[Switch] Review – Ayakashi Koi Gikyoku -Forbidden Romance with Mysterious Spirit-

Ayakashi Koi Gikyoku started out as a mobile game and eventually got ported to the Nintendo Switch in April 2018. 4~5 months later it was ‘translated’ (I wouldn’t call it a translation, you’ll see why later) into English and now available in the Nintendo eShop in English since August 2nd, 2018. The story is about a five man visual-kei band called “FOX EAR” whose stage costume consists of the usual gaudy visual-kei fashion along with fox ears and a matching tail, because of plot the heroine, Suzuno, ends up being their assistant manager and hijinks ensues as Suzuno finds out that the band is made up of actual ‘foxes’.

Despite the English version having the choice to switch to Japanese text, I’ll be reviewing the English text version because oh boy is that a hot mess. Spoiler warning: It’s as if either DIGIMERCE (the game’s publisher) or OperaHouse (the game’s developer) ran the Japanese text through Bing Translate, slapped it back into the game and sold it on the eShop where no one involved in this process stopped and think “Hey wait a minute…”. If you can look at this official product description in the eShop and think this game will have a good translation then think again:


Quick advice/opinion for those wanting to play this game: Don’t. It is almost unplayable for anyone who has zero knowledge of the Japanese language and rely heavily on English translation. If you can read Japanese or can hear and understand Japanese just buy the Japanese version in the Japanese eShop but for the love of God DONT BUY this version of this game, if the company sees they can get away with this god awful translation they’ll prolly do the same translation for their next couple of games.

Anyway, I managed to play this game to completion (in English) so I’ll do a run down for each route. So please keep reading if you want to know what went wrong here.

Edit: There has been a patch to fix English translation, but I cannot guarantee it is 100% perfect, but it is a bit more playable.

Synopsis of the Prologue

Quick rundown of the story is each member of FOX EAR is a fox spirit of Japanese folklore where they can manipulate their form to seem human. One day Suzuno goes to their concert as recommended by her cousin, Takashi, and upon listening to the band perform her magatama necklace–which the game calls a ‘comma shaped bead’, which is more or less a talisman that has been passed down from generation to generation–begins to react and lights up causing her to faint. She wakes up in the dressing room of FOX EAR where they explain what happened and that they’ve been looking all over for that magatama (which is later revealed to have their ancestor sealed inside) and asks for her to hand it over, well more or less tries to take it by force. Akito tries to steal it from her but gets bounced back by the sheer power of the magatama.

Turns out they magatama protects Suzuno, so in order for the guys to get her magatama they have to earn her trust first. Eventually Suzuno becomes their assistant manager via nepotism (her cousin is their band manager) and so begins her story with the band members.

The story is fully voiced (except for the heroine who has no voice), the main cast is voiced by well-known voice actors. Even the side characters are voiced by either Jimmy or Jane from accounting and it really shows how inexperienced they are, but having the voice acting helps me when reading this visual novel because sometimes the text on screen excludes a lot of information said by the voice actor. So I’m counting my lucky stars I can understand Japanese 😆

The route order I played in was Kousei -> U/ki -> Kasumi -> Akito -> K-suke. If you’re mad enough to buy and play this game then maybe play in that order because Kosei was kinda meh compared to the other routes and K-suke’s route just makes you want to hate everyone else. It would probably be better to play Akito last as he’s kind of the true route.

There’s going to be spoilers for each route up ahead so click here to read my overall thoughts of the game without getting too spoilery.

Character Routes

KouseI | CV: Shinnosuke Tachibana

KouseI (Kousei) is the leader of the band. I didn’t even know he was the leader until much later into his route 😆 I experienced this a lot when playing this game where some information you’re supposed to know at the start is later revealed in the middle of a route, which is not a fun time haha. KouseI may look strict and acts a bit aloof with Suzuno becoming their assistant manager but in actuality he’s worried about Suzuno and gives her sweets when she’s tired. He’s a bit of a tsundere but he has his cute moments.

