[Otome Watch Special] Report – “Readyyy! Go★ld Stage Vol.0” & “Readyyy! Go★ld Channel Vol.1”

This report will cover two (2) events Readyyy Project had in the past week. The first event was Readyyy! Gold Stage Vol.0 on the stage of Segafes on April 14th (Segafes being a 2 day event showcasing Sega games and other announcements), where they announced a couple of things and finally released

The second event happened 3 days afterwards called “Readyyy! Gold Channel Vol.1”, an hour or so live show getting to know the voice actors with “variety show”-like segments.


As promised, Readyyy Project got a special segment in Segafes where they got a stage for the voice actors to perform and from the looks of it, it seemed like a full house (and more people using the penlights during the performances which was nice to see). As usual, it was streamed on youtube, nico douga, twitch, etc. but because it was part of a big 6+ hour stream of Segafes it might be a bit hard to look at the nico douga archive bc it comes in later on. You could always find youtube archives uploaded by someone else (hopefully youtube didnt take any down) or you could just watch the Nico Douga archive here (you need to have a premium account),  the Nico Douga archive of the stream will only last until 14th May which is a long time.

Time code of when the Readyyy Project part of the stream starts around 5:05:34 and finishes around at 6:38:06.

From here on out events for Readyyy Project will be called “Readyyy! Go★ld Stage Vol. [insert number here]”, these will usually focus on the performances and fan meetings than on app information but for this event they do show off a bit on the app. Though, ngl when I was watching the live stream on nico douga I heard from friends that ppl on the youtube stream were like “What is this? A Sonic Idol game?”, I wish bro lol. Must’ve been confusing for english Sega fans to see this segment come up but whatever.

After introducing the voice actors on stage, they show the usual video breakdowning on what Readyyy Project is for those who don’t know, which they later uploaded a 1 minute video with only images to show what Readyyy Project is on twitter and on youtube (be warned that the other half of these videos spoil something that I’ll talk about later on lol):

One interesting thing about this is that they show off character sheets that look like they may have been done by Production I.G. (which is part of Readyyy’s staff) so it’s got me wondering if they might be illustrating CGs in an anime style or maybe Sega has an anime planned for Readyyy Project in the future because the character drawings they showed reminded me of rough drafts with animation cells where they use different colored pencils to indicate the shading etc… Who knows.

what i would give to see all of the character sheets

Next up they show off the home screen of the app, keep in mind that it’s still in development and it’s not for sure the finalized version just think of it as a mockup. I’ll do a breakdown to elaborate on what the home screen contains later in the post because we got a couple of things to go through. They also show off what the dialogue scenes look like in-game and y’know what, I kinda wish Sega would make a visual novel for the female audience with this kind of tech. The backgrounds have moving elements like a shimmer on the ocean, or the blinking of lights at night as well as weather animations like rain and cherry blossom petals falling from the sky. What’s more impressive is that the character sprite also reactions to the lighting in the scene, like when it’s dark the character sprite is darker but when it’s in tree shade you see little spots of light from the gaps of the tree which is a nice touch. Big bonus is that it’s confirmed that they will use live2D or software similar as the character sprites move and bob around which makes it more expressive and less static as most dialogue scenes in games are (talkin’ about games that use 2D sprites).

(tried my best making a gif/edit)

It also seems like Riku’s voice actor (Riku being the character above) is really excited/happy seeing the character he voiced being the place holder showing off these scenes. Really makes me happy seeing new voice actors getting excited over their characters. One thing to take note of this is that what Riku is wearing might very well be his school uniform (I’m just speculating), which means Riku’s school (Kaihoku Institute of Technology Private Senior High School) may have gakuran as the uniform…. well to me it looks like he’s wearing a gakuran jacket so this is just my speculation haha.

However these scenes are still in development so it might not be finalized but it still looks pretty neat. If you wanna see the demo of these scenes you can just scroll up and watch the rest of the twitter embedded video if you haven’t already done so.

They also finally released the Music Video for RayGlanZ, though Sega kept our eyes from seeing it in full screen and just gave those who were viewing at home a view of it from the crowd, but thanks to a twitter campaign we were able to get the MV on youtube (but apparently it’ll only be public until 24th April so watch it while you can!). Here’s a pic from Dandelion Animation Studio to commemorate the release of the MV:

Here’s the full ver for those who haven’t seen it or want to see it again:

As expected from Dandelion Animation Studios haha. I really love all the unnecessary details they add in, like if you look closely in the wider shots of the stage, amongst the crowd you can see cameramen filming the stage and I’m like “Y’all didn’t need to add this neat detail, my brain wouldn’t even notice if it wasn’t there in the first place but hey I appreciate this.” They also said that Just 4U’s MV may have been completed and hopefully it will be shown in the next event that will happen on the 28th April.

