[Monthly Overview] July 2018 Releases



Mahoutsukai to Tenshi to Akuma – 27th July – Varenyett

*R18 BL Game

Tlicolity Eyes Vol.2 – 27th July – Otomate

Koezaru wa Akai Hana – After Disc ~Ayanasu Mirai~ – 27th July – Operetta Due

*R18 Game

PS Vita

CollarxMalice -Unlimited- – 26th July – Otomate


This month seems to not have a lot going on (the only big thing would be CollarxMalice’s FD), which may be a good thing because this coming August-September its gonna be chock full of games to be released. I couldn’t believe it myself as I was updating my 2018 Releases post but damn… August is gonna be the entree and September is gonna be the main course in taking all our money:


Updates about the blog:-

Last month I had been thinking about upgrading my wordpress plan, especially when there was a 20% off coupon for any plan. I was juggling between premium or business, I would’ve gone with premium but I really wanted to have access to plugins (which is business plans only), some of the plugins I’ve been eyeing on would help a bunch with organising my posts and help make it visually better (aka look less cluttered).

And I have to say…. I didn’t end up upgrading my wordpress plan lol. I took too long making up my mind only to change my mind multiple times that the discount had expired (plus I was too busy to sit down to bite the bullet and get a plan). I’d still like to upgrade my wordpress plan but I guess I’ll wait until there’s another discount coupon because these things can get pretty pricey, especially the business plan. WordPress please let premium plans have access to plugins too, I beg of you.

Anyway, the blog will stay as it is for a while but I’ll try my best with sprucing it up (even within my limitations).

Summary of this month’s games:-

CollarxMalice -Unlimited- is a fandisc of CollarxMalice. It’ll be on the PS Vita, don’t worry haha. This fandisc will include after stories for each boy, side stories for supporting characters and finally an “if” story, where supposedly Ichika goes to the dark side aka Adonis (or as Otomate likes to call it “Adnis” lmao). Expect some heart racing scenes, and maybe some edginess from the Adonis story. It would be nice if this was also localised to English.

Tlicolity Eyes Vol.2 is part of a 3 volume PC game series under the title “Tlicolity Eyes”, with each volume having different heroines who are all sisters making it in the entertainment business. Volume 2 features the middle child of the three sisters who is a photographer. As part of the theme for this series, it’ll explore a love triangle between the heroine and her senior photographer and a model.

Mahoutsukai to Tenshi to Akuma is an R18 BL PC game and it had been delayed to be released this month. It was supposed to release last month but I guess they weren’t ready yet. If you want to read the summary of this game go check my June Release Overview.

Koezaru wa Akai Hana – After Disc ~Ayanasu Mirai~ is an R18 PC game and acts as a fan disc to a 2012 R18 PC game by a similar name. It’ll include after stories for the original game and all that jazz that comes with a fan disc.

That’s about it for this month.

Thanks for reading!

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8 thoughts on “[Monthly Overview] July 2018 Releases

  1. Lmao rip everyone’s wallets in August/September. Hooooo boy August is my birthday month so guess what this girl will be buying??? Hahaha

    I forgot they were making a Koezaru fandisc. If I recall, the original wasn’t half bad, but I definitely don’t remember much….. Six years later tho and we gettin’ a fandisc lmao well, better late than never I guess, right?

    As usual!!! Thanks for all your hard work~ (´⌣`ʃƪ)♥

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    1. Ohh! Happy bday in advance!
      Anyway it always seems like all these games just bottle necks near the end of the year lol Like, can companies just coordinate things better so games are equally spread out in the year? 😂
      I’m not interested in Koezaru but I hope those who were are still interested in getting the fan disc…. after 6 years of waiting lol


  2. Wow, there really are a ton coming out….
    Haha I was debating upgrading my blog too but I just don’t have the money right now. I’d love to be able to so it’d be easier for my readers but lol not now I guess. What kind of plug ins would you like to see in a premium upgrade?

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    1. If premium plans would allow plugins, I’d want some plug-ins that organise stuff like collapsible/drop down text so the reader can click on a topic and the text will just drop down so they won’t have to sift through all the text before it. I’ve seen some other plug-ins that’d be useful for pages where you list your previous posts alphabetically and readers can sift through them but alas they’re all in the business plan’s plug-ins haha.

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      1. I dunno how plug-ins work with plans, with free plan you have the basic stuff as plug-ins but you can’t get business plan plug-ins for either free or premium plan. I dunno if you can still retain them if you downgrade or not

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