His major flaw is being a perfectionist where he tries to do everything by himself without relying on the other team members, which eventually makes him stressed. The reason why he’s part of the band is to rebel against his uptight, prestigious family. He has a complex of being second best to Akito and his family who are the head of the fox village, because of this he strives hard to be perfect. His mother and father aren’t happy about him being in the human world and being part of the band and they are particularly unhappy about Suzuno hanging around him. Hell, his mother insults Suzuno right in front of her face (thankfully he stands up to his mom because of that).

His route is more or less a frustrating up and down rollercoster of him being stressed when composing music and Suzuno telling him to rely on others more and then he’s like “y’know what you’re right”, only for him to fall back into doing stuff by himself and crashing again. This happens a couple of times until the rival band called Pierose (consisting of other folklore spirits like a tanuki, nekomata etc) decides to kidnap Suzuno after another argument with KouseI who can’t seem to write a good composition. They give KouseI and the other band members 3 days to break up or else “they’ll do whatever they want with Suzuno”. Because Pierose took away Suzuno’s magatama, which we later know it reacts to her mental state, she cannot protect herself against Pierose who just keep her in a dark dank room for a couple of days, which adds more ‘tension’.

Things get complicated either because of the wording in the English text or because the story forgot to add it in but KouseI and the others start to contemplate on making a deal with the fox village or something and god I have no idea what happened omg… Like, for the love of me I’m trying to understand what happened but my brain is just at a loss. Either reading all that broken English for hours on end got to me or a scene was missing. But anyway, Happy EndThey end up finding where Suzuno was held somehow, the fox gang ask Pierose where her MacGuffin Magatama™ which one of the lackeys was dumb enough to show it to them and stuff goes down where I think K-suke tells Suzuno to pray to the MacGuffin Magatama™ to protect everyone who is fighting with Pierose and badda bing badda boom the magatama reacts to Suzuno’s wish and explodes the bad guys away and KouseI and Suzuno lived happily ever after.

2018080319242100-BEA6E66402D097882F0C2894299135DDNormal End: Normal end is where KouseI goes by himself to the hideout, for some reason he found her, and fights Pierose only to see that he was outnumbered (nuh-duh), then Akito and the rest of the gang come in to the rescue and because of that KouseI and Suzuno owe the fox village for saving their ass or something (this is where it got confusing), so after being safely returned back home KouseI asks Suzuno to get into a master-fox servant relationship to stop the fox village coming for Suzuno, because of this KouseI only sees her as a master which saddens Suzuno because she doesn’t want this kind of relationship as it means they can’t be anything more than a master-servant relationship. Yeah, tell that to the Fate series.

These normal ends are more or less just bad ends, but less dark and more bitter-sweet but sometimes just doesn’t make sense. KouseI’s route was kind of meh but was frustrating to read, especially with Pierose who are a poor excuse for an antagonist and just gets annoying in all the routes.


U/ki | CV: Natsuki Hanae

U/ki (pronounced as Yuki) is the carefree drummer who is very friendly and one of the first to warm up to Suzuno. However under the surface he is at war with himself. It isn’t hinted in the other routes, except being a footnote in Akito’s happy end, but it turns out that U/ki is half fox and half human which explains why U/ki is more friendly with other humans than the other foxes. His human father left his fox mother and he had been an outcast in the fox village as all foxes hate humans. The band members of FOX EAR are the only ones who accepted him in the fox village, which is why he hangs with them.

U/ki’s route is pretty interesting and it might be one of the best routes in this game because of his character arc and watching him struggle and come to terms with himself, rather than focusing too much on the boring subplot of Pierose lol. Anyway, because he’s half human and half fox his body just can’t seem to handle the fox power so he tries his best to keep control through kendo, training both his mind and body… however being together with Suzuno seems to make him lose his control as he gets more and more infatuated by her. Most times he can’t control himself by biting her or leaving hickies as a way to mark her when he gets jealous. When he snaps out of it he feels conflicted and scared (which is nicely acted by Hanae, you go boy) and tries to stay away from Suzuno but eventually he loses most of his control when going against Pierose in a band battle.

