[Otome Watch Special] Readyyy! has reached 50,000 pre-registrations!


Congratulations to Readyyy! for gaining 50,000 pre-registrations. It’s been a rather slow crawl but it’s still something worth celebrating about.

As promised, Readyyy! has released the full music video’s of SP!CA’s Special Nu-World as well as La-Veritta’s Beat in Love. You can view these videos under the read more tab.

SP!CA’s Music Video

La-Veritta’s Music Video


The Music Videos are of great quality, as expected from Dandelion Animation Studios. Though SP!CA’s MV seemed a little too fast with its camera movements and transitions and Uta in the La-Veritta had some creepy moments with his eyes that can burn holes into your soul but other than that I still enjoyed them.

The first time I saw it I was a bit freaked out and had to rewind to see if what I saw really happened lol.

Now that we’ve reached 50,000 pre-registrations we get 60 diamonds which is good for 2 gacha rolls (not a full 10 roll though). The next milestone is 70,000 pre-registrations which will include rewards such as: 90 diamonds good for 3 gacha rolls and the release of full versions of Just 4U’s and RayGlanZ’s music videos. 

In the fine print they do warn that these Music Videos may be up for public viewing for a limited time only, but I haven’t seen anywhere about how long the limit will be (the youtube descriptions don’t give any clues either). So enjoy these music videos while you still can folks!

If you haven’t already, you can register here. You can register by adding Readyyy! as a friend online, by following the twitter account, register by giving them your e-mail address or all three.

Thanks for reading!

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