Otomate Party 2018 Roundup

It’s time for Otomate’s annual Otomate party where they release the latest information on 2019’s upcoming games. This year they announced around 11 new titles (some of them being mobile games/apps) over the course of two days (8th ~ 9th September) as well as sneaking in some titles that will be ported to the Nintendo Switch. So let’s dive into the announcements.

Last year’s Otomate Party Roundup (2017) post I decided to make a list and tick off which games were delivered/released since it’s announcements in the previous Otomate Party so I’m doing that again just to check if Otomate is still on the ball with delivering things on time (we’ll prolly be surprised).

Otomate Party 2017 Report

 CharadeManiacs – As promised it was released in 2018, just this month in fact

? triAngle PROJECT – I’d give this one a pass as the first game (split into three parts) was released this year and we’re onto the second game for the project

 Private Academy VerRose ~The Rose of Versailles Re*imagination~ – No new development after its announcement until 2018 Otomate Party where it was given more information and was given a platform (the Nintendo Switch)

? Shiro to Kuro no Alice [New Game] – The official title for this game is now ‘Shiro to Kuro no Alice -Twilight Line-‘ and is scheduled to release in November 2018

Tengai ni Mau, Ikinahana – Was released on schedule in April 2018

? Cendrillon palikA – After a while of uncertainty it was changed from being developed on the PS Vita to Nintendo Switch and is expected to release in October 2018

Kurenai no Homura Sanada no Ninpou Chou  – Was released in June 2018 (with some complaining it’s kinda like Hakuouki)

CollarxMalice -Unlimited- – Was released in July 2018

Diabolik Lovers for PS4 – Was released in March 2018 (one of the few PS4 games Otomate made)

New Diabolik Lovers Game – It was hinted there would be a whole new Diabolik Lovers Game being made but that was only given more information in 2018’s Otomate Party

? ✘ Variable Barricade – This game has had its ups and downs, it was supposed to have a PS4 ver but that was dropped and then Yuichiro Umehara had to go on hiatus for his illness and was replaced by Kosuke Toriumi but other than that it’ll be expected to release in October 2018 (hopefully) Whoops, I spoke too soon. A day after I published this post Otomate announced that Variable Barricade will have another delay going as far as to release in April 2019. That’s a pretty long time.

Piofiore no Banshou – Was released in August 2018

So far a pretty good track record going on this year (except for the Versailles game which is to be expected for it to have some hiccups). Keep it up, Otomate.

Anyway, onto the real announcements. There aren’t any websites for these games yet so it’ll make my job a little bit harder in terms of extracting information (gonna have to pause at every frame of each teaser video lol)


Some information may be inaccurate so take what I say with a grain of salt.


(Olympia Soiree)

Release Date: TBA

From the same staff/creators of Nil Admirari series comes a new title about racism. Just kidding. The premise of the story is that everyone on this island has an assigned colour however there is a rare occurrence where a girl is assigned with the colour ‘white’. In order to make sure that rare colour is wiped out she has to find a ‘mating partner’ when she turns 18. I guess to breed out the white colour in her. Kinda messed up that that’s this games premise of trying to breed out a person’s colour like wtf.

This will be released for the Nintendo Switch. It will also include character designs by Satoi.

‹ No Seiyuus Listed Yet ›


CLOCK ZERO ~終焉の一秒~ Devote

(CLOCK ZERO ~Shuuen no Ichibyou~ Devote)

Release Date: 2019

This will be a port to the Nintendo Switch of the 2015 PS Vita game CLOCK ZERO ~Shuuen no Ichibyou~ ExTime which was a port of the original Clock Zero game. The port will also include a new scenario with new CGs of a Middle School Scenario.

Expect to see it get released next year on the Switch

‹ Seiyuu Cast ›

Daisuke Namikawa

Tomoaki Maeno

Kosuke Toriumi

Shou Sudou

Akira Ishida

Noriaki Sugiyama 



(Gensoukissa Enchanté)

Release Date: 2019

A new upcoming game that wasn’t hinted at before, directed by Joe Ninomae (Code:Realize series etc) as well as a couple of scenario writers who also worked on Code:Realize and illustrated by Yuuya (Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku series etc). Music is also by love solfege (Reine des Fleurs, Clock Zero etc).