U/ki stays in ‘fox’/berserk mode after that, worrying Suzuno as his body takes on damage from it. One day Suzuno tries to confront him in an attempt to calm him down so he can revert back to his human self but he’s too far gone and in the midst of the argument Suzuno accidentally falls down a flight of stairs (they were conveniently talking in a stairwell, no surprise there). U/ki tries to save her but her magatama reacts, sending him back and making him think it’s his fault that she fell (she’s okay, folks, the MacGuffin Magatama™  managed to soften the landing) and so he runs away.

2018080415361500-BEA6E66402D097882F0C2894299135DDThey go looking for him and turns out he was hiding in a cave. Suzuno confronts him again and with the power of her wishes, the magatama helps revert U/ki back to his normal self. Things return to the way it was before but another monkey wrench was thrown in where Akito and Kasumi’s mother harasses them as they were conversing with Suzuno, talking down to her sons and calling them pitiful for letting a half-fox try to break the seal on the magatama and asks to talk to U/ki to make him stop pursuing Suzuno and her magatama. After chatting Akito’s mom swears she’ll make sure they are separated and soon after U/ki is ambushed and then taken hostage in the fox village’s dungeon. The gang create a diversion so Suzuno can infiltrate the dungeon and find U/ki. There she is confronted with the head chief of the village who promises U/ki a place in the village and a way to control his fox power if he gives up Suzuno and the magatama… Happy End: Suzuno manages to call forth the ancestor in the magatama who appears before them just to talk shit to the village leader going “I’m disappointed in my descendants” and accepts U/ki despite being a half fox. The village leader is like oh shit, and decides to give up on U/ki so now he’s free. The ancestor fox teleport them out of the dungeon but before that, Suzuno sees a memory of the magatama where her ancestor the onmyoji (they translate it as ‘yin yang master’) was in love with the ancestor fox but because of the humans he forces her to seal him the magatama–note: these magatama memories are very inconsistent per route so get beware lol. And so U/ki and Suzuno lived happily ever after with everyone.

Normal EndU/ki chooses to go full fox mode to break out of the jail and whisk Suzuno away. Turns out because of that he can no longer remain human and is in fox form forever. Because of angst, no matter how much U/ki and Suzuno love each other, U/ki decides to go rouge as he has no place in the human world or yokai world and wishes Suzuno to be happy and promises to protect her from afar. He makes K-suke to make sure every human forgets his existence as the drummer for FOX EAR, though Suzuno chose to remember him. The ending scene is Suzuno in her room missing U/ki and hearing him call her. This ending was kinda forced angst (tho ngl I teared up) because I was thinking “Why not just stay together? Keep U/ki secret in her room or something?”, like the game will prolly go like ‘but he’s worried he’ll hurt her bc of his power’ and I’m like… What about the MacGuffin Magatama? It controlled his fox form before, why not again? 😂 Eh, whatever.


Kasum! | CV: Ryohei Kimura

Kasum! (Kasumi) is the little baby twin brother of Akito and is the polar opposite of his big brother as he is a polite gentleman and cool-headed. He is weak and susceptible to being sick as he was born with a great amount of power but his body can’t control it. He accompanied his brother to the human world to take care of him and help him pursue Akito’s dream to make music.

Also heads up, it was mentioned a couple of times in the other routes but it was quite clear but the big reason why the fox village let these boys form a band in the human world is to control humans with their voices and also find the magatama. The reason why the fox village is so determined in getting the magatama is because without their ancestor’s powers the power of the fox village is diminishing and the birth rate of purebred foxes is at an all time low. At this rate the foxes will go extinct (despite the fact some of them can live for a long time). Now that that information is out of the way, I’ll continue on with Kasumi’s route.

