[2017 Recap & Review] Bunny Recaps 2017

his year I’ll be doing the yearly recap & review posts a bit differently, I’ll be doing separate posts for each review subject so it’ll be posted for each week in December and finally doing an overall recap post at the end of the month.

I’m splitting things up because I won’t be available to blog during late November/whole of December as I’ll be overseas with no internet access, or at least no regular access.

This week I’ll be doing my usual 2017 recap as well as Bunny’s Rankings that I would do in the previous year’s recaps. This time around I won’t be doing a personal recap because it was a shit year for me, instead I’ll be doing a recap on the stuff that happened this year that was otome game related, etc. So enjoy.

2017 Otome Game News Recapped

Now I’ll try my best to remember this year’s news in the otome game world, I’ve got a bad memory so please forgive me.

Take some of these with a grain of salt, these might not be accurate so please do your own research before reciting what I say here.

—Taisho Alice Localisation & E2 Gaming

One of the biggest news story to happen in the otome gaming world in 2017 would be the Taisho Alice Localisation fiasco. For those who weren’t living under a rock or don’t use twitter/follow the right people, the first volume of Taisho Alice was localized this year, released to the public for all to see the most shittiest and unprofessional localisation. The localisation had grammar errors, terrible wording with sentences and lack of translated menus, the tell-tale signs of an amateur at work.

The localisation was done by E2 Gaming, who had bought the license from Primula to be the only company to localize the Taisho Alice series. E2 Gaming was caught in another controversy prior to the release of Taisho Alice vol.1 (localised), where they used translations from Otome Jikan without their permission or knowledge (basically stole) and used it for character profiles and introduction of the game on their website. When they were outted for this they apologized, put some of the blame on one of their guys for “being a big otoge fan that he became too excited and did all this shit” (not an exact quote, just an abridged version) or something like that. Since then everyone kept an eye out for these guys just in case they mess up again in the future and sure enough, they did.

When they released the first volume of Taisho Alice the shit hit the fan and it hit the fan really hard. The website they were using to sell download versions of the game was not encrypted therefore your credit card was at risk and the download version was in a zip file or something so you can easily download it without paying as if you were downloading from mediafire. Then people played it, and that’s when everyone saw how shit it was from the live tweets. The awkward dialogue, the wording in sentences making your mind explode from trying to comprehend it, the memes… oh the memes. The hiragana Alice and katakana Alice was born because the translator didn’t know what to do with the dialogue where the two Alices have different ‘spellings’, more like different alphabets–hiragana and katakana. It’s not like you can figure shit out and call the hiragana Alice “Arisu” and the katakana Alice “Alice”, nah man we gotta say it’s hiragana Alice and Katakana Alice, or when we write it, we’ll put parenthesis so everyone knows it’s temporally. I’m guessing no on proof read that… oh wait, all the translation was done by one guy and google translate (bing translate at best), I believe his name was Shion something.

Also let’s not forget that this Shion dude got his friends from facebook to voice every guy and gal in the game because he couldn’t afford the rights for the voice actor’s voices. Hey if Aksys Games, a supposedly small company, can get the original voices then why can’t you? Seriously where did you get this money… Oh right, it was a government funded project. Shit it’s all coming back to me. Apparently there’s a company, that’s government funded, that gives out loans to those who wants to bring media from Japan to the Americas, media like manga, games etc and just localise them. But I guess the guy just bought the simplest licence possible, one that doesn’t cost much and the one that  doesn’t include the original voices, and then did the rest of the work with himself and his friends. This shit goes deep, I’m missing a lot of stuff but boy… it really goes deep. I’m sure there’s a more accurate article out there that has all of this dirt down.

Anyway, people are angry, they complain on the facebook page only to get a post saying that the people at E2 are happy about the sales and to look forward to the next volume to release. People got even more mad, writing comments/replies to the post only to have them deleted. People told Primula, the company who owns Taisho Alice, to get a neutral response prolly something about them looking into things but that might’ve been it (I can’t remember).

