Rejet’s 2018 Announcements

Pretty much late on this post (more than a week late) but better late than never, haha. I’m not sure if Rejet had another “fes” to announce the new stuff happening this year or they just plain ol’ dumped youtube videos and called it an announcement considering they haven’t updated their site’s latest “events” sections since August 2017.

There’s a couple of old stuff getting some new volumes, its part of Rejet’s policy to milk the popular stuff as best they can, but there’s a couple of new IPs that seem quite interesting so let’s have a look, shall we?

Dance with Devils My Carol (PS Vita)

Release Date: 22nd March 2018

After milking the series of all its worth in the form of drama cds (prolly more than 3 different CD series release so far), fans will be delighted to hear that Dance with Devils is finally getting a fandisc. Yeah, I know this was announced back in November 2017 but I never really got around talking about those announcements so I missed my chance to talk about it until now that Rejet has released the opening movie… which looks more like they got the sprites sliding around for introduction and a few CGs here and there. I guess that’s what opening movies are like these days…

The fandisc will serve as an after story of when Ritsuka and the other boyos get together after expressing their undying love to each other. The synopsis on the website says something about a new incident so that might be interesting. What seems as strange though is the title “My Carol” makes you think it’s a Christmas themed game, there’s also CGs near the end of the video that kind of hints to Christmas with the lights in the background… Could it be that Rejet wanted to release this in December to go along side another Christmas Themed Otome Game Fandisc…? 🤔 Naaah, that couldn’t possibly be the case.

Anyway, I’m just hoping there’s just cute stuff in the fandisc with my main boy Mage.

‹ Seiyuu Cast ›

Soma Saito – Rem

Wataru Hatano – Lindo

Takashi Kondo – Urie

Subaru Kimura – Mage

Daisuke Hirakawa – Shiki

Tatsuhisa Suzuki – Roen

Official Website


C’mon Fellows! (Multimedia Project?)

Release Period: May 2018 ~ September 2018

I have absolutely no idea what’s this about. So you’ve got video creators and amateur singers (utaite), ok cool, but now the plot is about something about an ‘internet world’, something about isekai genre and a rabbit CEO of a video streaming company (Rabbit Netflix, anyone)? Yeah, now you lost me.

The rejet website says this’ll be a music CD + Music Video + Video Streaming (whatever that means) project, not sure if it’s referring to what will be in the story (like the dudes are making CDs and Music Videos inside the drama CD story if this is a drama CD) or if that’s what the kind of content Rejet has in mind. Really this is just a bit confusing for my tiny brain.

You’ve got your usual suspects of voice actors on this project, many who are great at singing so if its singing you’re giving then I’ll try it (depends if the songs are rockin’ or not). Not sure if there’s gonna be an drama parts to this so we’ll have to see what Rejet has in mind.

‹ Seiyuu Cast ›

Yuto Uemura – Mepachi

Shinnosuke Tachibana – Review-Sama

Hiro Shimono – Micchiy

Toshiyuki Toyonaga – Jel

Toshiki Masuda – Kurofune

Official Website


Dear Vocalist Xtreme (Song + Situational CD)

Release Period: March 2018 ~ August 2018

Another Dear Vocalist CD series? Yup, you heard it right but it seems like this might be the last with with words like ‘final stage’ and ‘last live’ you’d prolly think this is the end for the series…. But there’s also a live concert going on September 2018, Dead or Alive CR69Fes.2018 (an actual fan event to go see them sing live, by them I mean the VAs prolly).

The theme for this CD seems like dead or alive and some survival stuff/battle to the death going on, honestly I have no idea considering I don’t follow the series. Though I guess no real death is going to happen in the series right?

‹ Seiyuu Cast ›

Toshiki Masuda – Re-O-Do

Nobunaga Shimazaki – Joshua

Soma Saito – Judah

Natsuki Hanae – (2)You

Toshiyuki Toyonaga – Momochi

Ryohei Kimura – A’

Official Website


Diabolik Lovers Zero -Awaken Blood- (PS Vita?)

Release Date: 2018 (Coming Soon…)

Wow. I remember in Otomate’s Party event in September last year they hinted at a new Diabolik Lovers game but I didn’t think it would be about The Peepee Poopoo Man (the shadow man at 0:26 in the video).

All honesty I wonder if they’ll use a brand new cast considering it’s called “zero” (which in some cases means it predates the original series). If its a brand new cast then great, we’re finally free from these assholes but that also means there might be a new batch of vampire assholes to sell to the kiddies. Anyway it’s still funny they still credit the character design to Satoi when by now any new character will be drawn by someone else that isn’t Satoi (just take a look at this dude and tell me it’s by Satoi, I dare you).

Anyway it’s prolly not gonna involve a new cast considering the images in that teaser was obviously reused from the previous games, mostly the Sakamaki mansion so haha. The teaser talks about a portrait and ‘you’ prolly falling into it or be confined in it I don’t know I wish Rejet would stop being vague.

In other news, that Diabolik Lovers Grand Edition for the PS4 is set to release 29th of March, 2018 which will include the OG where it all started and more,blood. Nothing much added in this “Grand Edition” except for the higher resolution in graphics. But the only gold nugget to come out of this would be this god awful non-Satoi art, god bwess you Rejet.

