots me (and kills my horse). I also wuv Sidon. Best boy.

10/10 will play one day.

Devil May Cry

After Devil May Cry V was announced in E3 2018 there was a sale for the Devil May Cry games on Steam and because I wanted to try out the series I decided to purchase the HD collection and DMC 4 (so all the games except DMC Devil May Cry, the reboot by Ninja Theory). Now to be truthful, I actually played Devil May Cry the HD version years ago but because I sucked ass trying to beat the first boss, Phantom, I had to put down the controller and just never touched it since. But now… I still sucked ass lmao. At least this time I managed to beat Phantom after a lot of deaths and figuring out his pattern. This game was a lot of trial and error for me, a lot of deaths and trying again. I was getting used to it but when it came to the first boss fight with Vergil I just kept dying despite being so close to finishing him off. Despite so many tries I just gave up, bit the bullet and went onto easy mode. Maybe if I had done the secret missions and boosted my HP bar I would’ve barely finished that fight but to be real I just suck.

I managed to beat the game on easy and it was an aight game. I just suck.

Devil May Cry 2

I’ve heard a lot of stuff about this game being the worst in the series and to just skip it but I wanted to feel how bad it is for myself and oof… I can see why it has a bad reputation. The thing about the original Devil May Cry is that the guns aren’t too OP that they alone can take out an enemy, it requires a combo of both the sword and the gun and other weapons to beat and style on enemies. DMC 2 is just straight up busted where the guns can take out enemies by spamming them like no problem. AI can be wack, especially the military tank enemies that become useless if you attack them close up where they can’t hurt you. Another thing is that it definitely feels like an entirely different game to DMC 1, it’s so weird especially with how quiet and toned down Dante is in this game.

Anyway, I hated the infested helicopter fight (gif above is the cutscene when you beat it) and I can’t remember where I stopped but it was prolly after that. I haven’t touched the game since then. If you want, you can check out how bad DMC 2 is with this Crowbcat video:


I learnt about this game when a let’s play channel I watched religiously (not anymore because they’ve disbanded the channel, gonna miss watching them) did a short let’s play of this and got me so intrigued by the story that I decided to play it myself. The story is quite interesting and gets gradually intense as the game goes on. It’s got some humor but damn it gets depressing in places. I kinda lost the will to keep playing when a character I liked is somewhat presumed dead. I really like the protag, Robin, even though she’s the silent protag type she’s pretty cute but damn she has to go through a lot of shit because she just wants to help people.

Gameplay wise it’s pretty fun. There’s a bit of platforming, puzzles, upgrades and combat. The mini-bosses/bosses are quite fun and each boss is unique and have different patterns. I found myself dying a couple of times but each time I died I learnt a little and tried to figure out how to use enemy patterns to my advantage. It’s a good game, I’d recommend it if you’ve got a Nintendo Switch (though it’s available on other platforms). I don’t have much to complain about but it does get me a bit sad in some places haha.

The Sims 4

an average moment in the sims 4

After many years of waiting for the Sims 4 to be good I caved in this year and bought it and it’s many DLC expansion/game/stuff packs. I’ve spent 100+ hours and prolly 100+ dollary doos on The Sims 4 (I don’t have all the DLC). It’s still not as good as The Sims 3 in terms of content for your money’s worth. I like the new additions to this game that could be put into the Sims 3, the art style is a bit more cleaner, though back to being more cartoonish/stylised like Sims 2. The expansion packs can be fun, however there’s a lot of cutting of content in them just to be put into other DLC packs which makes the EPs feel not worth the money when I can get more content in the Sims 3 EPs. This may be wishful thinking but I just wish they could add the good aspects of Sims 4 into Sims 3 via a free patch. Also fuck you EA.

Minna de Kuuki Yomi

Saw this on the Japanese eShop and thought it was funny so I decided to get it. It’s a small variety game (though there’s not much variety) where you must “pick up on social cues”, like scooching over a seat to allow a couple to sit together and other situations. I can’t remember how many situations you must do before you’re given your official assessment on whether or not you’re socially awkward, but there are a couple. When I first played it I purposely messed around and didn’t do what I was supposed to do but apparently that’s for another game mode that unlocks when you clear the game the first time, so I got a pretty bad rating for my first try bc I wasn’t “reading the air” as I was supposed to.

It was fun, I had a couple chuckles but it felt like there should’ve been some easter eggs or bonus animations happening if you chose to do something completely different to add to the comedy of the game. The game can be played with two people so you and your friend can practice being socially awkward together, but yeah, I don’t have anyone to play with lel.

Heavy Rain

My sister bought a preowned copy of Heavy Rain for PS3… just for me to play it as she watched lol. I’m not a fan of Quantum Dream, especially the allegations of poor treatment of their workers, the stories they make aren’t great but they can be unintentionally hilarious. I watched like so many playthroughs of this game that I knew what choices to pick and just breezed through this game and got the best ending possible I guess (though Ethan didn’t end up with Madison). It was a bit weird going back to play a game on the PS3 and experiencing a good old screen tearing and glitches like one I happened upon where one of Ethan’s son’s texture didn’t load in properly and you could see a face texture on his hair instead. Good stuff.

It was interesting playing the game myself, because I’m the one just watching people play Quantum Dream games and it was interesting to see my sister’s reaction to some of the dumb stuff that happens in Heavy Rain. But in the end she actually liked it despite it’s short comings lol. I’m still indifferent about it though.