While the meltdown was continuing people started investigating on twitter, to find secrets upon secrets upon secrets… and also Shion’s instagram which he later posted a picture of all the vapes he bought during this shitstorm. Vape Naysh Yall.

I haven’t heard much lately, people haven’t been talking about it and I don’t think anyone got any formal reprimands from any authorities, so this whole scam is kinda swept under the rug. There’s more shit to this, it’s just layers upon layers of scandals it’s incredible.

Mr. Shion Franois just wanted a slice of that otoge pie and he’s prolly gonna follow it ’till the end. You bamboozled us good.

You can find more about E2 Gaming in Figuratively Speaking’s post that explains it much better.

—Aksys Games Otome Localisation

Still on the topic of localisation it seems like there are split opinions between how localisation should be handled/accepted by the audience. Akysys Games is one of few companies who are taking an initiative to localize otome games, which comes with handling a niche subculture with a moderate fanbase in the west. A lot appreciate that games are being localized into English as most cannot read or understand Japanese, I remember when I was young I would crave for some English fan patches so I understand the struggle.

With the releases of Period Cube, Collar X Malice and Bad Apple Wars in the same year with most if not all of them having translation errors or bugs in general that weren’t fixed during Quality Assurance, a lot of us started to debate on how we receive our localisation and how we should react to it. One school of thought says we should be happy we’re getting localisations at all even if it has a few bugs, missing translations or poorly translated lines (like Norn9’s kissing sounds being translated to the sounds of agony). Another school of thought suggests we should give feedback/complaints to the company who localizes it in hopes they’ll improve. Then there’s others who may suggest to just don’t buy if the company is known for not doing proper quality assurance tests and just learn Japanese.

I don’t mean to pick on Aksys Games but they’re pretty prevalent lately with poor QA, grammar or unfinished sentences like “It Finis” from Code:Realize (I wish I had a screenshot of it). In fact it’s not restricted to just Otome Games they localized. I was watching a stream of my favorite youtubers who played “School Girl/Zombie Hunter” (one of D3P’s games) that had been localized by Aksys games, during the tutorial a whole sentence had two pairs of words that were conjoined. It looked something like this:


This is one of Aksys Games’ latest localised games to come out and it still seems like quality assurance ain’t workin’ like they used to. I can understand errors near the end of the game where testers barely get to but at the start of the game, during the tutorial? Yeah. I’m sorry Aksys my man, but you really need to find a better source of testers…. if there are any, unless y’all do in-house testing which might explain a few things.

I hope that they’ll do a good job localizing the Psychedlica series and 7’scarlet as they are pretty story heavy, so please don’t butcher it.

—Otome Ken Musashi a PS Vita game turned Mobile

This one is really sad for me. I remember adding this to my upcoming otome games list (which excludes mobile games) when I found out about this game when it was first announced. I was excited to play it on the PS Vita until Karin Entertainment/Karinto decided that there’s more money in mobile games than in Vita games.

Now we have Otome Ken Musashi for the mobile device to release in 2018 with not a lot of fanfare, I think after that announcement some people who were following it became bummed that it’s becoming a mobage which means there is no ending to the story, it’s never ending, there’s no conclusion, no finale to romances (if there is ever going to be).

I think in an interview with the director in B’s Log, the guy said the move to mobile was to increase the cast/date-able guys. I can understand because a PS Vita game can’t handle like 20 routes and stuff but really…? Do you really need 20 more dudes? I don’t think it’s 20 more characters I’m just guessing here. Basically it’s going to the fully fledged mobage route with a huge cast, some simple ass gameplay and don’t forget about the sweet, sweet mobage moolah you’re gonna make from the whales.

If you can’t tell I’m already burnt out by mobile games so can we just…. not.

From the previews of what the mobile game will look like in the video (which is still a work in progress), it look pretty rough and lacking substance. Like Karin Entertainment pulled the budget from it or something to make more BL drama CDs… which doesn’t cost a lot to make tbh.

