[2017 Recap & Review] Week 1 – Drama CD Reviews

This year I’ll be doing the yearly recap & review posts a bit differently, I’ll be doing separate posts for each review subject so it’ll be posted for each week in December and finally doing an overall recap post at the end of the month.

I’m splitting things up because I won’t be available to blog during late November/whole of December as I’ll be overseas with no internet access, or at least no regular access.

This week I’ll be recapping and reviewing the drama CDs I’ve been listening to in 2017.

2017 Drama CD Recap & Review

This year I haven’t been listening to a lot of drama CDs, considering there hasn’t been a lot of good CDs out lately (eyes, Rejet) but also because I’ve been saving money. However there were a few CDs that got me interested near the end of the year but I’ve yet to purchase them. Hopefully I’ll get around purchasing them next year.

Some of the CDs I’ve bought I had already reviewed but there were some that I didn’t get around doing, so this is my chance 😆



This CD series I didn’t review, I was thinking of reviewing it but then I completely forgot about it. I was drawn to it because of the rock music and stayed for the short drama CD (I’d call it short considering it seemed like the story went too fast).

I listened to Izaya’s (CV: Wataru Hatano) CD and Nia/Near’s (CV: Toshiki Masuda) CD. Izaya’s drama part was ok, it helped set up the series and the rules about it like if you listen to a fallen angel’s song you’ll die (the series kinda confuses fallen angels as death gods/the grim reaper but ok) and was a bit bittersweet in the end. His song was fuckin’ lit, I love me some Wataru Hatano singing some rock.

Meanwhile Nia/Near’s CD got me surprised, but only a bit because I saw it coming. Spoilers(highlight to read): Nia/Near turned heel and just loved singing some babes to death after luring and seducing them, his reveal was kinda like Reirei’s in Midnight Jiangshi but was less hilarious and crazy because no one can beat Shinnosuke Tachibana’s psychotic laughs.  The song is also good, this series has a good range of vocalists but too bad I didn’t buy the rest.

I didn’t buy the second series Re:Vival, mainly because some of the songs weren’t as good as the first. Like, it didn’t sound so much as rock and more like idol songs, but that’s just my opinion.

Midnight Jiangshi: Tenchou Yuugi

The jiangshi are back in town, now with no Meimei! Seriously I have no idea why Meimei ain’t in this CD series, they never really explained it in the CDs, they only did a slight mention of him and by that I mean they say his name once per CD.

I’ve already reviewed ShushuReirei and ChuchuNot exactly sure if Rejet will continue this series considering it’s only got 2 CD series out while Yuugen Romantica, released around the same time, has 4 CD series. I think I remember seeing Rejet CEO say that they only focus on things that sell, so maybe it didn’t sell well? Oh well.

See you Space Jiangshi…

Oniichannel CD Collection

Oniichannel was supposedly a multi-media project, making tweets, comics and drama CDs. I say supposedly because they stopped tweeting at the 20th of September, 2017. News on the website stopped in August. It’s been silent since then and it’s a shame too because the artwork was nice and there’s prolly a lot of girls out their with an Oniichan kink.

Nevertheless they released some CDs back in Valentine’s Day and White Day. I bought the Valentine’s Day CD and it was cute but a little cheesey, also kind of ambiguous if they’re really a blood related brother or not so that was weird. You can read my review on it here.

Bushiroad, B’s Log, I sure hope y’all didn’t give up on this project because that’d be really sad.

Yuugen Romantica Hatenkou

This is the third CD season for the Yuugen Romantica series. I didn’t review this one. I got Utashiro because I can’t get enough of Ryohei Kimura, I listened to it once and then fell asleep 😆 No lie, this CD put me to sleep, it was kinda boring but also I was tired anyway.

The theme of this third season is that you and your yokai bf are in this situation (a building of some sort) and then there’s an enemy ghost/yokai trying to kill either one of you, or even both. If I try to remember with Utashiro, it seems like there’s this game with a room full of candles and you have to either escape the room before the last candle blows out or you get hurt/die. I think the yokai/ghost/evil being took over Utashiro’s body or disguised as him because we gotta give it a voice and we can’t have more than 1 voice actor per CD. Anyway, I can’t remember the rest of it because I just fell the fuck to sleep.

I’m not as excited to buy the rest of the CDs of the third season because it was meh, the fourth season is gonna be like a “versus” CD where there’s two yokai boyz per CD. Might be interested but also still wish the series could get a PS Vita game, but we all know Rejet won’t do that.


Stay tuned for next week where I do recaps and reviews for the non-otome games I played in 2017.

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