And on top of all this we get another announcement by Mister 入江P, yall know when this guy shows up it’s always a surprise announcement for everyone. So the announcements are as followed:

  • There will be a scale up for the live performances and fan meetings on two separate dates in the upcoming months
    > 13th May (Sunday) at Yomiuri Hall for “Readyyy! Go★ld Stage Vol.2”
    3rd June (Sunday) at Yomiuri Hall for “Readyyy! Go★ld Stage Vol.3”
  • These events will be selling original goods and will have a “high touch event/meeting”, which I’m guessing might include high fiving the voice actors lol
  • There might be new songs planned…? I’m not sure if I heard right but here’s hoping because most if not all of the songs they released lately were great
  • They will digitally release the debut songs of each unit from May 1st onwards (all 5 songs, so be sure to pick up that piripiri ai)
  • Readyyy! songs will be available for karaoke via DAM (a type of karaoke service where you can rent a DAM karaoke library app for a couple of hours or days and sing songs in their library, you can also make your PS4 or Xbox One into a karaoke machine through their service). More details will be released in the 28th April event.
  • Sale of a second CD is planned (possibly of the second batch of songs after the debut songs), which I’m guessing we’ll get more information on the 28th April event

They also announced the secret character they teased last time who is the caretaker of the sharehouse and it turned out to be…… an ossan lol.

His name is Jyuso Hasei and he is voiced by a voice acting veteran that goes by the name of Kazuya Nakai, whom you may know of as the voice actor of Roronoa Zoro from One Piece, Toshiro Hijikata from Kintama, Date Masamune from Sengoku Basara, Lancer/Cu Prototype & Beowulf in Fate Grand Order and many more. He’s here to help support you, the producer. Here’s hoping he’s a party type of guy.

After announcements we go into the live performance segment. I won’t say much because last time I took a lot of time and page. I’ll keep the comments brief but I feel like everyone has improved and become a bit more relaxed on stage despite the stage at Segafes was really small, like damn they didn’t have much room to move on stage so props to all the voice actors who performed on stage.

I feel like Maten Rocket and RayGlanZ have improved on their live performances, there might be a little bit more for improvement but so far they’re doing well. That goes for everyone, like I really appreciate their effort in performing live rather than let’s say lip syncing a pre-recorded track on stage. Of course there’s a huge difference between a song sung and recorded in studio and a song sung in a live performance where the singer must move around and dance but still I appreciate the live performances. One huge improvement in my opinion is Fumiya Tanaka (voice actor of Genshin Shimizu), whose voice sounded more solid and louder than last time and I’m really proud to hear him hitting them notes. He still seems a bit shy/quiet when talking on stage but I’m really hoping he keeps it up with his live performances because he really does sound good. So I’ll be cheering for him, as well as everyone in Readyyy Project.

Also for those eagle eyed viewers watching the archive, you may have noticed this one audience member with 3 penlights getting really into the performances, sometimes you can see them waving those penlight way up high and stuff it was kinda amusing watching them. So whoever you were, 3 penlight fan, you’re doing great haha.

Next event will be on 28th April at Harajuku’s Quest Hall, event called “Readyyy! Go★ld Stage Vol.1 ~Bokura, Ashita ni Mukatte Utaimasu!~”, which will be on hopefully a bigger stage that will also accommodate more people (I heard attendance might be free). If I were in Japan I would totally want to go to see for myself and write a report on it but alas… I don’t think I’ll be going to Japan any time soon haha. Hopefully next event is streamed like the previous ones.

Home Screen Mock up Examination

mockupscreen readyyy

As promised I’ll do a little break down/examination on the ‘mock up’ of Readyyy’s propsed home screen. As stated before, this home screen is still in development so it’s not exactly the finalised version but it’ll give you a good idea of what it may look like upon the release of the app.

I’ll split up the home page mock up into three sections so it’s easier to read. Most of the stuff I’ll talk about will be half translating what is on the screen and half speculating what the icons on the home screen are. So please take this with a grain of salt because I am not 100% accurate.

—Top Status Bar

mockup breakdown01

  1. Player Rank & Rank up Percentage – Pretty self explanatory, this will show you your player rank but I’m not quite sure what the percentage thing is about but I have a feeling that it has to do with the EXP percentage, 100% prolly means rank up.
  2. Player Name – Default shown above is called “Producer” but I have a feeling it may display your player name
  3. AP – AP will prolly be what you use for doing in-game activities much like AP is used when doing produce courses in Ensemble Stars, while A3 uses LP for similar activities called lessons
  4. Currency – It appears there may be two types of currency: an easily collectible “freemium” currency that will be Gold Coins and a “premium” currency that you can collect in-game but also pay with real money to get, which funnily looks like it’ll be “diamonds” the go-to in-game currency lol
  5. SP – Just like AP where you use it for in-game activties, however I’m unsure what this will be used for. Maybe they’re doing something similar to Enstars and A3 where you use SP for performances where your cards will go up against other CPU cards to see who has the best stats… but we’ll have to see what the gameplay is like in the future
  6. Battery Icon – Here you can see your battery drain as you play the game, which is very thoughtful because sometimes I have my phone die on me because I forgot I need to charge it 😆 I’m guessing it will also show you when the battery is charging too
  7. Clock – The game will use your mobile device’s internal clock so you can see how much time you’ve wasted on the game (just kidding)
  8. Shop Icon – Shop icon right next to your diamond count to buy more diamonds, ’nuff said (maybe you can purchase other stuff in the shop, who knows)

