[Mobile] A very quick look at… Dynamic Chord Jam&Join!!!!

Dynamic Chord Jam&Join!!! was released on 9th of August 2018. It’s a mobile game for the franchise “Dynamic Chord” and was produced by ASGARD and Honeybee. It is also a slapped together quick cash grab using A3’s template to hopefully hone in the success of the winning formula of tap-tap games (E.G. Ensemble Stars, A3!) and get Moneybee & ASGARD some big cash from Dynamic Cord’s desperate fans.

Now I may be being too harsh on this with these accusations but goddamn… It was so hard for me to play this game without being annoyed or unnerved at how much of a ripoff this is. I didn’t want to take too much time making an in-depth video on this so I just recorded and gathered some clips and put it into a twitter moment. Have fun:

Now about the accusation about Dynamic Chord fans being desperate, if you take a look at the sales for the Dynamic Chord Anime DVD sales you’ll see about 350+ copies were sold in it’s first week of sale, almost overtaking Code:Realize Vol.4.



Even though that may not seem like a lot compared to more popular shows, that’s still about 300 people purchasing the DVDs of an anime with abysmal quality. The reason of purchasing these DVDs may also be because of a lottery campaign that came with every Dynamic Chord DVD box set where you could have the chance to go to a fan meet up with the voice actors. Now think about it, you pay a lot of good money for a DVD release that may or may not fix the bad animation just for a chance to win a lottery to go to a fan meet up. Either that’s dedication or that is madness.

Never forget this absolute unit and the sacrifices he made to make sure the anime was entertaining

The same kind of madness can be said when Dynamic Chord Jam&Join!!!! put up its game on the app store so people can download it a day before the game is official released. By putting it up on the app store you can just download it right away but you can also review it for god knows why… and so 7 users gave it 4~5 stars without even playing it (I must stress that this pre-release on the app store doesn’t let you play the game).

Even after release, there’s about 300 reviews on the app store with most of them being 5 stars. I bet they’re the same 300 people who bought those god awful Dynamic Chord anime DVDs. Ain’t no Blu-ray edit gonna save that shit.


With all those grievances out of the way, I’ll do a proper review of Dynamic Chord Jam&Join!!!!

It’s bad. It bugs out. And most of all it’s bad.

Bad in the sense that it’s not fun. The story isn’t fun to read unless you’re a hardcore Dynamic Chord fan, even the introduction/prologue of this mobile game’s story is your senior co-workers feeding you exposition about Dynamic Chord and all the bands, like the instant you go into the story that’s what they start with. The protagonist is silent, I don’t think they have dialogue choices like in Band Yarouze! (God rest it’s soul) and there’s probably no reason to have them there if their presence is almost non-existent in the story (I’m sorry).

Besides the ripped off UI and systems, the gameplay is abysmal. If I wanted to play a game that plays like A3! then I’d go and play the real deal than this imitation. Plus this sort of tap-tap gameplay doesn’t suit a game that has the subtitle “Jam&Join!!!!”. If you heard of a mobile game and all you had to work with is the subtitle “Jam&Join!!!!” you’d think it’d be a rhythm game or something but apparently it’s not. Heck, I don’t even think this game features the official songs of Dynamic Chord. Like, if you’re so embarrassed or stingy with this game to allow official songs in it then why did you allow a shitty anime have them front and centre 😆 It doesn’t make sense.

The game plays itself so there’s no real player input, at least A3! gave the players a minigame of popping hearts to earn gold rather than Jam&Join’s ‘part time job’ feature where the game picks two dudes for you randomly, sets them to a job and you wait 3 hours or more for them to finish and bring home an embarrassing teaspoon of gold coins. How am I supposed to beef up my dudes when I’m broke in gold coins?

The only ‘original’ feature this game has that A3! doesn’t is the room feature but like I mentioned in my twitter moment, you have nothing to work with. All the furniture that’s available to purchase is already in your room.

Games like A3! and Enstars work not because of their gameplay but because of it’s story and the variety of cast members. I couldn’t move past part 2 of Chapter/Volume 1 of the main story because I just couldn’t care less about the story or the guys. I’m sorry if there’s anyone who likes the Dynamic Chord series but it’s just not for me, it’s just not fun for me.

At the end of the day this game is just a joke. As much of a joke as Dynamic Chord’s anime. It feels like zero effort or thought was put into this game. I just can’t believe ASGARD is getting away with this kind of game but if you have fun with it then more power to you, but that doesn’t stop me from feeling pity towards those who’ll give money for this game.


Thanks for reading and enjoy this beat meat man silently judging you… while beating meat.

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  1. I can’t decide if whales will keep it alive longer than a year or if it’ll get shut down this time next year lmao

    Thanks for taking one for the team and trying it out www I’m 100% not surprised it sucks. Definitely didn’t have any hopes for it when I saw ads for it on twitter and stuff lol

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