The keywords Otomate used is “Isekai” (different world genre), “felon”/”inhuman” and “cafe”. Even though its a bit short of a teaser and didn’t have much to say I am a bit intrigued. The teaser seemed calming/relaxing and I’m kinda hoping that this game might be easy-going, something to sit down and have a chill but fun time so I’m pretty interested. Ya got me, Otomate. I’m also a sucker for characters with horns (be it real horns or accessories).


It’ll release on the Nintendo Switch.

‹ No Seiyuus Listed Yet ›


Diabolik Lovers Chaos Lineage


Release Date: 2019

The year is 2019. Diabolik Lovers is still going strong with its 17th+ CD series and it’s 9th-going-on-10th game. Fans will still buy and purchase every single CD, game, DVD, bluray and merch which in turn feeds the hungry monster known as Capitalism Rejet. This isn’t fantasy, it’s reality. You’ve just crossed over into the Twilight Zone.

Jokes aside, time to get serious. This latest instalment in the series is based on the Drama CD series with the same subtitle “Chaos Lineage” or if you’re having trouble reading the logo “Chas IIneage”:


In this instalment all the families in the series are shuffled and mixed together to bring a new dynamic. Each group is named after a colour (how creative) and yeah that’s about it. It’ll be on the Nintendo Switch which is strange because why not put it on the PS Vita where it’s other games are on, because not one DiaLovers game is on the Switch and maybe it would confuse new buyers who only have a Switch.

The series can only be described as bad diarrhoea with the way things are just released. It’s a bit sloppy, maybe a bit painful to endure with when you’re experiencing it and it just gets everywhere. Just when you think it’s stopped it just keeps going, never ending and you’re just sitting on the toilet begging god for it to stop.

‹ Seiyuu Cast ›

Katsuyuki Konishi

Kosuke Toriumi

Tatsuhisa Suzuki

Tomoaki Maeno

Toshiyuki Morikawa

Daisuke Kishio

Ryohei Kimura

Daisuke Hirakawa

Takashi Kondo

Takahiro Sakurai

Showtaro Morikubo

Hikaru Midorikawa

Yuki Kaji


Cafe and Bar Dante’s Peak

Release Date: Autumn 2018

This is a tough thing to approach. It’s a VTuber Project for Otome in collaboration between Otomate and Wright Flyer Live Entertainment (whose game studio ‘Wright Flyer Studios’ is the ones who made Otomate’s rip off of Yume100 with Library Cross). For those who don’t know ‘VTuber’ or ‘Virtual Tuber’ is a new trend on video distributing sites like Youtube where people take on personas/avatars of characters (original characters btw) where they can act out situations, be silly, do let’s plays of games etc without having their real face out there in public and possibly embarassing themselves because all they’re doing is having their voice (and possibly movements) recorded and a 3D model of their character avatar just reenacts the movement to be believable. A notable VTuber would be Kizuna Ai.

Anyway, it seems like Otomate/Wright Flyer Studios wants to get in on this action and because there’s a hole in the market for VTubers just for ‘otomes’ now is there chance to cash in with their own VTuber project starting with the guy shown in above’s video “Amon Flockhart”. The way the teaser video is made makes me think that things he’s saying is something you would hear from a situational/drama CD like referring to you when talking/breaking that fourth wall. So maybe they’re going for that I dunno.

Either way Otomate says they’re gonna make an app for android and iOS devices as well as a posting videos on video sites like youtube (they already have a youtube channel up). Currently there’s no website, the proper title for this project is currently tentative (It’s legit called “Vtuber Project for Otome [Tentative]”) and it’s unknown who voices this Amon Flockhart.

‹ No Seiyuus Listed Yet ›


Untitled Game

This one seems so out there because there is no teaser video, no logo, no concept art or anything. All we know about this game is that it’ll be for the Nintendo Switch and it is a collab between Watanane Emtertainment x Yuki Iwai (Haraichi) x Otomate. Some background on Yuki Iwai is that he’s a comedian, part of a comedic duo Haraichi and he’s the boke (the funny man of the duo). I have no idea who approached who for this idea to make a game for Otomate with comedian Yuki Iwai attached to the game and whether this was a rushed/last minute thing or not but one thing is for sure is that I am confused as hell lol.