For the first part of the route I found him to be very cute where he’s sneakily trying to get to know Suzuno by pretending to do an interview with her to practice for his own interview, but he ends up asking her personal questions. In other routes I was thinking he could be the secret yandere character but turns out he’s just really sweet. However it became apparent that his story was kinda like a variant of U/ki’s story where they both can’t control their powers but rather than going berserk Kasumi just becomes really weak where he falls unconscious during their concert as he tried to use his powers to stop Pierose from sabotaging their performance. Because of this the story goes downhill for a really stupid reason.

K-suke recommends Suzuno to marry Akito so they can use the magatama to save Kasumi from his deteriorating health… which makes no sense. The way it was explained in the game, be it bad translation or stupid reasoning it just doesn’t make sense. Like they reason because Akito is going to be the next leader of the fox village but I really don’t get how that comes to play with the magatama and saving Kasumi. However, the most stupidest thing that happens is that they consult Akito–and they’re all discussing this over Kasumi’s unconscious body–and he agrees to the plan and so does Suzuno and the next day Kasumi wakes up from his coma to hear the news about Suzuno’s engagement and I’m like, screaming in my head “WHY DIDN’T YALL TALK ABOUT THE PLAN TO KASUMI BEFORE AGREEING TO K-SUKE’S STUPID PLAN????????? MAYBE THERE WAS ANOTHER WAY” and it gets even worse when you find out how the happy ending resolves this.

So Kasumi gets a bit depressed in thinking that there is no other way but to see the love of his life get married to his brother and everyone travels back to the village where Suzuno gets ready for her gunshot wedding. Kasumi tries to avoid seeing her and lays in bed being sick but one night he decides to just kidnaps her and he does. He uses his overpowered fox powers to run away with Suzuno and they stay in this dank shack where he plans to just stay with her their. He can revert back to his human form because of this and Suzuno and Kasumi chat the night away. Happy End: In the morning, because of MacGuffin Magatama, Kasumi is back to his human form and feels better than ever. He and Suzuno tell each other they love each other and she just wants to be with him and not Akito and he’s like, well marry me and I’ll be the leader of the village instead of Akito–and that, was when I lost my shit. This whole situation could’ve been solved if they just fucking talked to each other. Cheesus Crust. Kasumi talks to his parents and Suzuno provides back up with her magatama powers to solve Kasumi’s coughing fit and his parents agree and Akito gets to live his dream while Kasumi is the next head chief. Kasumi also talks about making some babies with Suzuno (he emphasises in making lots of babies) and everyone has a happy end. This could’ve ended sooner if they talked it out.

2018080519542500-BEA6E66402D097882F0C2894299135DDNormal End: In the morning Kasumi is still in his fox form and honestly I can’t remember much about this ending other than I think he took up the role of next leader of the fox village and decides to kick out both Suzuno and Akito, making sure their permabanned from entering the village and tells Suzuno to be happy (prolly with Akito) and then peaces out.


Ak!to | CV: Mamoru Miyano

Ak!to (Akito) is the hot headed tsundere that just wants to make music. He’s pretty much the poster boy of this game and has more meat in his story than the others, pretty much making him the one true route (maybe besides K-suke). He is the only one out of the group that heavily dislikes humans as he was taught since he was young that humans are the enemies. However it turns out Kasumi doesn’t think the same way as he found out in an old scroll stored in a storehouse that told the real story of how their ancestor was in love with the onmyoji, so eventually Kasumi and everyone had to tell Akito the truth.