—The Mobile Game Revolution

Now this segue ways into the current climate of Otome Games–or at least games oriented to women/girls. The rise of mobile games is apparent, companies are noticing there’s a better way of business in the mobile market as it targets a large audience–I mean, who doesn’t own a smartphone in this day and age, you’re more likely to have a smartphone than a game console, it’s hard to admit but it’s true. The allure of a “free game” is what baits you, then if you’re obsessed enough with the game and/or it’s characters you’ll pay to play or at least, pay to win and you’ll pay a lot without realizing at the heat of the moment. It’s kind of like gambling, especially with gacha games. It’s an easy market out there and you can rake in millions depending on whether you’re successful or not in your venture of making a mobile game that appeases to the masses.

Otomate and Rejet have caught onto this, so has Karin Entertainment by the looks of it. This year Otomate and Rejet have released mobile games this year (Sengoku Night Blood and Starevo respectively) that have all the qualities of a good mobage in the making in terms of how it’ll suck you in and make whales out of people (hey I don’t judge what you’re spending your hard earned money on, it’s just that that’s what companies prolly see people as: cash cows, the more easily attached they get and lack of self control the better).  I’ve been down that road as a pay to play player, so don’t say I don’t know what this is all about. The more successful a mobile game is the longer the life cycle the mobage will have which means the more money it will rake in from current/veteran players and newcomers who want to pay, that’s what most companies are aiming for when they go into the mobage market.

Otomate and Rejet will be releasing more next year (possibly). Otomate will have their ‘Library Cross‘ mobage that has crossovers/cameos of other Otomate series and characters, Rejet will have their ‘Ken Ga Toki‘ mobage which is in the same vein as their Ken ga Kimi series which has a strong fanbase. Who knows what happened to Rejet’s “Ayakashi Children” project, that’s gone silent… even the website hasn’t changed since 2016.

Anyway, the way things are going I wouldn’t be surprised if things moved onto the mobile where the story is never ending and you’ll never get a happy end, just a server closure where they wipe out everyone’s data when they decide to end the game’s service. Kinda like how DVDs made VHS tapes obsolete and how internet streaming made DVDs irrelevant, that’s just how technology advancement works… even if it is sad to see that happen. I’m still sick of mobages btw 😂

—The First Erotic Male Figure with Anatomically Correct Happy Meal Toy Dicke and Monoball (Gone Wrong) (Gone Sexual) (Gone Violent) [Not Clickbait!!!]

You may have known or read my post about the Native Figure’s Aoba from DMMd, which is the first R18 figure of a male character to be sold within Japan and worldwide. A lot preordered it and got Mr. Aoba. From my point of view it looked a bit disappointing in terms of the faded paint job, the odd look of the facial structure and second face, the blobby ends of his hair, his balls looking like they’ve merged and became a monoball, the way the pubes are literally sculpted rather than painted on so it looks like a weird blue tuff of hair is devouring his dick. That kind of jazz. Thinking back on it I hope it didn’t make people who own him feel bad or ripped off, it was merely my judgement from other’s shared photos of the figure seeing that I didn’t get my hands on one myself. I apologize if the post affected people negatively.

However my opinions still stand on what I thought about the final product that was Native Aoba figure, I wouldn’t say it was an entirely a bad choice in buying it. You can still freak people out by putting it on top of your Christmas tree.

Bunny’s Rankings 2017 Edition

It’s Bunny’s Yearly Rankings™ time with your host Bunny/Billy/Biwwy/Bilby/Bill.I.Am. This is the section of the post where I do my own personal rankings of 2017 on all kinds of things. I’ve got to stress that these are based on my opinions, I’m sorry if you disagree with them but hey, this is all for fun and to share my thoughts.

I’ll try to keep things fresh by not repeating the same people/games/etc from last year’s ranking.

So let’s get this started.


Top 5 Otome Games (vita)

(Because i only played 2 games this year I’ll cut it down to just 2)

  1. Haitaka no Psychedelica
  2. Side Kicks!

Special Shout Out to my copy of KLAP FD, I’ve yet to pop it into my PS Vita, I’m sorry.

