[Otome Watch Special] Report – Readyyy! Project’s Second Live Event (14th March)

second live event

As promised, on March 14th Readyyy! Project held their second live event. As usual, they broadcasted it on twitch, youtube, periscope and nico douga (I’m using screenshots from the nico douga archive). I would usually add this to my original Otome Watch post but I figured out that condensing 2 hours of the stream into that post will make it more longer than usual, and would prolly lag it as well. So I’ll be writing separate posts like these event reports and then adding a link to my original Otome Watch post.

You can check out the Otome Watch post here, where it’ll give a better background on what this project is.

If you have a premium nico douga account you can watch the archive of the stream here but it’s only available for a limited time.

First off, as you can see in the above image, it seems like it’s a bit more of a full house this time. There’s even a couple of people in the audience with pen lights (those light up sticks you see in concerts, particularly idol concerts), which I believe they didn’t have last time but was a neat addition considering everyone would change the light color depending on which unit is on stage and wave it around to the beat of the music.

Our hosts from last time are back to hype up everyone and throw a couple of jokes here and there. Everyone in the nico douga comments seem to be making a meme from RayGlanZ’s lyrics, going “I’m getting all piri piri (tense/tingling)!”, reference to the repeating phrase of “piri piri ai” in the GO NOW song lol. When the stream finished there were about 8,000+ viewers so I’m not sure if it’s increased from last time, considering nico douga includes views from ppl who watched it after the streaming with the time shift feature. As I’m watching the archive now it’s at about 10,000+ views, 3 days after the stream.

One of the hosts was talking about the meaning behind the title of “Readyyy!”, I couldn’t grasp what he was saying properly so take this with a grain of salt but: the “ready” obviously means ready as in “ready, set, go” but the extra y’s stand for “yah yah yah”? and putting together y (pronounced “wai”) and “yah”, so wai, wai, wai and yah yah yah means “advance forward and go to various places”, I think lol.

They then move on to talking about the app, showing a movie/video showcasing in-game background images with text describing what the game is about and your role as the idol’s producer as well as their dorm manager. It’ll be a mobile game for iOS and android devices (nuh duh) and the genre of the game will be “an idol raising simulation” aka not a rhythm game. In fact the hosts made it clear that it won’t be a rhythm game and ngl, my hopes dwindled a bit because I love rhythm games even if I’m not good at them and I started to fear it’ll be like Ensemble Stars and A3! where there is zero gameplay and its all about gathering cards. But I’m hoping Sega changes things up with this tap-tap game genre and maybe make the gameplay interesting and somewhat challenging. They say it’ll be free but with in-game transactions so… yall know what that means 😆

The host discloses that their will be live performances in 2D as well as 3D, that if you choose 2D it’ll be 2D sprites drawn by the illustrator that will smoothly move (so I’m guessing live2D may be used, considering they used live2D beautifully well with Yumeiro Cast I have full faith it’ll look good). I didn’t quite catch it but the host also disclosed something about seasons affecting the game, like when it’s winter time in our world, it’ll be winter in the game and that the environments and characters will also be affected. The other host was like “so if it was cold then you’d see their breath when they’re talking?” and the other host guy was like “yeah!”, so we might have a seasons system in here which seemed to impress some ppl in the nico douga comments. They say they’ll announce and show off more of the game in future events, esp next event.

((Honestly I can’t hear anything clearly because both my earphones and headphones are busted so I’m going off by my laptop stereo and sometimes it’s hard to catch what they’re saying, especially when my laptop is always loud lol.))

Another announcement is that Readyyy! will appear in this years Segafes on the 14th of April, which apparently might be free to participate/enter. The hosts also elaborate by the meaning of “This is an era where idols are ranked” in terms of the game’s narrative. It looks more like a hierarchy period where the highest ranking is the “Gold Stage”:

Text from bottom to top: “Bronze Stage”, “Silver Stage” and “Gold Stage”

Seems like a lot of production companies are participating in this ranking thing, including Dear Production with their 18 idol boys. So every idol is placed into different rankings, depending on how good their talent/skills I’m guessing. Ngl, this kind of reminds me of Ensemble Stars’ Dream Idol Festival’s live performance ranking, however I believe those rankings only worked within their school and wasn’t about the whole idol industry, I’m guessing.