A lot of the route is just Akito trying to be mean to Suzuno but failing as he inches closer to her and eventually falls in love. In the meantime, Suzuno keeps having a lot of dreams/visions of the Onmyoji, her ancestor, and the ancestor fox–these visions were mostly absent from the other routes. It was kinda implied some of those visions kinda went in risque territory when we eventually learnt that the fox and the onmyoji had a child together and I’m like ‘damn, can’t believe Suzuno saw that’ 😆

Anyway, as they got close, Pierose was scheming a way to either break up FOX EAR or to get the magatama, it wasn’t really clear what the wanted because they didn’t even attempt to get the magatama lol. Eventually to keep Suzuno safe they made sure to put up a barrier around the building she works at and told her to never leave the building as they went off to perform on live TV. Of course, things would be boring if she listened to them so she gets a call from “U/ki” asking her to get Akito’s music sheets or something that is apparently in his apartment. At first Suzuno is wary of this phone call but was like YOLO and left the building to go to Akito’s apartment which dun-dun-dun turns out to be a trap. The nekomata member of Pierose wraps her up in ivy and taunts her by turning on the TV where the live performance of FOX EAR was broadcasting. Suzuno tears up at Akito’s ballad for her and the nekomata dude just transports her into the live performance, making her legit fall on stage. In order to protect her, Akito superhuman jumps to catch her, revealing his fox ears and tails and making everyone panic that he and FOX EAR are monsters. Now let’s run down how stupid this scene is:

1. The U/ki phone call is stupid. If she was wary about it she should’ve asked the guy on the other line a question only U/ki knows the answer for. If he stutters and takes a long time to answe than it’s fake.

2. Ignoring the superhuman jump or whatever, FOX EAR’s costumes legit have the same ears and tails as their real fox form (unless there are differences between their looks) so why would the audience think they’re monsters

3. K-suke says in almost every route how when they get too excited or anything they poof into their fox form, which is EXACTLY why they wear fox ears and tail so if they do poof into their fox form when performing (and they prolly do) the audience won’t notice anything

Either way this is just forcing conflict because the write didn’t know how to slip in conflict so they can have a resolve. But don’t worry folks there’s plenty more stupid where that came from.

And so FOX EAR breaks up after that and Akito and Suzuno go into hiding in yet another dank shack (this game should be renamed to “dating simulator in a dank shack”). They live their for a couple of weeks, living off the land and somehow growing and farming some produce while Akito cuts some wood. K-suke interrupts their honeymoon by forcing Akito to break the magatama seal by putting Suzuno in danger so he release his friend Byakuya (the ancestor fox). Turns out K-suke is 1000 years old and was at the scene of the crime when Onmyoji was forced to seal Byakuya in a magatama because Byakuya was wrecking havoc on the village she lived in and a child (K-suke in disguise) was about to be killed because of Byakuya’s actions–Byakuya and K-suke did this so Onmyoji-chan doesn’t have to be hurt by Byakuya if he loses control which doesn’t make sense and is also forced angst? lmao. Suzuno sees all this when she blacks out from being hurt by K-suke.

Some stuff happens and next time Suzuno wakes up Akito is overflowing with power as the seal has been broken and Suzuno & Akito have two choices. A) Seal the magatama again and let the fox village go extinct or B) Keep the power and return to the fox village, let K-suke teach him how to control it but no more Suzuno for Akito. Happy End: Akito chooses to seal the power back into the magatama and K-suke helps Suzuno fire a holy arrow at Akito to seal it. Upon sealing it, Akito and Suzuno have a vision of this kid in the same village of the ancestor Onmyoji. Turns out that’s the kid of Byakuya and Onmyoji-chan so the child is half-fox and half-human and another big twist is that K-suke is in a pact with the child to serve him and teach him to be the besterest Onmyoji. Before leaving the vision the child gives a hint to Akito and Suzuno that the child of a human and a fox will be twice as powerful. Back in reality this gives Akito an idea of how to revive the foxes by having lots of babies with Suzuno–I don’t get the logic behind this as the children won’t be purebred foxes but I think the logic is to make a powerful enough child to carry the power of their ancestor Byakuya. Either way they live happily ever after (with no epilogue of actual children though).