—Main Home Screen Display

mockup breakdown02

  1. ??? – I have no idea what this button does, the icon looks like a phone screen with text/instant messages and then arrows going left and right so maybe pressing it changes the message or the person speaking in point 2. but who knows
  2. Main Boy Dialogue – You choose your main boy and he’ll say some lines to you on the home screen, whether the dialogue changes automatically or you tap for another dialogue text to pop up is unknown to me
  3. Main Boy Image – I’d like to think that the image used here would be from a card illustration and you choose which card you like most of your boy for your main screen. However the image used in this mock up is just a place holder where a character sprite is on top of a background so it ain’t anything fancy (and most likely won’t move)
  4. Event/Gacha Banners – This is where I’d think Event and Gacha banners will appear. The banner above seems like it may be a gacha banner but I’m not sure.
  5. Newbie Missions – Where newbie missions will be found, not sure if this banner will be replaced with a regular missions banner after completing newbie missions.
  6. “Training” – I’m assuming this is where part of the gameplay is at, 育成 can also be translated to “raising” like raising idols to become top idols. Of course, only Sega knows what’s behind this button
  7. ??? – I also have no idea what this might be, maybe it would be where achievements/missions can be unlocked but honestly it could be anything with that ambiguous icon
  8. Present Box – I’m 95% sure this is a present box where you can get either log in bonuses and other stuff in the box
  9. Notifications & News – Again, I’m guessing here but usually most mobile games have a notification/news button for news about in-game stuff, campaigns and maintenance/bug logs
  10. Background – I forgot to number this but the background will change a bit depending on the time of day. The image in the bottom left of the main home screen is the Share House at different times of day, below is what it will look like at night

mockupscreen at night

—Bottom Menu Section

mockup breakdown03

  1. Home Button – A quick button to go back to the home screen
  2. “Idol” tab – I guess in this tab you can manage idols? I’m not exactly sure what’s behind this tab, possibly this is where you see character profiles and unlockable idol content?
  3. “Photo” tab – I guess instead of having collectible cards of each idol they’ll have “photos” à la Utano Princesama Shining Live (gotta make sure I don’t put spaces between uta and no). I guess here you can manage your photos, maybe make them stronger, bloom a photo etc.
  4. “Accessory” tab – Now this really makes me scratch my head as to what it might be. Could there be a dress up minigame in here where you can give idols accessories or something like that? 🤔 Only time can tell
  5. “Idol Life” tab – Yeah, I don’t know what this tab is either, however the purple text on the tab says “Event in currently open” so I’m guessing this is another tab that goes into gameplay that usually holds events (pwease no rank events)
  6. “Photoshoot” tab – I have a good feeling this is where gachas are at and where you’ll lose all your money trying to get your best boy
  7. “Story Album” tab – Where main story and other stories are kept for rereading
  8. Extra Menu? – I’m guessing this is where you get the miscellaneous menu where you’ll find stuff like settings and your player profile as well as other stuff

And that’s about it for my run down on the home screen mock up. Some of the menu tabs got me curious about what the gameplay is like but I guess I have to wait until further news to surface.


On 17th April, Readyyy Project had its first “Readyyy! Go★ld Channel”–a live stream starring all of voice actors in Readyyy! as well as one of the MC’s from the previous events (I’m sorry I forgot your name omg). In this live stream we get to know the voice actors, little tidbits about them (like how one of the guys has a history with Kabuki) as well as a segment where the boys eat something and this stream goes on for about 90 minutes (1 hour and 30 minutes).

It’s nice to see the boys in casual clothes and mingling with each other, it’s also nice getting to know them outside of the live performances. They seemed to saved the video on youtube, so hopefully it’ll stay on the youtube channel but there’s also a nico douga archive but that’s limited until 28th April if I remember correctly.

You can watch it here:

When I was watching it live on nico douga it was kinda difficult to watch because it was so blurry and pixelated despite being on a premium nico douga account (and it seemed like I wasn’t the one who noticed), though switching to the youtube stream meant that I’ll get a couple seconds lag so I just stayed on nico douga. Anyway enough of that.

Anyway, you can watch it for yourself, I won’t describe everything for you. It was cute seeing the guys eat some (sponsored) karaage, tho I dunno why some of the karaage looked red when I first watched it lol.

Next time they’ll have a segment taking in twitter comments in a “consultation room” corner(?) under the tag, you can prolly request the guys to do or say stuff but I’m too shy to say anything in the tag 😆

The next volume of Readyyy! Go★ld Channel will be 20th May starting at 8:00pm (Japan time) and will run for 90 minutes. I wonder what the guys will eat next time lmao.


That’s about it for this report. Me back hurts but I guess it was worth it…? Thanks for reading and enjoy a couple extra gifs I made from the piripiri MV.



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