Next up they show off the different schools that each boy attends to. First up is Private Kamakura Eiryou Academy, an all boys elite academy. The usual suspects of this school seem liked refined boyos from noble families, considering most of the rich and elite boys that you are raising go to this school (not sure why the sleepy head boy goes there too lol).

Next up is the Kanagawa Prefecture Hamamigaoka High School. It’s a co-ed public school, meaning the school is for both boys and girls. Another thing about the high school is that it’s by the sea, which is a nice touch. It’s interesting to see the members of La-Veritta in this public school instead of the private school considering how noble and elite they look in their idol uniforms.

Last but not least, the next school is Kaihoku Institute of Technology Private Senior High School. It is a high school that is attached to an Industrial University (whatever that may mean), which specializes in sports and athletic curriculum, where students who want to go pro enroll in this school.

The school designs look pretty believable, like I can see these schools existing in real life and big props to the background illustrator. I wish I had skills like you 😆

Next up is talk about the share house. Here the idols can sleep, eat, practice singing and dancing in lesson rooms provided inside the house. I remember seeing a background in the intro video mentioned before in this post that there was a background illustration of a gym and I’m wondering if that’s in the house. If so, then that’s a pretty big house lol. They also tease that there is another character who takes care of the share house (I’m guessing like maintenance or maybe even cooking food for the idol boys).


The hosts then start speculating like “Is this guy going to be voiced?” “Does that mean that maybe theres more than 18 characters in this game??” and I’m like blease…. I want surprise characters that’s been in the works but kept secret from everyone else lol.

They then go onto elaborating on the player character. The protagonist’s job is to not only raise these idols before their big debut (and also raise them to the gold stage rank) but to also be their dorm manager where you/the protag will help support them even in their private life. Basically you’re the idol’s producer and an adviser/counselor/mom, which makes me wonder if the protag is an adult or not 🤔 though, they would have to be an adult if they’re doing all these parent-like things. Seems like the protag has it tough either way lol. I hope they do have a visual character design for the protag, because I love it when games do that. A lot of people in the comments were speculating whether there would be a male protag or if you could choose between the protag being male or female which would be interesting.

Anyway, they keep teasing stuff but then go like “well, maybe we’ll show it off in Segafes??? who knows lololol”… which makes me even more excited for Segafes to arrive because I wanna be spoilt on everything that the game has to offer before I can make a decision on fully supporting it or not 😆

They show off yet again a lot of background illustration, this time of the share house. Now I’m not gonna screenshot all of them, but I’ll chose the ones that I’d like to discuss. Such as the living room which has both a day and night version, which is quite neat, it looks like people are living there if that makes sense haha. If they use live2D sprites for the characters when in dialogues, I’m sure it’ll make the scenes look more livelier.

Funnily enough there’s a sign in the dining room/eating area saying “using phones whilst eating is prohibited” lol. The hosts then speculate whether the boys make the meals or if the protag does, so it’s up in the air who makes the meals.

They then show off the hallway to the bedrooms of the boys, the lesson room for dancing as well as the ‘studio room’ where there are mics and instruments to play and practice. Next up are these rooms, the first one is the room where I believe the dorm manager aka you aka the protag resides where you can either call people to the room to talk or for the boys to enter and ask for advice, kinda like a counselor’s room. The room after that is the meeting room, and then the dining room + kitchen.

They then drop that the game will be fully voiced (wowzas, not even utapri shining live could get full voiced) as well as light novels in the works. So Sega is really going all out in terms of quality and quantity, I dunno if I should be happy that Sega is putting this much effort into a project for the female demographic or worried that it might not be received well and it’ll flop and be shut down in a year or something bad happens.

They then show off the outside of the share house, what it looks like at daytime and nighttime depending on the seasons. Buuut I won’t show it because I’ve already got a lot of pictures in this post and I don’t want this post to lag when loading.

Actually there’s so many backgrounds they’re showing that it’ll be too much just describing them all but I’ll just say, there’s a little pathway going to the share house where its surrounded by greenery and everyone in the comments were like “it’s like ghibli~!”, as well as showing the inside of Dear Production’s office where there are a lot of trophies on desplay as well as an illustration of inside a train, which most if not all the boyos will use to get to school, city etc.

