[Otome Watch Special] Report – Toraware no Palm -Refrain- at Tokyo Game Show 2018

On 23rd September 2018, Toware no Palm -Refrain-  was shown off live for the public to see on Capcom’s stage at Tokyo Game Show. Let’s check a look.

Thankfully Capcom was nice enough to cut up each game segment from their TGS streams into separate videos. The video is pretty much straight forward so I might not have to comment much as you can pretty much see it for yourself. On stage (beside’s the MC lady) is the Producer (wearing the grey shirt and blazer(?)) and the Creative Director (wearing the yellow top and skirt) of RefrainKaito Ishikawa showed up but only via recorded message.

They pretty much go through info that’s already released to public and do a little playthrough of the prologue/chapter 1. It’s interesting to see the differences between Refrain and the original game like the visitation feature for instance is just visiting his cell instead of in a visiting room like the previous game. The cell/detention place is also made out of 3D so that’s interesting.

I like Chiaki’s personality. They weren’t joking when the profile said he was arrogant and a bit blunt/mean. He caught on pretty quickly to the fact that you were being coached by the guard through a hidden earpiece in your last visit with him, so he’s pretty sharp too. It’d be interesting to see how his story will differentiate between the other two Toraware guys.

Also I like how bold Capcom is to make sure you have front row seat to Chiaki’s toilet 😆

Exactly why do they need it like that? lol. Is it to show that Chiaki has no privacy whatsoever? How will this affect gameplay? Seriously a weird decision but whatever. At least Haruto and Aoi had a separate private bathroom they pop into for about 3 minutes. It kinda feels like Chiaki’s model looks a bit downgraded to the other guys (then again it’s been 2 years since I last played it), like, his 3D model seems more illustrated/2D especially his face. But that might just be me.

There’s still no confirmed release date as of yet. However people who attended TGS 2018 had the chance to demo it a bit. You can check out Dengeki Girl’s Style Online’s article where they had hands on experience. Kinda makes me wonder how completed the game is right now or they just have enough material to make a demo for TGS 🤔


They’re also selling some Refrain merch at Capcom’s booth (though TGS is probably already over right now). Speaking of merch…

—2nd Anniversary of Toraware no Palm Merchandise

To mark the 2nd anniversary, Capcom is opening orders for a 42 x 29.7cm framed illustration for 18,000 yen which will release in December 2018. You can also get a big badge or a blanket using the same illustration to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary. You can check out the information on the merchandise here. Preorders start from 20th September until 22nd October.

But more importantly, they’re bringing back the Haruto and Aoi dakimakura covers (but only for a limited time, preorder time is the same as the 2nd Anniversary merch).

I have no idea if Capcom’s online shop accepts foreign cards (I bet they don’t ship internationally either). I wish I could get Haruto’s but gotdam… 25,000 yen is too much and even more when I convert the yen to AUD (our dollar is weak).

Anyway that’s about it from me.

Thanks for reading.

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