[Drama CD] Ore-sama Residence -Saionji Sankyoudai- Vol.1 (Fuji Saionji – CV: Shunsuke Takeuchi)

Happy Valentine’s Day Y’all!! A very, very belated Valentine’s Day post by yours truly 😆

Anyway, what a great idea of a day to spend time with your significant other… or your favorite voice actor just whispering in your ear for a good solid hour. Yes it’s been a while since I last reviewed a drama CD and it may even be the first time I’ll do a proper review on an Otomate brand drama/situation CD.

As you can tell from the title I’ll be reviewing one CD from the Ore-sama Residence -Saionji Sankyoudai- series by Otomate Records.

So sit back for the day, maybe buy a few discounted valentine chocolates to nibble on (if there is still any left on the shelf) and just be transported away into any Drama CD of your choice. I don’t care if it’s no longer Valentine’s Day. Treat yo self. Meanwhile, here’s my review on Fuji Saionji’s CD.

— Synopsis of Ore-sama Residence -Saionji Sankyoudai-

The plot of the story is that you, the heroine of this Drama CD, is (for a certain reason) the housekeeper of the Saionji family, who lives in-house with everyone and has to deal with these three brothers who act all high and mighty and makes your day frustrating because of their arrogance, thus the title.

The first CD to release in this series is the drama CD “Ore-sama Residence -Saionji Sankyoudai” that has all three brothers in one CD and basically runs down the first encounter with the brothers and probably a backstory on how you became their live-in housekeeper. Each track samples on how each brother interacts with you and makes me wish I bought that first before listening to the eldest brother’s CD lol. This is what the jacket for the first CD is, just in case:

From left to right: Youngest brother Gen, Eldest brother Fuji and middle child Ran

So maybe if you’re interested in the series buy this drama CD first and then purchase any brother’s CD that you like afterwards. Though to be honest I got through Fuji’s CD just fine without the context of the first CD with all the brothers.

I like introduction CDs that showcases each guy in the series so it helps on your decision of purchasing which CD/guy you like the most. Alas, I didn’t notice this until it was too late because as soon as I saw Shunsuke’s Takeuchi’s name on a drama CD I was like, hands over wads of cash.

Anyway now that I got this out of the way let’s head straight into a run down of Fuji’s CD, my thoughts and opinions…


mainFuji Saionji, voiced by Shunsuke Takeuchi, is the eldest brother of the three. He is a graduate student at Keiou University and has a whopping IQ of 200+, so you best believe he’ll school you in how Rick and Morty is something only people with very high IQs can understand. He also has a strong streak of being a ドS, particularly loves seeing people cry.

He thinks of himself as a high spec (ハイスペック) boyo because he’s got the looks, the brains and personality (if you could call that a great personality when he likes to bully ppl lol).

Anyway, enough about his character profile, let me run down on what goes on in his drama CD.

The CD starts off with you waking up Fuji from his sleep, you’ve been working there as the house keeper for about 3 months now. Trying to wake him up results in some tokimeki moments like Fuji pinning (?) you down and talkin about how he prolly has some fetish for teary eyed girls or some shit and that you’re the only one who interests him bc you’re the only one that seems to stand up to him (yeah, that cliche). Just when he’s about to have his way with you as some sort of punishment, you manage to hit him and get out of his hold 😆 Good going, heroine.

This leaves Fuji wondering why you’re so weird but also thinking “man, I’m even weirder for letting this girl make me feel weird”. It must be love, Fuji lol. After scolding you for not doing a perfect job, Fuji gets a call from his old man and I’m kind of impressed they got another voice actor in this Drama CD just for his father, I’m sure Rejet hasn’t done this in most of their CDs just to cut down on costs lol. Fuji gets a bit frustrated with his call with his old papa talking about what he has to do after graduating university and this leads to a big monologue about how his dad only cares about his company and making Fuji into the best successor.

Which kind of starts to explain what’s behind Fuji’s complex of being the most perfect ore-sama lol. You ask him if he has anything he wants to be or do on his on volition but he’s like ‘yea, nuh i only need to be the successor’. He also reveals he has no friends, all he has is the Saionji family because everyone else is intimidated by their prestige but he also says he doesn’t mind it because he doesn’t have useless emotions like loneliness etc. Sure, Fuji, sure 🙄 It’s not like the reason you’re spilling your backstory to a housekeeper that you tease once in a while is because of loneliness.

