[Monthly Overview] March 2018 Releases


Ohimesama datte XXX shitai!! – 30th March – kamila8

*R18 PC Game

Majestic☆Majolical Vol.1 – 30th March – Dazkarat

PS Vita

Fortissimo – 8th March – otomate

Lucky Dog 1 – 8th March – tennenouji PROTOTYPE

Ikemen Sengoku Toki o Kakeru Koi: Arata naru Deai – 22nd March – otomate

Dance with Devils My Carol – 22nd March – rejet

Enkan no Memoria -Kakera Tomoshi- – 29th March – A’s Ring Dramatic Create

Galtia V Edition – 29th March – Grisedge Dramatic Create


Diabolik Lovers Grand Edition – 29th March – Otomate


Oh boy, this month is chock-full of games, about 9 games in total to release this month. I’ll try to summaries all of them but first some news:

Otomate has changed their plans to make a PS4 version of Kurenai no Homura Sanada no Ninpou Chou and Variable Barricade. They announced that they will only make PS Vita versions for both games because of various reasons. You can make assumptions as to why, like otomate PS4 game sales not being great or that making the PS4 version will further delay production and they’ll miss their 2018 deadline, so feel free to theorise but the truth still remains there won’t be PS4 version. Who knows maybe later on in 1 or 2 years they’ll make a PS4 port.

Anyway, onto summarising the games releasing this month.

Fortissimo is about a manager looking after an idol group called fortte, which just so happens to be the idol group Fuuto Asahina from Brothers Conflict belongs to (however he is off limits from being romanced lol). Story follows the growth of the idols and the heroine, as well as their romance.

Lucky Dog 1 is a port to the PS Vita. It was once an R18 BL PC game but now it has been reduced to a Cero D (equivalent to maybe M or MA rating, I dunno what american ratings are like lol) rating so it’ll be family friendly for the PS Vita, but there will prolly be some implied H scenes…

Ikemen Sengoku Toki o Kakeru Koi: Arata naru Deai is a port to the PS Vita of a mobile game. Set in Sengoku Era, the heroine goes into a time slip (I’m guessing) and winds up in the midst of a nation at war. You can romance some historical figures, especially everyone’s favorite Nobunaga Oda, it’ll be fully voiced and possibly include some new stuff that isn’t available in the mobile game.

Dance with Devils My Carol is a fandisc for the original Dance with Devils game that released back in 2016. It includes after stories, starting off from where the last game left off in the good endings and it seems like there is another incident that happens in the story that’ll complicate everything.

Enkan no Memoria -Kakera Tomoshi- is a port to the PS Vita of an R18 PC game. I remember I said that this game is better off just being a normal visual novel without the sex and here we are with a PS Vita port, but still the plot seems like a been-there-done-that with the deity/shrine themes and the heroine prolly being very important because maybe her bloodline makes her important and maybe incest who knows. Tbh I don’t really care about it.

Galtia V Edition is another port to the PS Vita of an R18 BL PC game. Originally released back in 2015, Galtia is about a fictional world where there are humans who have super powers called “Galtia Abilities”, there are four different power characteristics and the world is ruled by four “Kings”, each king having different powers. So basically its going to be a story about power struggles and kingdoms, maybe even wars.

Diabolik Lovers Grand Edition is a port to the PS4, the original games were on the PSP and PS Vita and now they have combined two games (Diabolik Lovers and Diabolik Lovers MORE,BLOOD) into one PS4 game. Nothing new of note in this PS4 version, basically just 2 games in 1 bundle pack that you can play on your PS4.

Ohimesama datte XXX shitai!! is an R18 PC game about a princess that can’t get enough of dick–no really, that’s the selling point of this game. The heroine just wants dick, thats the story.

Majestic Majolical Vol.1 is a PC game about a girl that is a witch-in-training. Despite her family being elite at magic using, the heroine is weak at using magic, so for her training she is sent to the human world, her assignment is to collect gems/jewels that come from a humans heart under certain circumstances (e.g. when they have deep feelings for something/someone). Basically it’s kinda like Sugar Sugar Rune, a manga/anime where two girl witches who go to the human world to compete to see who can capture the most hearts from boys–winner becomes crowned queen. Anyway, this game is split into 3 parts for maximum profit.

That’s about it for this month.

Thanks for reading!

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6 thoughts on “[Monthly Overview] March 2018 Releases

  1. I saw that Nitro+Chiral is releasing their games for Vita, but they take all the H scenes away. I want H scenes xD
    So many otoge releases in March. I had no money to order them but I’m interested in Ikemen Sengoku

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    1. Sadly you can’t put H scenes in portable console games, I dunno about regular console games (usually they’re off screen), that’s why most R18 games are on the PC bc it’s your “personal computer” you can do whatever you want on it without ppl in public judging you and without the console companies getting slander for having full on sex scenes lol.

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  2. HI!!!!
    I tried to download the majestic majolical vol.1 trial from their website but when i opened the file, theres no button in starting the game….. 😦

    HUhuhuuhu i hope you will reply thank you!


    1. I’m very sorry for the late reply, I hope this reply will still be helpful to you.
      Apparently you don’t need to download the vol.1 trial in file form, you can just play it on your browser (e.g. on chrome, firefox, safari or microsoft edge). Go to the trial page here and scroll down until you see this:

      You can choose whose route you want to see by clicking on either boy indicated by the red rectangles in the above pic. You can play it in a larger browser window by clicking the button pointed at by the white arrow.
      When you choose a boy, a ‘caution’ screen will appear, you just need to click on the screen and it’ll boot up a piece of the boy’s route. It’s a little slow but it still works.
      I hope this helps.


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