Left is the limited edition cover and right is the regular edition. I just don’t get why they don’t use this key image here that’s used for the front page of the website. It looks closer to Satoi and the style of the original covers than the ones above.

‹ Seiyuu Cast ›


Official Website (yet to be launched)

breakTokyo Cemetery (Drama CD)

Release Period:  March 2018 ~ August 2018

Now, my brain ain’t working as it usually does so bear with me as I try to understand all these plots. Seems like this drama CD is about police business, where there is a special force that deals with ‘special criminal cases’ called “The 7th Special Section” often nicknamed the Cemetery. You’re the Chief Police’s special little princess (aka his daughter) and you have been assigned to this section, nepotism anyone?

I guess police/crime dramas are becoming a thing with women/girls in Japan, eh? Lately we’ve gotten CollarxMalice (police business), Koroshiya to Strawberry (criminal business) and now this. To be honest when I first saw this PV I didn’t think for a second it’d be about a special police force or something lol, I thought it’d be about this virus or something, but I also got a bit of a Psycho Pass feel going on with this video 😆

‹ Seiyuu Cast ›

Ryohei Kimura – Beruno Karigai

Kenji Nojima – Neimu Seno

Kosuke Toriumi – Taichi Mizuhara

Kazuya Nakai – Sariko Midou

Shinnosuke Tachibana – Gunji Tategami

Takashi Kondo – Aoi Saejima

Official Website


Luciole no Hime (Drama CD)

Release Period: March 2018 ~ August 2018

The story for this drama CD is that you wake up and find yourself in an eerie unknown place, you have no phone reception and you’re wearing clothes from another era. A boy says “Welcome back, Princess”–whom he is referring to you–and from there on out you assume the role of the Princess that resides in this realm. After checking the relationship chart found in the website it seems like the Princess is from a royal family that exists from a lot of inbreeding. The original king boned his older sister and younger sister, they had kids, those kids boned each other and the Princess is born. Gotta keep that shit in the family I guess.

I’m guessing this series is going for that good ol’ dark fairy tale vibe but this time with more incest it’ll make Diabolik Lovers look like a saint (jk). But in the vein of Diabolik Lovers it’s also a bit mean spirited, you’ve got twin brothers where one hates the other one’s guts and basically everyone is mean to everybody lmao. Wonder how this series will go.

‹ Seiyuu Cast ›

Hikaru Midorikawa – Sorona Redfall

Toshiki Masuda – Neuro Paptesma

Atsushi Tamaru – Gauche

Daisuke Kishio – Drowa

Takashi Kondo – Robin Torchia

Ryota Osaka – Dr. Thriller

Official Website


Marginal#5 Starry Lover (Drama CD)

Release Date: March 2018 ~ November 2018

When I saw the thumbnail I thought Marginal#5 was getting a second season for their anime, but turns out its just another Drama CD series (prolly the third one). Starry Lover seems like they’re doubling down on this “secret relationship” between the idols and the manager–aka you.  This time it’ll be focusing more on the two of you being alone together for some sweet, sweet lovin’ (jk).

Its gonna be one of those fluff drama CDs that shows the dude’s sweet side, I’m also gonna bet that it won’t reach the 1 hour mark in terms of content (excluding the cast talk bonus track). I guess this will be a nice addition to any fan’s collection.

‹ Seiyuu Cast ›

Toshiki Masuda

Naozumi Takahashi


Yuto Suzuki

Toshiyuki Toyonaga

Genki Okawa

Shouta Aoi

Chiharu Sawashiro

Toshiyuki Someya

Official Website

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3 thoughts on “Rejet’s 2018 Announcements

  1. Rejet announcement was no surprise for me… more DiaLov, more drama cds, more songs…
    Really, I’m getting tired.
    Why Rejet doesn’t make a new game instead of making hundreds of drama cds?
    I bet some of these drama cds would be a nice and cool game.
    I’m curious about DiaLov but if they change the charas/cast I don’t know if I’ll have courage to start a whole new game x’D

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    1. I think they make more drama cds instead of games is bc drama cds prolly cost less to make and might be quicker to shit out than a game that may require a year or more to make before it release.
      And youre right, most of the drama cds they release could be interesting games but they dont do it 😂 they didnt announce anything new with Dorico this time, yknow that gamethey announced last year alongside “usotsuki” which i think has already released.
      Anyway it depends what the new dialovers game will be to catch my interest.

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  2. Meh I wish Tokyo Cemetery would be an otome game but it’s just a drama CD. I’m still mildly interested tbh lol but meh! Not as much as I would be if it were a game 😂 give me more police procedurals and crime otome games!!! (can you guess what types of shows I usually watch 😂😂)
    As usual tho nothing super exciting from rejet lol I’d say it’s disappointing but I always expect this kind of content so I guess there’s nothing to get disappointed over because my expectations are so low? www
    Ah well, thanks for all your hard work! I always forget about these announcements for some reason www so I end up missing everything until someone posts about it later on 😂

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