We then get treated to exposition through background characters at Fuji’s uni that seem to be gossiping way too loud lol. We learn from the female students that Fuji has no girlfriend—so he’s single, ladies 😉 and the male students talk shit about how he’s affluent—so he’s rich, ladies 😉 But it shows that nobody really cares about him at his uni and he notes to himself that nobody really sees him as a person. Now here comes housekeeper-chan entering from left stage with hand made lunch which makes him surprised that she even came to his uni just to drop it off lunch that he laughs at how she worked so hard to fix it to be to his taste since he dissed on it earlier this morning. Oh Takeuchi-kyun your laugh is so cute lol.

Next day Fuji is hard at work on the computer and you come in with food because you’re worried seeing he hasn’t eaten anything, which kind of insults Fuji because he’s “Saoinji Fuji-sama” and nothing bad can happen to him. Right, like starvation/death cares who you are lol. Annoyed by your pestering he makes an ultimatum that he will eat your food only if you feed him because he’s “busy” with work. You give in and reluctantly feed him. He notices that you put some flavor/seasoning into the food and he gives a little compliment going “its good”, which makes you ecstatic because you wanted to see him be pleased which makes him dumbfounded. He takes it as an compliment to his charm because you wanted to see him pleased where he just strokes his ego in confusion lmao.

You give him a smile which makes him even more confused, seeing this is the first time he’s seen you smile like that at him. In his confusion he sours the mood by going “W-Well how about you feed me mouth to mouth? I’ll give you a reward if you do it well”. Fuji you silly man child. He forces a strawberry in your mouth but you refuse to play along so he’s like, ‘well i’ll take it from your mouth with mine’ and just as he was about to steal a kiss you bite his lip. 10 points to heroine, 0 points to Fuji 😂 Fuji is all like “yo, you can kiss someone who’s not your lover, yknow?” and you respond with a firm “there’s meaning behind a kiss with someone you like”, which leads to Fuji lecturing you on how the concept of love is fake and it’s all chemicals in your head and lists down all the chemicals involved. Having had enough of his shit you get up and Fuji is still like “what’s wrong with kissing me” and gets a bit thrown off when you tell him you don’t want to do it with him and you walk off. Of course Fuji is bewildered at why you’re “overreacting” and doesn’t know what he did wrong, he notices that he’s irritated after being rejected and still doesn’t get that He. Got. A. Crush. On. Housekeeper-chan. I’m smh.

Next day he sees you on the street with groceries and pulls over in his car just to call you out. Seems like you refused to talk to him in the morning after what happened the other day. He offers to get you your own personal car to help when buying a bunch of groceries seeing that she walks all the way home with a bunch of them but you reject it because you’d rather have a commoners life. After a conversation about the differences of their walks of life, you end up inviting him to either karaoke or go out together which he reluctantly agrees to hang out with a commoner like you. You take him to a game centre/arcade, you learn that he prolly hasn’t gone to a place like this but still manages to ace at a claw/UFO machine and get you a stuffed rabbit plushie. He is yet again taken aback by you smiling at him, which leads to him accidentally calling her cute which makes him have a small mental breakdown and he realises that he feels happy when seeing her smile and that you only see him as a person rather than his prestige.

After going to karaoke, Fuji muses about getting a bigger karaoke room because he wants to hang out with you again before stopping himself mid sentence because his deredere side is showing 😂 You suggest for him that they should hang out again and he’s like “y-yeah, if you beg me and stuff then maybe…” The two of you go back to the subject of what happened last night, where Fuji admits he might’ve went too far and didn’t mean to make you angry which you take as an apology despite his protests, saying he’s not apologizing tho. The two of you made up, the end. Just kidding, there’s still more to this. Sorry for making this so long haha. This CD is a good hour long, not like most Rejet CDs where they will pad the time with an extra track with the voice actor answering questions to hit the 1 hour or 50 minute mark.

Next day, while waiting for him outside his universary, you get swarmed by nanpas who ask for your phone number and whether you have a boyfriend. Luckily Fuji saves the day before shit hits the fan. At first the two nanpas are intimidated by Fuji’s presence but then start slinging shit at him, dissing him because he’s rich but got no friends and then they start attacking you, assuming you’re working for his family because you’re after money which, in Fuji’s mind, is where they crossed the line in terms of insulting Housekeeper-chan. Fuji kicks them to the curb and then it starts raining, which reminds him of his dear old Mama… And here comes the monologue.

