[Monthly Overview] December 2017 Releases

PS Vita

Neo Angelique Tenshi no Namida – 7th December – Otomate

Himehibi Zoku! Niggaki -New Princess Days!!- – 14th December – TAKUYO

Kiniro no Corda 2 ff (fortissimo) – 21st December – Koei Tecmo


Woooo, I’m blogging from beyond the grave~ 😆 Just kidding. I’m still overseas, probably without any internet access but that doesn’t mean I can stop blogging.

Actually I’m writing this up in November in advance  so I’m not sure if these games will release in December or not or whether there will be more. I’ll list down the games that still have not released and were predicted to release around 2017:

Whether or not they release in December is up to the company, but sadly I wont be able to update this post while I’m overseas if they do announce the release dates for those games with uncertain release dates.

Anyway, I’ll do a rundown of the games with confirmed release dates before I discuss what I’m planning to post this month.

Neo Angelique Tenshi no Namida is a remake(?) of the first 2006/2008 game “Neo Angelique”. There was also an anime released back in 2008 based on Neo Angelique that’s called “Neo Angelique -Abyss-“. After almost 10 years, Koei Tecmo and Otomate are collabing together to bring this new edition. I’m not exactly sure if it’s a remake or a sequel or a reboot but it sure does look updated with newer graphics compared to the ancient times of 2006/2008. Just like any other Koei Tecmo otome game, this one also has an extensive system besides the visual novel part like the cooking-food-for-your-man-to-get-him-to-like-you system 😆 I think this would be a good game for those who couldn’t play it back when it released or for fans to replay the game with better graphics.

Himehibi Zoku! Niggaki – New Princess Days!!- is the port of the sequel of Himehibi -New Princess Days-, which was also ported to the PS Vita earlier this year. This time there’s a new heroine and a new set of ikemens for her to go for (which one of those ikemens is her twink bodyguard and the other is her oniichan, that’s one hell of a cast). Just like the first game, this one is going for that romcom high school life genre. I heard the sequel ain’t as good as the first game so I’ll prolly just get the first game one day (if I can still purchase it online lol).

Kiniro no Corda 2 ff (fortissimo) is a remake of Kiniro no Corda 2 and Kiniro no Corda 2 f to the PS Vita. The new features will include: fully voiced stories with the usual suspects of a Koei Tecmo otome game (I’m seeing a lot of familiar voice actors that were used in Kiniro no Corda 4), remade graphics and CGs as well as adding 30 new images, a new route with romance ending, and epilogues set 1 year after the best ending as well as DLC for seasonal scenarios like Christmas. Game system is full of different features and gameplays, like the previous games, using 3D chibi models for musical concerts and parts of overworld exploration (I think). I’m not sure if there’s a rhythm mini-game for the concerts like Corda 4 though. It’ll be a long game to complete all of it and get every route and ending but it’s prolly worth it for those hardcore otome gamers who want more gameplay.

Now that that’s done with, onto my plans for this month. I was thinking instead of doing one post for my yearly recap & review, I was thinking of splitting up each segment for each week in December. So it’ll go something like this, first week of December I’ll do my recap/review on the drama CDs I’ve listened to this year, second week I’ll do a recap/review on the non-otome games I’ve played and etc. There’s about ‘5 weeks’ or so in December so I hope I’ll get at least one post out per week. The final week I’ll do a reflection post on this year and then my rankings just like my other yearly recap posts.

I hope that’ll provide enough content while I’m gone.

I wish you all a safe and joyful holiday in advance. Make sure to treat yo self this month 😂

As always, thanks for reading!

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