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[Monthly Overview] January 2018 Releases

PS Vita

Ephemeral -Fantasy On Dark- – 18th January – HuneX Dramatic Create


Woooo, it’s good to be back after my long holiday spendin’ time with the fam overseas. Being with my family overseas who I haven’t seen for about 3-4 years made me happy and forget the awful things in 2017 and hopefully helped my outlook in life. I’ll do my best this year and hopefully reach my goals before the year ends (one of my new year resolutions is to learn more recipes to cook for myself). I hope you all will make 2018 a good year for yourself and those around you.

Usually I would make my “Yearly Overview” posts the first thing I publish in January but I’ll put it on hold because it takes a while to compile all the games that may release in 2018. Though, I’m starting to think that console games are starting to thin out now that mobile games are making a big scene (as well as making big money).

This month’s overview includes one (1) PS Vita game release.

Ephemeral -Fantasy On Dark- is a port from the mobile to the PS Vita. It was one of those pay chapter games but with a bit of porting it can now be called a fully fledged otoge (maybe). The story is about the heroine, who is a zombie, who wants to see the world outside her zombie town and is given a chance to go to a school with all types of monsters. The heroine’s suitors are a werewolf, the invisible man, a vampire and a mummy, y’know like the ol’ classic monster movies, all they’re missing is the creature from the black lagoon. The new features added for the PS Vita version is a fully voiced cast (excluding the heroine) and the usual features you see in any old PS Vita otoge. Doesn’t seem like they’ll be adding new stories or CGs like Dramatic Create does with previous ports so maybe it’s gonna be the length of a usual otoge without the extra stuff. Trial/Demo version is up on the Japanese PSN store. Not sure if there will be an English version considering the mobile release also had an English version available, however I’m not sure how well translated it is. Though with classic lines like “I feel uncomfortable. Give me your blood” I’m sure it was greatly appreciated by English Otoge Fans.

That’s about it for this month’s overview. I’m gonna try to finish CollarxMalice ENG ver. (started on the plane and played when I had no internet) and hopefully make a review sooner or later. I’m crossing my fingers that I remember everything I thought about it during my time overseas.

Thanks for reading, wish you all will have a good year.


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