Top 5 Anticipated Otome Games (2018)

  1. Variable Barricade
  2. Tengai ni Mau, Ikina Hana
  3. Koroshiya to Strawberry
  4. Piofiore no Banshou
  5. Fortissimo

Top 5 Apps/Browser Games

  1. A3!
  2. Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage
  3. Cocktail Prince
  4. I Chu = Yumeiro Cast = Band Yarouze
  5. Project Tokyo Girls

Special Mention to Idolmaster SideM Live On Stage and Touken Ranbu

Top 5 Drama CDs

  1. Midnight Jiangshi: Tenchou Yuugi – Vol. 2 (Reirei)
  2. THANATOS NiGHT – Vol. 1 (Izaya)
  3. THANATOS NiGHT – Vol. 2 (Nia)
  4. Oniichannel CD Collection – Vol. 1
  5. Midnight Jiangshi: Tenchou Yuugi – Vol. 7

Top 5 2D Bois

  1. Taichi Nanao = Juza Hyodo (A3!)
  2. Saku Uruha (I Chu)
  3. Lugus (Haitaka no Psychedelica)
  4. Adonis (Cocktail Prince)
  5. Katsuie Shibata (Sengoku Night Blood)

Top 5 Heroines

  1. Jed/Eiar (Haitaka no Psychedelica)
  2. Izumi Tachibana (A3!)
  3. Yuzuki Asahina (I Chu)
  4. Inori (Side Kicks!)
  5. Aoi (Cocktail Prince)

Top 5 Seiyuus

  1. Shunsuke Takeuchi (Juza from A3!, Kirara from Side Kicks!)
  2. Ayumu Murase (Kokoro from I Chu, Show from Band Yarouze!)
  3. Takuya Eguchi (Tenma from A3!, Martini from Cocktail Prince)
  4. Daisuke Hirose (Misumi from A3!)
  5. Chiharu Sawashiro (Banri from A3!, Manhattan from Cocktail Prince)

Top 5 Illustrators/Artists

  1. Yone Kazuki (Koroshiya to Strawberry)
  2. Satoru Yuiga (Psychedelica Series, Shuukyoku no Dolls)
  3. Mizuki Oniyama (Iyagatteru Kimi ga Suki)
  4. Kohaku Sumeragi (Side Kicks!)
  5. Mai Hanamura (CollarxMalice, Character design of the Toyotomi army in Sengoku Night Blood)

Top 5 2017 Anime

  1. Dynamic Chord the Anime
  2. Dynamic Chord the Anime
  3. Dynamic Chord the Anime
  4. Dynamic Chord the Anime
  5. beatsmeaty

Special Mention to the anime that wish it could but was shit: King’s Game the Animation

Top 5 Popular Blog Posts of 2017 (yankeebanchou)

(Recorded on the 22nd of November, 2017)

  1. [Mobile] How to Get Japanese Mobile Games (android+iOS)
  2. 2017 Overview – Upcoming Otome & BL Games
  3. [Mobile – Special] “Chinese ver. Enstars” – Ensemble Stars
  4. [Figures & Statues] 🔞 Post-mortem on… Aoba Figure by Native
  5. [Figures & Statues] 🔞Spotlight – Aoba Figure (Native)

If I could get a wish granted for anything this year that has to do with otome games or female oriented games in general it’d be….

For companies to make female oriented games with high quality, the same as any games they’d make to appeal the male audience. Like an idol game that can math the quality of Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage, or a pandering game like Senran Kagura but for the female audience. Equal rights, come on man…. (I’m joking), but really I just wish that most female oriented games aren’t so mediocre, that’s all.

That wraps up this year. I hope you all are having a safe New Years Eve (if you’re in a different time zone and it’s not New Years Eve, then have a happy and safe New Years Eve in advance). Times like these you gotta reflect on the year… don’t have regrets because there’s always next year.

I appreciate everyone who reads my blog posts even if my posts aren’t that great or professional, I just hope I made you all smile, kill time or help you be informed.

Have a good one, I’ll see you all in 2018 🎉

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