A few things to note before we get into each unit’s performance, is that we find out that Maten Rocket’s leader’s voice actor, Ryuichi Sawada (voices character Soushi Fujiwara), did the “3, 2, 1, 0 IGNITION!” pose with his grandparents which is pretty cute, on top of that he’s like “I’m gonna do my best today too” for his grandparents at home aw. Another cute thing to note is that Just 4U’s Riku Orikasa’s voice actor–Taiki Bito– had invited his dad to be in the audience. The camera legit zooms in where his father is and he’s waving the pen light like crazy. It’s kinda wholesome to see it but also made me realise all these guys used to be everyday dudes trying to get a big break in voice acting before this project….

the ever supporting otousan

After 30 minutes discussing the game we get into the rest of the show (that takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes of the stream) where the voice actors get their spotlight. Each unit gets an introduction, do a live reading (reading lines for their characters) and after that they perform the unit’s songs where they not only sing but also dance on stage. They get to sing 2 songs this time, back to back, and I admire all the hard work they put into this segment despite being pretty new to the voice actor scene (though they’re being worked as idols rather than voice actors lol).

I’m not gonna go into full detail what’s happening but I’ll just give some summary and highlights, as well as thoughts on the performances.

They also did this announcement about the boys doing a live reading challenge and the way its filmed makes me think this is one of those reality/variety tv shows in Japan, plus these announcements are a surprise to the boys to so it’s like they’re being taken in for a ride or something. I kinda pity them, but I hope they’re having fun.

Anyway, onto each unit’s segment. Hopefully I can keep this short and sweet lol.


Their live reading was ok, though I’m no expert when it comes to voice acting lol, they all sounded like how their character would sound like so that’s a guaranteed pass. Hiro Igarashi’s VA seemed really into it though I guess he would have to be when his character is very energetic. It’s also interesting to see everyone’s facial expressions when they’re doing their lines.

They also announced their second new song (each unit gets an announcement btw). Lyrics, composition and arrangement for their new song is by “Heart’s Cry” who is credited for the ending song “Stay Alive” for TV Anime “RE:Zero – Starting Life in Another World”, provided music to Japanese singer Eir Aoi, and many others. The title for their second song is “SP!CA ~Blue Light Stars”. They also performed their first song “Special Nu World” alongside their new song.

As for their performance, I’d say they’ve improved since last time. Not gonna lie, last time I couldn’t look at their performance (actually I couldn’t watch any other unit’s performance) because I was scared they’d mess up and from a listening perspective they didn’t see to be projecting their voices but this time it seems like they’re getting better. I still think it would be a good idea to have a headset microphone just in case their handheld microphone doesn’t catch their voice enough. But yeah, this time I was able to watch them and y’know what, you can see how much effort they put into the dancing and singing, they’re really doing their best. I also like how Tetsuei Sumiya (voice actor for SP!CA’s leader: Mitsuki Kaze) is a good center/leader because he prolly has the most energy out of them all and puts in the effort to lead everyone. Good job.

Their second song I seem to like a bit more than their first song, maybe its because each guy gets some solo parts where they’re kinda auto-tuned but it seems like a song I can get behind. I remember when I first watched the stream of the 14th March I was buzzed up on Raspberry Coke Cola that I was pretending I had a pen light and moving it to the beat lmao. Also they’re dance routine was pretty fun too lol.

Maten Rocket

In Maten Rocket’s live reading, it seems like trying to figure out some poses which leads to some hijinks and the only tsukkomi (straight man) is Junnosuke who is in disbelief at everyone’s ideas. I like everyone’s energy in this one and Aki Takachiho had some pretty cute lines lol.

Next up is their second song reveal. The lyrics, composition and arrangement is done by Kazuaki Yamashita who has provided music for Kis-My-Ft2 (Japanese Boy Band), Tackey & Tsubasa (Japanese Idol duo), V6 (Japanese Boy Band). Title for the second song is “Start Line”. They also performed their first song “Kimi ga Mita Sora wa” alongside their new song.

I kinda prefer their first song compared to their song, with the second song it seemed like they’re having a hard time harmonizing when singing together and that they seemed a bit tired/exhausted near the end of the song. Though this might be because they had more time practicing their first song compared to the new one, either way I think they improved a bit with their first song but I still think there’s still more room for improvement.

