[Otome Watch] VR Kareshi (VRカレシ)

What started off as an April Fools joke has now evolved into a legit thing. VR Kareshi is an upcoming mobile game by IVR (a subsection of Illusion focusing on VR content). It was publicly announced in September 13, 2018 and had a public playable demo at TGS 2018.


To understand a bit about VR Kareshi we’ve gotta delve a bit deeper on it’s background.

For those who don’t know, Illusion is a game company that focuses on making explicit R18 games–all of them using 3D models in their erotic titles. In the wake of VR technology, Bandai Namco created “Summer Lesson“–a VR game where you take the role of a tutor teaching a high school girl while experiencing “REAL HUMAN INTERACTION”.


While the VR game allows the player to interact with a life-like girl, you couldn’t really go ‘all the way’. So Illusion took it upon themselves to create VR Kanojo (VR Girlfriend), similar premise where you hang out with a (totally legally over 18) high school girl where you can get into some raunchy situations. It has been a hit, getting an English version on Steam (you can unlock the R18 stuff by downloading a patch from Illusion’s website) as well as getting a second instalment called “SUMMER VACATION” with a totally legal 18 year old blonde girl (warning: link contains a very grating high pitched girl singing in the background as well as agressive boob physics). The game also sparked a series of videos by twitter user hisabilly where they record themselves overreacting in situations with only their VR hands to express themselves:

As some may know, Japan likes to go ham when its April Fools day. Game companies like playing pranks by changing their website layout for the whole day or do some events/campaigns where they do something pretty ridiculous (and entertaining for their audience). On April Fools 2017, Illusion changed VR Kanojo’s website into “VR Kareshi” as well as creating a promotional video that is already taken down. vrka

It was a parody of VR Kanojo, where the high school girl was replaced by ‘Akira Yuuhi’. Though not gonna lie, the guy looks like the type of guy that would play games like VR Kanojo 😆 While it was an April Fools joke for a day, a whole year later it is becoming a surprising reality.


According to Dengeki Girl’s Style’s article, the game will be on mobile devices and operating on both android and iOS systems. The main feature besides its VR capabilities is the fact that you can make your own kareshi–though his name is officially Akito. From the article they state you can customise his:

■ Voice:- With a selection of 3 voice actors:

■ Showtaro Morikubo

■ Chihiro Suzuki

■ Yoshimasa Hosoya

Body Type

■ Hair style (possibly both hair colour and haircut)

Skin Color

Muscle Mass


■ etc.

The article boasts of a both high quality graphics for a mobile phone game and customisation system where you can freely create your desired character to romance with. Yeah, as the official website stated this game is a “Character Making Romance Game for Females“.

Looking at the home screen posted by Girl’s Style, it looks like there will be a gacha system so expect having to roll goodies for your kareshi. Though the home screen screenshot may be a work in progress and some stuff is not finalised, it does look like there might be an AR feature too.

Tokyo Game Show 2018 Demo

B’s Log has made an article on their experience of the demo which you can read here. You can google translate the page if you want to read it for yourself (though may not be 100% accurate Japanese to English translation).

From the information we can gather from this article, you have to input your name as well as your choice of voice actor to start the demo. The demo is about 10 minutes long according the the article author and they say that the 3D quality was very good. Akito, the kareshi guy, is apparently your childhood friend whom you haven’t seen since 10 years ago. The scene of the demo is at a coffee shop where he works at.

The author noted on his kind personality and was impressed on how this game gave them the otome feels 😆 Those who attended the demo event also got to bring home VR goggles made out of cardboard.

One thing that gets me 🤔ing is how in the article there are pictures of an iPad or tablet at the demo area when the VR goggles made out of cardboard can only fit smartphones in it… From my experience, I know that an iPad has better performance than the average smartphone so it makes me wonder if this app game can be handled by even the low end of smartphone capabilities.

Overall Thoughts

One thing for sure is that I’m glad there’s more VR content for girls/women. Though Illusion was this close to making an R18 VR game for female gamers like it’s sister game VR Kanojo but of course we all know gurls don’t perv on stuff and it might also make the male game developers uncomfortable 😢 it ain’t easy developing an R18 game with an anti-boner /end sarcasm. Though the downside to this is that it’s going to be limited to the mobile phone.

Like, I get it. There’s probably a preconception that girls don’t have a PS4 or PS VR headset, let alone a gaming PC with a VR headset. Everyone has a smartphone these days so there’s a guaranteed market to VR mobile games for women but c’mon… With that kind of 3D model quality and amount of customisation to be had I would suspect you would need a very high end smartphone.

Weigh your options, you could either: upgrade your smartphone to a $1,000 iPhone X or buy a PS4 (maybe PS4 pro if you’re feeling lucky) plus a PS VR AND have some extra money left. Though it’s not like any company will make a VR game for females for the PS4 any time soon so it’s not worth getting the PS VR headset haha…ha.

Anyway Akito’s model looks good for sure. However, for now I’ll remain a little bit sceptical about this game until we see more information or videos that may or may not be rendered on a computer.

Until next time.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I’d say illusion is doing gods work but they put it on mobile so now I’m like 😒 lol. Illusions pretty famous for their 3D r18 games so I’m sure the game will be really nice looking, but on smartphone? I can feel my phone burning in my hand already, and my phone is only a few months old lmao. Regardless I’m kinda interested in this cus it seems kinda fun lol low key still can’t believe it’s becoming a real thing 😂 but hey I can roll with it.

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    1. Keeping my fingers crossed that it’ll be good.
      Though I’m sure my phone would turn into a portable heater too if I was playing it 😂 I wish they released more info or screenshots or more promotional videos to ease my doubts.


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