I think his mother passed away or separated/walked away from his father and he reminisces on how he didn’t shed a single, well more like he just couldn’t. Which kinda explains why he likes seeing people cry, maybe because he himself just couldn’t cry. He talks about how you taught him that his way of life trying to be perfect and get noticed was wrong, that you’re one in a million and that you truly care about him as a person. Aw shucks, Fuji, you give us too much credit. Its only then he kinda realizes that “damn, I’m in love”, took you long enough.

Next day Fuji is overworking at his dad’s company, you call him up to say you’re coming over to bring some data he forgot to bring. As you were about to leave Fuji’s office after dropping the goods the electric door lock locks both of y’all in. Fuji then gets a text from his old dear papa saying “lol i forgot to tell you the building will go into lock down after X:XX pm for maintenance kbye”, then the lights turn off and it’s just the two of you. Y’all know what’s about to go down 😏 Turns out you’re really scared of the dark and Fuji offers to comfort you but you straight up head on hug him at full speed making him go off balance and fall hard on his ass. 20 points to heroine, 5 points to Fuji. After calming down, Fuji talks about how he started to get all these feelings towards you, like how he wants to see you smile when he sees you cry (which is weird for him bc he prefers ppl crying). This makes you blushu which makes Fuji go “man, you’re so damn cute” and gives you a small kiss. Man, Takeuchi sounds so sweet and calming at this part where his voice is lowered and I’m  in tears. The two of you realise their feelings are mutual, Fuji tells you to take responsibility (a phrase you’d usually hear that would follow with “marry me”) and to stay by his side always.

Last track is epilogue, you try to wake him up from his sleep just like the first track. Fuji is all like “5 more minutes” sleepily and just when you drop your guard he pulls you into bed and the two of you flirt with each other 😆 You tell him you’d rather not be called “Housekeeper” seeing that the two of you are together. Fuji thinks long and hard for a cute nickname and finally he calls you “Poochie”, explaining it’s what most owners give to their pets as a token of love which deserved a big old slap from you to him. 100 points to heroine, -30 to Fuji. Which leaves a total score of 130 points for heroine and -25 for Fuji in my book 😆 Fuji apologies jokingly at first but then goes into a deep seductive yet cocky voice for a couple more follow up apologies. Gotdamn it Takeuchi, with that voice I would forgive you in a heartbeat lol. He then orders you to make some food yet you refuse because the wounds from being called poochie is still fresh and the two go back and forth teasingly fighting each other.

The end, at least compared to the midnight jiangshi series this CD ended on a good note…

— Conclusion —

I thoroughly liked this one, maybe because I’m biased towards Shunsuke Takeuchi but gotdamn there were too many moments where I was like “wow I feel so attacked right now by Takeuchi’s voice”. Now I know how other people feel when they buy stuff because their favorite actor/voice actor is in it.

I’d have to say again, Takeuchi did a good job portraying a very arrogant ore-sama that also has some cute sides when he’s confused about his feelings. Fuji’s character is great to listen to overall, though just a tiny bit cliche lol. Though what else do you expect from an ore-sama trope character. I would like to see this character in more stuff, maybe Otomate can pull some strings and make a game out of it but that’s just wishful thinking, especially when the plot can’t be stretched to a full length PS Vita visual novel.

I wish Takeuchi would do more drama CDs because his voice is so good, you can clearly hear the emotions through his voice that it makes a great audio drama experience. Also thanks Otomate for adding the songs for each drama CD series into the character drama disc because some songs y’all produce through these drama CDs are nice to listen to. I know Rejet makes some songs to go along with the promotional video of a drama CD but you never see Rejet adding a bonus track for that song in the drama CD and it makes me think “aw what a waste of a good song”, though I think they do put all those songs into one album right?

Anyway, after doing a couple of these drama CDs it feels like I would be better off translating the whole CD than writing a very long description of what’s going on in the CD and just talk about my thoughts in a review lol. Though, I dunno if my Japanese is good enough for properly translating drama CDs, but I’ll try, especially considering this drama CD in particular was pretty easy to understand. I’ll put a poll down below to see if any of you would prefer a translation of the drama CD and review together or not:


Hope this post wasn’t too long. Thanks for reading!


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