‹ No Seiyuus Listed Yet ›


ヒプノシスマイク-Division Rap Battle- ゲーム(仮)

(Hypnosis Mic -Division Rap Battle- Game [Tentative])

Release Date: 2019

Hypnosis Mic will have a Mobile game released sometime next year. The only main info given in this teaser video is that it will be a rhythm game which will be interesting to see how that is handled because I am sick and tired of playing rhythm games made for females and feeling as if its not challenging enough or that there’s zero effort put into it. I’d rather just play Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage if rhythm games for females keeps getting dumbed down.

Either way I’d like to see Hypnosis Mic get a game of some sort to broaden it’s audience because it does have an interesting premise that is better expressed more visually than audibly with it’s drama audio parts. It’s not quite an anime just yet but it’s getting there. Also a quick rundown on the synopsis of Hypmic, be warned this information is what I gained through osmosis: All I know is that Hypmic is set in a world where women run the world and abolished stuff like violence and stuff and the only way men can sought things out is through a rap battle. You’re free to kick my ass if I got anything wrong there lol.

 ‹ No Seiyuus Listed Yet ›



(Private Academy VerRose ~The Rose of Versailles Re*imagination~)

Release Date: 2019

We finally get some more information on this project and it seems like it’s going along fine. The heroine has a voice actress and is a shoujo manga otaku whose mother named her after Lady Oscar in The Rose of Versailles (bc she’s a big fan that’d she’d name her child Osukaru/Oscar).

This game will be more of a loose retelling/re-imagining of the shoujo manga “The Rose of Versailles” with characters reflecting the original cast of the manga. There will be “two Oscars”, the heroine who has the same name as the character and another character who is the spitting image of Oscar from the manga who is called Nozomi Maki (who I’m guessing is also a girl). It’ll be interesting to see what the routes are like, whether the routes would focus on friendship or romance and stuff but more importantly I’m kinda hoping this would be a comedy, like having fun with the premise it has and maybe poking a little fun at the source material.

Either way I’m interested.

Also it’ll be on the Nintendo Switch.

‹ Seiyuu Cast ›

Sayaka Senbongi

Nanako Mori

Kenichi Suzumura

Aya Endo

Junichi Suwabe

Yuki Ono

Shun Horie


薄桜鬼 真改 月影ノ抄 / 薄桜鬼 真改 銀星ノ抄

(Hakuouki Shinkai Tsukikage no Shou(?) / Hakuouki Shinkai Ginsei no Shou(?))

Release Date: 2019

Another zombie of a franchise. Though a Frankenstein’s monster would best describe this series.

This is two games but let’s face it, it’s two games because they want to split one game to maximise profit. It takes place in the Shinkai series of Hakuouki where they added even more unneeded routes to bloat the game, this time it looks like these two games may very well be fandiscs as it talks about “Let’s go back to those nostalgic times one more time for more untold stories”. Like you have more than 5 games with spin off games and there’s still more ‘untold stories’? Damn.

Anyone I’m guessing they’re splitting the cast/routes between the two games so it’s split like a pokemon game. Gotta catch em all!

‹ Seiyuu Cast ›

Kouji Yusa

Shinichirou Miki

Mamoru Miyano

Kenjiro Tsuda

Tomohiro Tsuboi

Showtaro Morikubo

Kosuke Toriumi

Daisuke Ono

Bobuo Tobita

Yuki Kaji

Hiroyuki Yoshino

Takayuki Suzuki


ビルシャナ戦姫 ~源平飛花夢想~

(Bilshana Senki ~Genpei Hikamusou~)

Release Date: TBA

A new title in collaboration between Otomate and RED Entertainment. It focuses on the Genpei War, a conflict between two clans–the Taira and Minamoto. The main cast is based on real individuals in the Genpei War, particularly those of the Taira and Minamoto clan.

The heroine is part of the Minamoto clan and was raised up to be a boy. She’s called Shanaou (taken from Birushana-butsu a name for the celestial buddha), her childhood name before she was given the name ‘Yoshitsune’. The main cast consists of her older brother Yoritomo and Benkei the warrior monk as well as a couple of Taira guys like Tomomori (son of the head of the clan), Noritsune (a Taira samurai). There’s also a childhood friend character for the heroine who goes by 春玄 though I couldn’t find any historical figures sharing that name lol, maybe his true identity is a secret or he’s an original character donut steel. Kinda feels like a let down that they didn’t have Tomoe Gozen as the heroine but whatever man, gotta do that crossdressing trope at least once a year.