Funny thing about this happy ending is that K-suke should’ve known that half human, half fox kids were strong because he raised Onmyoji-chan’s half fox child himself, he should’ve known this was the case why didn’t he tell the village about this kind of plan in the first place?????????????????????????????????????????

Normal End: Normal end is he chooses to keep the power and go back to the village and leaving Suzuno by herself. However before that, Akito requests to be with Suzuno for one month as they keep on their illusion of being newlyweds living off the land. Because of his new powers he can make illusions from memories so they can relive their dates from the past. Before the last day of their time together, Akito whisks her back to her home while she slept so they won’t have a tearful goodbye. I still don’t get why they can’t be together though lol.


2018080821430400-BEA6E66402D097882F0C2894299135DDK-suke (Kesuke? Keisuke?) is the mysterious keyboardist of the band and as spoiled in Akito’s route he’s been alive for around 1,000 years and may have been in an one-sided love with Suzuno’s ancestor. Also big shocker, turns out that Suzuno is the reincarnation of Onmyoji-chan as well as being the descendant of Byakuya.

For the most part of the route K-suke is flirting with and teasing Suzuno and this was starting to feel like a good route until shit hits the fan and everyone but K-suke became out of character. But I’ll talk about that later.

Even though he was fooling around with her at the start, he slowly started lowering his defences and eventually just went “that’s it, I ain’t holding back. I wuv Suzuno” and started sticking close to her. But of course, stories have to have some sort of conflict so before K-suke realises he loves Suzuno, Pierose enters left from the stage and starts talking about K-suke’s past to the other band members. Apparently the dirt about him being the “white fox” that was working together with a human made and that made him a traitor made everyone lose their shit. Even the kind and caring Kasumi was like “oh shit you traitor” and K-suke just pretends it doesn’t hurt that everyone turned their back to him but on the inside it hurt.

And so the stupid begins.

I dunno where this fits in the story but K-suke tries to avoid Suzuno and forces her to work with other guys, trying to get her to hook up with the other guys so she can forget about him. One day her cousin noticed things ain’t right between her and K-suke so he acts as the wingman and asks her to send some papers to K-suke. In his apartment Suzuno eavesdrops on a conversation between K-suke and some fox dudes, as the dudes left they started throwing insults right in front of Suzuno and thats when K-suke snapped and told them all to piss off and now Suzuno and him are on good terms. But I guess that’s not enough conflict so Pierose kept pouring salt on the wounds about K-suke to his band members and now the band members have done a 180 on their personalities and started shunning K-suke and telling him to not go near Suzuno and the magatama. So K-suke just fucks off.

Like things get so stupid, U/ki who is supposed to be kind towards humans because he’s half human started to talk shit about K-suke working with a human and how its traitorous and humans can’t be trusted. Also in this timeline it appears as though Kasumi doesn’t know about the truth behind Byakuya and Onmyoji-chan because he never speaks up when they’re shit talking humans and K-suke being the white fox (which apparently is a big deal? despite in a flashback the village elder made sure no future generation knew when accepting K-suke back in????). Even when it’s revealed later about the truth everyone acts shocked and Kasumi doesn’t say shit. What is wrong with this.

Anyway more shit hits the fan when leaving work, K-suke meets Suzuno as he couldn’t take being apart from her anymore but turns out this was an ambush trap by the other FOX EAR members because….? I have no idea why they purposely left Suzuno alone when they walked her every day home to make sure K-suke didn’t meet her. Either way a confrontation starts and the boys fight against K-suke because conflict and K-suke goes a bit mad with love and accidentally knocks out Suzuno or something. Obviously my brain stops working and now every detail about this scene is fuzzy but Suzuno’s mind goes into the magatama where she talks to Byakuya who is friendly and shows a flashback of how him and Onmyoji-chan met and it is completely different from how the other routes described it, like first time i started playing this I thought of him as a polite guy that liked hearing Onmyoji-chan’s waka (poetry). Turns out he was cocky fox dude that threatens Onmyoji-chan that he’ll fuck up the town if she doesn’t hang out with him lmao.