Though that being said, compared to the first song that is more energetic, the second song is more mellow, feels somewhat bittersweet which is aight, it’s good to have variety in your unit’s song repertoire. I also really like how well the group gets along with each other and how easy they can get into character even when just hyping up the crowd before singing they just suddenly get into character which is nice. Anyway, this group is growing on me lol, SP!CA is also growing on me but it’s mainly the leader dude that has me wanting to cheer for his group too.

Just 4U

Just 4U’s live reading was a bit of a delight lol, I had a bit of a laugh and the group sounds more like a family with the way they interact. Like, Tatsuma is the dad, Sui is the weird mom, Komugi is maybe the young older bro to babby Riku who tries to act mature. Though it was so weird when Sui insisted on writing people’s names on their towels while humming and gotdam the humming was so creepy yet funny to me 😂

Just 4U’s second song is done by SHIROSE from WHITE JAM whose credits include providing music for TVXQ (South Korean pop duo), AAA (Japanese pop group), Da-iCE (Japanese male dance and vocal group), and many more. The title of their second song is “DOKI DOKI” (really simple lol), which the performed after doing their first song called “Daiten Futeki ni Koishitai”.

Like the others, I think they’ve improved with their first song and they’re projecting their voice better so it’s better to hear them through the microphone. In my opinion, I really like Just 4U’s songs, they’ve got a nice beat and something I can see myself jamming to lol. It’s also pretty cute that after their first song performance they took turns taking a sip of water while the other talked so like, 2 were drinking water while the other 2 talked and then vice versa. This some good teamwork here lol.

Anyway, with their second song I really like, it’s a bit of an opposite to their first song that’s more like disco-ish dancing song while their second song is more alluring and more boy idol group which is a big gap between the unit’s image (a lot of ppl in the comments were quite fond with this gap). Sasuga SHIROSE from WHITE JAM to provide some good ass music, even though they do have repetitive phrases like “piri piri ai” for RayGlanZ’s song and “doki doki doki” for Just 4U’s song. Either way, I’ve taken a great liking to this song.

Just as promised they also released a small preview of Just 4U’s MV for their song “Daiten Futeki ni Koishitai”. Sadly it’s quite shorter than RayGlanZ’s MV which was about 50 seconds, meanwhile Just 4U’s MV teaser lasted for about 23 seconds. I guess they might not have a lot of it done considering they might still be working on RayGlanZ’s MV and these things takes time especially when you want it to be high quality.

Just like always, the 3D models are pretty cool and cute. Also! Due to popular demand they decided to keep the RayGlanZ’s MV teaser up for a longer time, so you can watch it as much as you like (I’ve prolly watched it more than 10 times already).


Whenever RayGlanZ was on screen everyone in the comments would type “piripiri” and it’s just brilliant lol. The drama reading was aight, kinda wished that Touya had more lines in it, though it was mainly Chihiro butting heads with Ango who just ain’t having it and is trying to keep a cool head. Though, its nice to get a little peek on the unit’s dynamics in terms of relationships between the dudes, even though Chihiro just wants to pick a fight with just about anybody.

Their new song is being handled by yet again SHIROSE from WHITE JAM and the title for it is “Suki da”, which is preformed after their first song “GO NOW!” aka the “piri piri ai” song.

This time they’ve improved with their first song, it seems like Chihiro’s voice actor (Masamu Ono) is having a little fun because he’s got a little smile on his face when singing while the others are trying to keep their cool image by looking intimidating. With their second song it seems like Masamu Ono is starts off as the center rather than Shuma Konoe (Touya’s VA who is the leader of RayGlanZ) which is a bit weird to me but whatever floats y’all’s boat. I do think they need to polish on performing on this song live, because it does seem like they got something with this song but there’s just something off about it.

Anyway, between the two songs there’s a bit of a gap where the first one is a bit aggressive while the second one is softer and more honest which I approve lol, I love it when a unit has a duality to the types of songs they sing. It does seem like Masamu Ono stood out in the performance of the second song because I keep seeing comments going “Ono-kun♥” and “Ono-kun is good”, and yeah I can sort of agree with that sentiment considering he seems so into it. I think one time in his performance he winked too lol.