One of the main reasons I got a Nintendo Switch was to get Bayonetta 2 with Bayonetta as a digital download. I’m lucky enough that my sis got it for me for Christmas, despite the questionable stuff Bayonetta has lol.

I completed chapter 1 of Bayonetta (part of my play through my sister watched, hopefully not judging me), I did ok but I think I could do better, especially since I got a stone award for that chapter… which may be the lowest award you could get. I like the gameplay so far, though it may take some time to get used to using the controls. It kinda plays like Nier Automata but it does have some more stuff going on gameplay wise. I’d like to try playing it in handheld mode and see if there’s any loss in quality or frame rate.

Hopefully I can play it on New Years Eve and keep on playing it until New Years Day arrives (I say as I continue to write this long ass post for hours and hours and hours).

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  1. Thank you for all the videos of the riveting mobage gameplay, they are a treasure to be cherished. The fact that you could pick up the CXM culprit just from knowing the VA’s mannerisms is pretty impressive! My friend picked it up from the very moment they spoke some lines of interest when they were first introduced. As much as I enjoyed Cendrillon Palika, I can understand that some of the developments can feel pretty contrived at times, haha. I hope you’ll have fun if you get back to it! Haili is (thumbs up).

    Good luck with your swords along with all your game backlog! I can’t believe Enstars anime was 3 years ago. It was fun reading through the post, thank you for writing it! I hope you’re feeling better and will be able to welcome 2019 in a good state of mind. \o/

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    1. Yeah those lines the character said when introduced really cemented my suspicions lol, it was a little too on the nose.
      Anyway I’m feeling better, I’m just glad my flu is over before the new year came. Thanks for reading and have a great 2019!


    Ironic that you mentioned my post about Ken ga Toki because I’m actually getting ready to write a post about the winter comic up which also featured a KgT booth ^q^ CP23 happened in fucking middle of december but I’m only getting to it now hahahaha
    Anyways it was fun reading your recap post!! I always enjoy seeing everyone’s end of the year posts, not sure why but I guess I just like the nostalgia of it all.
    Ah, well. Onto 2019! Here’s hoping we have a great 2019 haha ^q^

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    1. I look forward to your post bruh 👀 You’re our only hope in getting the latest scoop on Ken ga Toki seeing Rejet ain’t gonna update us on anything lol (no pressure though).

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  3. YOOOO have we been watching the same youtube vids or smt rofl cuz I’ve been binging so many ball-joint dolls and building PC stuff lol. But they are so expensive. I decided to just start using all of the journals I’ve collected and make a use for them and it’s been surprisingly productive and inexpensive if you don’t go all out and purchase stickers. You can actually make your own but you do need to spend a little mula at first.

    Eventually you won’t think twice about ditching soda entirely for water. I had no idea just how badly soda could cut your life short until a few years ago and now I only have a glass maybe once a few months or so if I go out drinking with friends (alcohol just don’t do it for me lol). If you’re worried about a healthy intake of water it’s different for every person based on their weight. Cutting a lot of salt and sugar out of your diet works wonders but I’ve yet to ditch them completely rofl.

    “though I kinda find it creepy how when you monetise your site the ads that appear will be based on the person’s previous web searches” WUT. Oh my god I will never monetize mine now rofl no one needs to know the crap I look up. Though, considering some of the searches people enter into my blog I guess maybe they won’t be bothered?

    Australia’s mess of taxes is smt and I can’t at the death of the Vita. I’ll cling onto them even when they’re dead lol.

    Happy New Year, Billy! I’m looking forward to seeing what you do this year and I hope you’re doing great!

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    1. I’m guessing YouTube has been recommending ppl the same vids maybe lol. I think all of those video binging on dolls, PCs and DIY crafts is bc YouTube recommended me one video and then I just went into a rabbit hole of videos based on them 😂

      I can for sure live life without too much salt. But sugar… I just seem to cut that down lol. Though I guess I gotta if I want to live a long life.

      Anyway, the stuff about ads based on a persons searches is “pretty normal”. A lot of websites have ads based on that, though it’s still kinda creepy. Like I look at an online shop once without buying anything, next time I go onto a website that has ads I’ll get ads for that shop showing me the exact thing I’m looking for and other related products. It’s a bit funny too tho lol.

      Though, if you look on the bright side of Vita’s death, the game’s for it will be much cheaper than a game for the Nintendo Switch. Though that could also be a downside of finding a physical game when it’s low in stock…
      I look forward to seeing your posts in 2019 too!


  4. I’ve been wanting to cook okonomiyaki too! It’s been a while since I’ve cooked anything Japanese (I’ve been trying out Korean lol) but I want to be able to cook that. 😀

    And about the game reviews, nah, you’re doing great at your own pace. It’s not that you’re lazy or anything. You deserve a pat in the back. 😀

    Happy 2019!

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    1. Hehe, thanks! 😊
      I’m curious what Korean cuisine is like. I’ve never tried but maybe it has a lot to offer in terms of different flavors compared to other cuisines 🤔 One day I’ll look up recipe videos to see what it’s like lol

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      1. I’ve tried the easiest one I could find, the Korean pancake. 😀
        The other recipes I found were almost similar with the Japanese ones, I think? Just don’t forget kimchi or other spicy stuff. xD

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