[Mobile – Special] A3! Character Ranking Results


In celebration of A3’s first anniversary since it’s release, players were given an event to grind for support/cheer points to cheer for their favorite boy, new gacha with new SR cards were added just for the event and rewards like R/SR/SRR tokens were available during the event where you could use those tokens to choose previous limited gacha cards. Those who gave 1,000 cheer points to their favorite boy gets a special title/badge.

The event was called 咲かせよう!エールでMANKAI and it ran from 12th January, 2018 to 22nd January 2018. The event also provided as a character popularity poll too, in a way. The results of the character ranking was released on the 6th of February.

There are prizes planned for the winning characters so before I write up the character ranking I’ll just explain thoroughly what the prizes are.

Actors Ranking Prizes

1st~3rd Place Prizes

Characters ranking 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will get bonus/new content such as…

  • Choice Scout (Using choice medals, you can get their past scout cards)
  • Character Goods using new illustrations drawn by Ryo Fujiwara-sensei (not decided what type of character goods they are)

4th~10th Place Prizes

Characters ranking 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th will get bonus/new content such as…

  • Character Goods using chibi illustrations (not decided what type of character goods they are)


On top of that!

There will be a mixed performance where the cast includes one actor from each troupe, so four actors all together.  It’ll be decided by who gets the highest support for each troupe. Who will be the main star and supporting star roles will be decided based on who has more votes amongst the four selected.

The theme of the performance will be school/academy themed and the main star and supporting star actors will have a duet that will be sold in CD form, which also includes a mini audio drama.

An event based on this mixed performance will supposedly release within 2018.

Now onto the ranking…

Actor Ranking

=1st Place=

55,829,915 cheer points

Itaru Chigasaki


=2nd Place=

35,901,044 cheer points

Banri Settsu


=3rd Place=

34,818,469 cheer points

Misumi Ikaruga


=4th Place=

34,203,052 cheer points

Sakyo Furuichi


=5th Place=

33,505,763 cheer points

Masumi Usui


=6th Place=

30,339,250 cheer points

Tsumugi Tsukioka


=7th Place=

20,006,877 cheer points

Juza Hyodo


=8th Place=

19,679,563 cheer points

Tenma Sumeragi


=9th Place=

19,215,158 cheer points

Omi Fushimi


=10th Place=

19,112,174 cheer points

Taichi Nanao


Cast for the Mixed Performance will be these four lucky chaps:

          Lead Role            Sub Lead Role            Support A              Support B

This means Itaru and Banri will have a duet song, so I can’t wait 😊

Hopefully this post wasn’t too late to publish considering this news is like 2 days old. I honestly hope no one is fighting over the results of this, usually voting characters in a popularity poll doesn’t end too well among the fans.

I’m happy with any result really and I love every character in A3! so I don’t mind if some didn’t make it to the top 10, it doesn’t make them any less of a character. I hope others will think similarly.

Thanks for reading!


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