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3 Year Blog Anniversary!

3rd anniversary

Almost every year I forget what day my blog’s anniversary, most of the time I’ll keep telling myself I’ll do something until the next month rolls by but this time I was lucky enough to catch what day my anniversary is (which was yesterday and not today, but better late than never).

I’m still rusty with my drawing skills (its been more than a year since I last drew something) so enjoy this celebratory Theo–for those who don’t know he’s kinda like my blog’s mascot 😆


I’m not sure if there’s a lot to celebrate considering I’ve been slacking with otome reviews (I ain’t gonna kid myself, I’m getting too lazy to get around doing it), but for the posts that have been informative and helpful I hope they have been of good use to you all.

I appreciate every view and each comment or like. I’ll try my hardest to make more review posts and to deliver better content.

Thank you so much for these past few years.

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[Switch] Quick look at… the Nintendo Switch

Yeah I caved in haha. This will be a hybrid post of an ‘unboxing’ and a quick look at the system. I’m certainly a year late on doing a little review on this console but maybe it’s better to hear it from an ‘otome’ consumer’s point of view (if that makes sense).

Hopefully this post will be useful and maybe even helpful now that I’ve had some first hand experience with a Switch.

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