Meanwhile K-suke tries to wake the unconscious Suzuno crying and pleading and eventually she wakes up and for some reason the seal breaks and Byakuya appears and is in yandere mode for no apparent reason but conflict, kidnaps Suzuno thinking that she’s his sweet Onmyoji-chan and peaces out. Don’t worry, my brain is frying too.

Just to speed things up, K-suke finds Suzuno at the old temple that Byakuya and Onmyoji-chan met. A fight happens and there are two outcomes. Happy End:  K-suke beats sense back into Byakuya and then Byakuya is like “hey yo, can you please seal me back in my magatama” and they do it. Goodbye to the fox species only hope, trying to break the seal of the magatama always failed everytime lmao. Things go back to normal, the FOX EAR gang apologise only to Suzuno for getting her caught up in this mess, I guess they’re still acting like rat bastards by the end of this route. After about a while FOX EAR breaks up, they go back to their village to think about another plan to fix the decreasing birth rate of Japan. Suzuno quits being an assistant manager and becomes a shrine girl at her grandparent’s shrine as K-suke acts as the shrine’s guardian and talks about making babies with her. A lot of baby making talks going on in these routes.

Normal End: K-suke decides to sacrifice himself and seal both Byakuya and himself in the magatama and farewells Suzuno before erasing her memory. Fast forward a year or so and she is a shrine girl at her grandparent’s shrine with memories of a couple of months spent together with K-suke missing from her noggin and her reminiscing on how she’s forgetting something and how sticking around the inari shrine makes her feel safe.

Overall Thoughts

The English translation is pretty poor but it is a bit readable. After spending hours reading the text I managed to read it okay, not a great experience, but you get used to it. Should you put yourself through this torture? Hell nah. All the time I was playing this in English I was itching to press the Japanese button so I could relieve myself from this nightmare and read it the way it was meant to be but I went through it all to bring this review to you guys to help you decide whether or not to buy this game.

Like I said before, don’t buy it. If you’ve got money and like to torture yourself then go ahead. Though in my opinion the story wasn’t that great, there was small glimmers of interesting stuff going on but it was executed poorly near the end of each route. It gets extra dumb in a couple of routes where inconsistencies just made it less enjoyable to read. It is also short considering it’s just a port of a mobile game. I would’ve loved to see these character in a better story/game but sadly their potential is lost in this game.

The voice acting (of the main guys) is good, as expected from professionals. You can hear their emotions when they read their lines and they did their best with what they had. Though sometimes Shinnosuke Tachibana’s microphone seems weird where you can hear an audio pop in some of his lines. Either it’s the microphone, the mixing or Shinnosuke is just speaking weirdly to his mic lol.

The artwork is alright. The gaudiness suits the theme of a visual kei band and Asajima Yoshiyuki did a good job with the character though the use of bright colors can either be a love it or hate it depending on the person. The backgrounds on the other hand are passable mobile game backgrounds. I recognised some of the backgrounds from another mobile game port “Anata Nikki -Euforia-” that I played a while ago, I guess there’s a royalty free visual novel pack that has these backgrounds lol.

Stuff like this makes me realise how much effort goes into big company visual novel games, like Otomate’s games. There’s a lot of things lacking in this game that takes advantage of a “visual novel”, there are some sound effects missing, some visual effects etc. I guess that’s expected from a visual novel mobile game. I guess I feel spoilt too much from Otomate’s games haha.

Bottom line, this game is not worth it. It’s not worth your time, it’s sure as hell ain’t worth your money. If you live in countries where your currency is weak like mine you’ll be paying more than 2,980 yen or $24 American freedom bucks. In Australia it’s $37.50 and I’m never going to see those dollary doos ever again. This kind of game is best sold on Steam so you can get a refund back, but unfortunately it’s on the Switch digitally where I think it’s not refundable.