La-Veritta’s live reading is just Uta talking down to Genshin and it’s kinda hilarious the difference between Uta the character and his voice actor Yuki Sakakihara. Uta is pretty mean and sharp tongued while whenever Yuki talks he’s very soft and somewhat cute and dam, gotta love that gap. On the other hand Genshin’s voice actor Fumiya Tanaka seems to be lacking in confidence (or something) considering you can’t quite hear him well during the live reading and I kinda wish that he tries to project his voice more because he’s got a good voice. Believe in yourself, man.

The lyrics, composition and arrangement for La-Veritta’s second song is done by Ryota Fukuoka who has provided music for V6 (Japanese Boy Band), Ketsumeishi (Japanese pop and hip hop group), as well as many others. The title for the song is “COLOR”, which performed after their first song “Beat in love”.

Ngl, I really love La-Veritta’s songs, its got that nostalgic feeling like those old school anime openings. Considering it’s just the two of them it’s more easier to harmonize but honestly, the two of their voices blend so well together. Though it seems like Fumiya Tanaka is having a bit trouble projecting his voice in the first song but you can tell that he’s doing his best to hit them notes, though he does get better in the second song. Bro, I believe in you, you got a good singing voice especially when matched together with Yuki Sakakihara just believe in yourself. Sometimes his singing voice reminds me of Toshiyuki Toyonaga’s voice, but that’s just my opinion lol.

Anyway onto the second song COLOR, I’m lovin’ it 😆 It does get progressively better during the performance and you can really hear how well the two harmonize it’s pretty good. I’m curious to hear what the CD version is like where it’ll prolly be a cleaner version but all things considered it’s a pretty good song.


That’s about it for performances and just as they were gonna close the show with messages from each unit we get yet another interruption from 入江P. Y’all know that when this guy pops up that some surprise announcements are to be had.

入江P blaring in all direction for another special surprise

They announce that on 14th April, during Segafes they will have an event called “Readyyy! Go★ld Stage Vol.0 ~Bokura, Honkaku Shidoushimasu!~”, there they will sing full versions of the 10 songs that have been displayed during this stream, they will also finally show off RayGlanZ’s full MV during this show, and they will be selling some original merch and CDs (which I’ll discuss later).

On top of that! On the 28th of April in Harajuku’s Quest Hall they will hold “Readyyy! Go★ld Stage Vol.1 ~Bokura, Ashita ni Mukatte Utaimasu!~”, there will be a day and night event which both are free to attend. I think in this event they’ll announce some new songs? as well as a song where all the voice actors will sing and it’ll be done by none other than Kurousa-P, whom you may be familiar with their previous works like Senbonzakura and Acute, very iconic vocaloid songs. They will also show off the full version of Just 4U’s music video during this event so this may be a bigger event than Segafes.

There’s like so many info going on that I can’t keep up with everything but there will also be an original broadcast show with all members participating, the first show to air is on 17th April, though I’m guessing it’s gonna be a stream on nico douga or something.

Damn, just hearing all these announcements makes me tired but I don’t know how these guys feel about having all of this thrown at them. I guess all I can say is “Do your best, boys!” lol.

As for the merch that they’ll sell at Segafes: they’ll be selling tin badges for 300 yen and acrylic plate lights that change colors to reflect the different units for 2,000 yen you can check ’em out here. They are also selling limited ver of CDs at Segafes and at the Harajuku Quest Hall event that will have all 5 songs (that being the first songs announced for each unit) and you can choose whoever you want as the jacket cover as they give you a range of choices of all 18 boys drawn by the character illustrator:

Pretty neat. You can find out more info about it here.

That’s about it for this event report. I’m pretty exhausted, maybe next time I’ll try to keep it shorter or something. Thank you for reading and big thanks to those who read this till the end.

See you next month (hopefully they’ll stream the next event)

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2 thoughts on “[Otome Watch Special] Report – Readyyy! Project’s Second Live Event (14th March)

  1. Thank you for the informative post!! I agree with you in that it seems Sega is putting a lot of resources into this game but I can’t help but be worried about whether or not it’ll do well since investment =/= game being well-received (Dream Festival had a lot of money poured into it but it’s ending after only 2 years…) The character designs and BGs are looking good though, and the music is pretty solid! I hope they don’t make us wait too long for a CD release for public sales.


    1. I know what you mean, there’s still a little room for worry about whether all the effort and hard work will pull through so its best to approach these kind of things with caution. Still, I’m pretty curious as how this project will turn out.


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