[Montly Overview] May 2018 Releases


Majestic Majolical Vol.3 – 25th May – dazkarat

Nie no Machi – 25th May – zombilica

*R18 PC Game

PS Vita

sweet pool – 31st May – nitro+chiral dramatic create


cafe cuillere – 31st May – TAKUYO


This month might be a bit busy for me (thinking of doing a little side project that consumes a lot of time to compile) so I’m not sure if this month will be productive in terms of blog posts but I’ll try my best to write up some posts that I was planning to write last month ago.

I won’t get any games that are released this month because none of them interest me, plus I’m saving for the good ones to come out (or at least I suspect Koroshiya to Strawberry and Variable Barricade to be good lol). I’ll try to get back onto playing CollarxMalice but honestly Kei’s route has been a little tough for me to get through but I’m determined to finish it some time so I can give my thoughts on it.

Now onto summarising the games that release this month…

Majestic Majolical Vol.3 is a PC game that is split into three volumes, each volume features 2 date-able dudes the heroine can romance. The game is about a “witch”/magic user who is sent to the human world as an assignment to collect gems that come from humans when they feel strong emotions/feelings. Our heroine is the weakest magic user of her elite family which prolly just gives her motivation to become better. In this volume I believe the two suitors are an idol dude and another magic user(?), if I remember correctly. This might be the last volume but who knows if they’re gonna make a fan disc or an extra volume for “secret routes” (I’m betting there will be at least an oniichan route bc Japan loves that).

Nie no machi is a PC BL game that is rated R18 for explicit content (sexual content as well as gore). The protagonist finds himself in a different world/realm after chasing after a stranger down a dark alley. The residents of this world are not quite living, more or less they’re close to death than the protagonist and he finds himself in danger just because he’s a living human. He takes shelter in an inn where he receives assistance from the tenants (aka suitors lol) to find answers as how to bring him back home. Expect gore and other unsettling themes & scenes from this game. This will be zombilica’s first game.

sweet pool is a PS Vita port of a PC BL game with the same name. Many of you may be familiar with it but in short there’s a lot of meat in this game (literally and figuratively), if I remember correctly the protagonist shits a lot of meat or something and spoiler [highlight to read]: I think he ends up having a super meat kid with one of the dudes that’s like a messiah to the meat religion cult (tho he sacrifices his life for that kid to be born), don’t take my word for it because I hardly played it But yeah, heavy themes in this game along with gore, cannibalism, some rape and yeah, all the stuff that nitro+chiral does in their games. Makes me wonder how they’re gonna tone it down for the PS Vita port for it to barely get a Cero D rating, I’m sure they’re gonna get rid of the explicit scenes like sex scenes but what will they do with the gore and cannibalism? 🤔 pretty tough game to port on a family friend console.

Cafe Cuillere is a PS Vita port of a mobile game. It’s about a girl that loves sweets who wants to become patisserie. Her childhood friend and crush is coming back from France where he had studied patisserie to open a cafe in Japan, after meeting up with him again she finds out he already has a girlfriend back in France (bummer), after being down in the dumps about the revelation she is encouraged by a classmate to keep pursuing her dream and work in Cafe Cuillere. I have no idea how many suitors are in this game but I think they’ll just have the original 6 dudes… unless they’re planning to get the sub characters new routes for this port but I’m not sure seeing the website doesn’t talk about the new additions for the PS Vita port.

That’s about it for this month. I’m not sure if I’m missing out on some games because the Japanese websites I usually frequent to for game release date announcements have stopped updating since February 2018 or further back then that 😂 So I’m just checking official game websites every now and then for release date updates and sometimes purchasing magazines every now and then (tho b’s log doesn’t show all games to be released).

I hope this post doesn’t look weird seeing that I’ve been using the app version of wordpress and everything looks different from the browser version and there’s no gotdam text alignment button or text colour button so I gotta code it into the post via HTML. If those buttons are somewhere in this app version then I am blind lol.

Thanks for reading!

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2 thoughts on “[Montly Overview] May 2018 Releases

  1. A zombie bl game? That sounds like fun but the art style doesn’t really vibe with me so that’s kinda disappointing >~<
    I also don't know how n+c will port sweet pool to vita since the gore and sex are a MAJOR part of the story. I hope it doesn't get butchered like Shiki's route in the Togainu no Chi psp port oAo
    sweet pool is also getting a western release by JAST BLUE! It'll be the remastered pc version, luckily. sweet pool is my second fav vn and others should really give it a try unless they are really uncomfortable with the meat lolol

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    1. The art style for that BL zombie game seems aight to me, the colours seem muted and gives that ghastly/undead look but I understand that the style might not be for everyone.
      Also I’m super curious how the ps vita port for sweet pool will be like, but I dunno if it’s worth getting it when we’ll get a localised version of it soon (fully complete and prolly uncensored…? Unless they’re keeping it censored in the West). But yeah, the only dude I was interested in was Makoto and after finding out how his route prolly doesn’t have a happy end I just tuned out (but it doesn’t mean it’s a bad game, I just have terrible taste in characters lol).

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