[Monthly Overview] November 2018 Releases


Katakoi Contrast -way of parting- – 30th November – Otomate



Mahoutsukai to Tenshi to Akuma – 30th November – Varenyett

*R18 BL Game

PS Vita

Shiro to Kuro no Alice -Twilight line- – 15th November – Otomate

Beniiro Tenjyou Ayakashi Kitan Futaai – 29th November – LoveDelivery Dramatic Create

Nintendo Switch

Sangoku Rensenki ~Otome no Heihou!~ – 22nd November – Daisy2Prototype


Ah November, the second last month of the year. As the year winds down it’s a good time to reflect on everything that happened, especially with a year like this one. Sometimes it feels like time just flies by when you don’t notice it.

Hopefully I can find a new theme for my blog as I’ve noticed the space for my posts seem a bit too narrow (or maybe that’s just my screen resolution making it look like that). Either way I’d like to change it if possible so my posts can have more breathing room, though don’t get me wrong, this current theme is pretty sweet.

Anyway, onto summarising what Japanese games are gonna release this month.

Shiro to Kuro no Alice -Twilight line- is a PS Vita fandisc (maybe sequel) to a 2017 Otomate game “Shiro to Kuro no Alice” which has two heroines with three suitors each. If you haven’t caught on, this is kind of a retelling of Alice in Wonderland but not really. Just think of it as loosely using characters from Alice in Wonderland. There are two stories “Lover’s Day” which acts like an after story for each guy, which doesn’t require you to rank up their affection, and “Another Line” which is a bit of an ‘what if’ story for each guy that may or may not be romantic.

Sangoku Rensenki ~Otome no Heihou!~ is a port to the Nintendo Switch. This game was originally for PC, then PS2, then PSP and then got a renewal for the PC a couple years later and then got PS Vita version and now it will be on the Switch. It’s got the port life cycle of a Hakuouki game lol. The game is about a high school girl who time slips after reading a book on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, so it’s kind of your typical time slip game where the heroine is a fish out of water when arriving to a destination that is foreign to her in terms of time period. The Switch version will include new CGs as well as new scenarios based on the Drama CDs given out as bonuses for either preordering it or buying the game from special stores.

Beniiro Tenjyou Ayakashi Kitan Futaai is a BL game being ported to the PS Vita. It’s a pretty obscure game (mostly for me it’s obscure), with the original game releasing on the PC in 2008 as an R18 BL game, then getting a renewal in 2011 as well as a fandisc. I have a feeling this port has both the original game and fandisc rolled into one. You can find out more about the original game through the synopsis at VNDB. Because it is on PS Vita there will be no explicit sex scenes, instead it may have new CGs to replace those scenes as well as new dialogue.

Katakoi Contrast -way of parting- is the 3rd volume of the Katakoi Contrast series of PC games, as part of the triAngle project it is the 2nd series. These series focuses on love triangles with this game focusing on love triangles in a school setting. In this volume the heroine is in a love triangle between her teacher and a transfer student. Illustrated by Udajo.

Mahoutsukai to Tenshi to Akuma is an R18 BL PC Game that has be delayed many, many times (about 3 or 4 times it’s been delayed). So many times that I can’t be bothered summaries it just in case it gets delayed yet again.

That’s about it for this month.

Thanks for reading!

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