[Monthly Overview] December 2018 Releases


Jakou no Lyla ~Allure of Musk~ Vol.1 – 21st December – Otomate

Lucky Dog 1 + bad egg – 28th December – tennenouji

*R18 BL Game

PS Vita

Panic Palette – 13th December – Takuyo

Nintendo Switch

Yoshiwara Higanbana Kuon no Chigiri – 20th December – MariaCrown/ Prototype

Nightshade/Hyakka Hyakuro – 20th December – D3P

Ho, ho, ho, ho god its been a hell of a year.

The start of December always makes you just wonder… where did the year go lol. It really feels like it went by a little too fast. Anyway, this’ll be my last monthly overview for the year, a good old wrap up of the games that have released or will release this year.

Most of the games that were promised to release this year have been released (hoping that all of the games supposed to release this month does release without fail), except for a game or few having to be pushed back to 2019. I’m looking at you Variable Barricade. Though one game in particular, the R18 PC game for women “Gran Odalisque” by Kalmia Scarlet is in a bit of a limbo as it was said to release in 2018 for a whole year now but without having much information updated on it with the website not updated for almost a year… until now…

The key visual for the game that was used for the website’s background has been taken down and replaced with a black background and the original logo. If you google translate the page it reads “We are sorry to have kept you waiting. We will re-release game information at the end of December 2018”. Which makes you go 🤔hmm at why would they take down the really beautiful key visual (which I’ve only saved a small snippet of it for a blog post, you can check it out here) and black out the website just so they could reannounce game info… unless they might be redoing everything? I really wish they would at least keep the same art style… blease. 

For a whole year we had nothing to go on with what it’ll be except for using our imagination with the key visual. You gotta wonder what they had been doing for a whole year until now when they’re probably rebooting it. I dunno fam.

Anyway, onto summarising the games that will release this month.

Panic Palette is a port to the PS Vita. The original game by the same title first released back in 2007 on the PS2 and getting a PSP port in 2008. 10 years later Takuyo decides to port it to the PS Vita, though I dunno if it’ll have remade CGs and art. The premise is that the heroine happens upon a foreign guy who says he’s from another dimension and casts a spell on the heroine. If she doesn’t create “Shell Aura” to lift the spell she will have no choice but to marry the guy. The gameplay for the game is based around this premise where you have to choose different interactions and stuff to collect different auras that are based from emotions.

Yoshiwara Higanbana Kuon no Chigiri is a port to the Nintendo Switch. The original game was an R18 PC game, which then got ported to the PS Vita (without the explicit CGs and stuff) and now the Nintendo Switch version will be a port of the PS Vita version that adds a new route, while adding some Nintendo Switch content. Apparently the new Switch content will include new CGs and cut scenes(?) as well as a new scenario that is based on a Drama CD that is basically a modern day alternate reality set in a high school setting.

Nightshade/Hyakka Hyakuro is a port to the Nintendo Switch. The original game was on the PS Vita, which then got a port to Steam/PC which got English localisation exclusively for PC version, now it’ll be on the Switch (though I have no idea if it’ll have any improvements or anything). I’m unsure if this is eShop exclusive or it’s also part of the physical copy version but the Japanese release will have both Japanese text as well as English and Chinese. It’ll also be available for download in English speaking eShops, you can check out the American eShop for it (but I’m not sure if this version will include Japanese or Chinese text).

Jakou no Lyla ~Allure of Musk~ Vol.1 is a PC game, part of triAngle project and will be volume 1 of 3 games. Games from triAngle project all have the running theme of “love triangles”. Jakou no Lyla focuses on the story of Shirien who works as a ‘dancer’ but is covertly a spy/assassin, where she takes jobs from clients and seduces her targets. Each volume has a different ‘theme’, the first volume is “European Nights” where her client and target are from a European kingdom. You can check out the trial/demo for Vol.1 here (the demo is 1.5GB btw).

Lucky Dog 1 + bad egg is an R18 BL PC game, which has been in the making for quite a while. It is the sequel to Lucky Dog 1, which was first released back in 2009. It is said that this will be a continuation after the happy endings of Lucky Dog 1.

I preordered Jakou no Lyla Vol.1 because I like the concept and it seems like the heroine is strong in a way that she takes the lead with some of these guys (from what I’ve seen from the CGs). We need more heroines that are assertive and shit lol.

Though my eyes are on Vol.2 “Asian Nights”, because Kirei Rin seems like my type, like he acts tough and is like “yeah I’ve been with women hehe” but I bet he prolly hasn’t gone that far with a woman lol. Plus this scene looks fun where he challenges Shirien to do whatever she can to him to see how well she can seduce men. If he accidentally drops the fan from his mouth he loses but if he doesn’t drop the fan then she loses. I’m guessing by ‘dropping the fan from his mouth’ he means if he accidentally moans or some shit right? lol

Anyway I’m crossing my fingers that it’ll be good because I really look forward to this series out of the other triAngle project games. Pwease Otomate don’t disappoint me. Also I’ll try out the trial version and maybe I’ll give my thoughts about it through a mini-review.

Thanks for reading and sticking by me for this whole year! Have a safe and happy holidays in advance!

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  1. I’ll be looking forward to your review for Jakou no Lyla if you decide to write one for it. o: I ordered the latter two volumes of Katakoi Contrast because the theme seemed like my thing but they haven’t arrived yet so I’ve yet to play them.

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