This will be on the Nintendo Switch and will have designs by Kouji Haneda who has done work with Persona 5 anime (he’s credited as being the director of most of the drawings in some episodes) as well as working on the theatrical anime of Hakuouki (same directing position as director of all drawings in both movie parts). Also the song used for the teaser video had our main boy Amatsuki (a well-known utaite).

 ‹ No Seiyuus Listed Yet ›



Release Date: 2019

This one has Joe Ninomae as a producer with artist Rito Fuji(?)–whenever I google their name all that comes out is some Library Cross stuff and one single fanart for the release of Kurenai Homura Sanada no Ninpou Chou so who knows, though their art style does look reminiscent of miko’s as many have pointed out on twitter (maybe they’re miko’s stand-in when Otomate can’t get a hold of them or they can’t be bothered paying them :lol:).

The teaser video doesn’t show much but from the visual cues it looks like the heroine/protag failed an acting audition and the guy in the video proposes for her to do something completely off-topic by ‘pretending to be lovers’ in order to make her dream come true 😂😂😂😂 I’m guessing this would have more context in the game, like the real reason she failed the audition is because she never experienced love/a relationship and can’t perform it well or something like that lol. Though I have no idea if this is for an acting audition, a voice acting audition or any other audition because it was pretty vague in the video where a paper showed up going ‘audition results: failure”. Maybe there will be more info about it next year where it elaborates more on it’s premise.

It’ll be on the PS V–just kidding, it’ll be on the Nintendo Switch.

 ‹ No Seiyuus Listed Yet ›


More Nintendo Switch Ports

And the ports keep coming. Though it’d be least likely that they’d port my favourite games to the Switch (*longingly looks in the distance wishing Binary Star got more recognition*). So here’s the line-up:

■ Clock Zero ~Shuuen no Ichibyou~ Devote – we’ve already discussed this above but just a reminder that it’ll release in 2019

■ Yunohana SpRING! -Mellow Times- for Nintendo Switch – Switch port for Yunohana SpRING! but it is unknown if it’ll package both the original game and the fandisc into one game (though I have a feeling it will). Will release in 2019

■ Beast Master and Prince – Flower&Snow for Nintendo Switch – Switch port of what I am assuming is the PS Vita port that combined both the original game and the fandisc that has the same subtitle (Flower&Snow). Will release in 2019

■ Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku – Modern Nostalgia for Nintendo Switch – Switch port of a PS Vita port under the same name. Will release in 2019

■  Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku – Gentou Nostalgia for Nintendo Switch – Switch port of a PS Vita port that combined both the fandisc and it’s sequel– these games being ‘Kinema Mosaic’ and ‘Tasogare Polar Star’. Will release in 2019

These will probably won’t be the last ports for the Nintendo Switch so hopefully we can see more being pumped out because I really want to move my library of games to the Switch (I’m sorry, PS Vita-kun).

Overall Thoughts

It seems like Otomate is ditching the PS Vita considering not a single game that they announced had an inkling that it’ll be on the PS Vita so it’s full steam ahead to move to the Switch which I think is a smart move considering that visual novels are the only thing keeping the PS Vita alive. Now I’m not being mean and saying ‘PS Vita deserves to die’, more or less I’m sad that things will have to end like this with how Sony refuses to give the PS Vita better support and improvements because they’re scared that the ‘climate isn’t stable for the PS Vita when mobile games are dominating the market’. So it serves Sony right with Nintendo capturing the visual novel market and giving them a better home on the Switch because goddamn…. the PS Vita will become useless in most countries because their ‘specially made memory cards’ are so scarce and hard to find in stores while the Switch just uses easily obtainable microSD cards. Ya done fucked up Sony.

It really is sad seeing the PS Vita die like this. As a bright eyed high schooler I was wowed by the possibilities for the PS Vita that I wanted to make games on it but growing up and see it fail so badly because Sony didn’t give a damn is truly disillusioning.

Anyway I was hoping to get this post done a couple hours after Otomate publicly released the titles but it was getting late and I’m a slow ass typer so I guess I wasn’t able to be an early bird but whatever.  I hope you enjoyed my post. More information will be in this month’s issue of B’s-Log (releasing on 9/20).

Thanks for reading!

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