At least in return I have precious memories of this gem…

Ah who am I kidding, I wasted 37 dollary doos and 50 cents and I’m sure many others have suffered from purchasing this game too.

As always, thanks for reading.

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  1. Lmao I totally agree with you on this! And thanks for the detailed review, I just finished Kousei’s normal end and I am completely baffled (´⊙ω⊙`) ..just totally lost. Rofl Translation is the worst and totally not worth 26bux I’m surprised it had nintendo seal of approval or perhaps they may have brushed this off the side. Lol who knows

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    1. I’ve been seeing some bad indie games in Nintendo’s eshop like this game that looks like minecraft but isn’t or another minecraft look alike game but there’s guns or something (and minecraft hulk hogan is on the cover). Someone at compliance or something over at Nintendo isn’t doing their job when there’s trash like this lol

      Also I’m sorry for your loss of 26 bucks 😢

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  2. I have a headache now trying to comprehend the plot and translation and how it’s even remotely worth it’s price tag. 37 australian dollary doos for this trash? It’s kind of insane lmao. I kiiiinda feel like the Nintendo eShop has a lot of shet like this that’s just completely out of place considering Nintendo is usually pretty strict about this kinda thing? I feel like? Maybe I’m just high lol

    That point though about how much work goes into big company games reminds me of this one time I was watching a video on youtube of a guy who plays through a lot of horror games (indie and big company) and he starts playing an indie horror game and immediately stops, looks at the camera and is like “I’ve seen this house layout before.” After that he plays a compiled montage of the same house layout from a bunch of other games he’s played. I guess it was just this pack you could buy from the unity store and eeeeverybody uses it lmao. It just kinda shows how much generic stuff has saturated the market thanks to the popularity of certain games (like PT for horror games and I guess generic voltage mobage otoge for us www).

    Moral of the story is I really, really hope Otomate’s games don’t fail on the Switch LMAO ^q^

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    1. I think Nintendo is being loose with the amount of “indie” games that go on the switch to make sure it has a lot of games in its library which it does have a lot now especially when it came out last year lol. Though theyre just being willy nilly about it. I just wish they had someone checking these games to see if theyre quality enough. But then again the wii and nintendo DS got a lot of bland “shovelware” games put onto it in its last days.

      Anyway, I forgot to add this in the reviee but I really like playing visual novel games on the Switch. Like I can play it on the TV or in handheld mode/tabletop mode while lazing around on my bed lol. So I hope Otomate pulls through with the Switch.


  3. Oh my godddd, I feel your pain so much!!!! 😥 I also bought this game expecting something so-so but, just like you said, it’s not worth the money at all!! Not only is the translation AWFUL (how can they even translate Yuki to U/ki?? wtf!!) but they even have royalty free backgrounds!!! I spotted more than one that was also used in old Voltage Inc games. Seriously, it’s a freaking insult that they charge so much for a game that’s mobage quality… At least the main guys’ voices were great but holyyyy moly the voices for the secondary characters was disastrous. I remember thinking the MC’s cousin’s voice was really bad, super monotone, it felt like the guy who played his didn’t even try. I only played Yuki’s route which, expect for that wtf normal ending I didn’t think it was so bad. From your review it seems his route is the best of the bunch 😆 oh, lord.

    Anyway, nice review!! And I feel like we should virtually hug each other to comfort ourselves for the lost money :’D never again. I’m glad at least the game can be played with japanese text too, hopefully there aren’t that many difficult kanji.

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    1. Tbh I think the weird name spellings like U/ki is just a stage name, kinda like how some visual kei band members have bizarre names or spellings of their name to make it look unique.
      The thing about the royalty free backgrounds is kinda forgivable as this game was originally a mobile game which is then later ported to the Switch bit of course the price is too darn high lol. I think if this was an unvoiced game it would be cheaper, so the reason the price is so hiked up is just to pay the professional voice actors.

      Anyway, free virtual hugs all round for those who spent money on this game.

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