[Mobile] Otome Watch – オトメ勇者 – Otome Yuusha

Otome Yuusha (オトメ勇者) is an upcoming iOS/Android game by level-5, who is known for such games as the Professor Layton series, Inuzuma Eleven games and Yo-Kai Watch series. This will be their first attempt at making a game that is female oriented and hopefully unlike Square Enix’s first time attempt at making a female oriented game *coughKimikiricoughreallybadgamecough* they will be successful with Otome Yuusha.

This is game will be a collaboration between level-5 and A-1 Pictures–who will provide animated sequences for the mobile game–as well as character design from Chinatsu Kurahana, who also did character design for the Uta no Prince-sama games and Togainu no Chi, with her latest work being the illustrator and character design for Otomate’s 7’scarlet.

As usual with most of my ‘otome watch’ posts, I’ll be doing a rundown on the game, characters, story and system before it releases with the information that has been released at the time of writing this post. If there’s anything big in terms of new information, I’ll try to add it to this post.

I’ll be getting most of my information and images from the website, I’ll reference other Japanese articles but I won’t post the images posted from those articles here.


Not gonna lie here, but the development of Otome Yuusha has been quite the slow one with many delays and the project having no promotional material and twitter account since until recently.

The first announcement of the game was in July 27th, 2016, during level-5’s conference “LEVEL5 VISION 2016 -NEW HEROES-“, where they announced they wanted to go for a new genre–the “otome game” genre–and thus Otome Yuusha was born. It was said to be released in Winter 2016 but seeing that we’re here in 2017 with still no proper release date, we can safely say that they couldn’t meet their release date deadline.

Otome Yuusha’s first appearance in  magazines oriented to female gamers who are into otome games was in B’s Log’s 2016 October Issue, released on 20th of August. There it showed off its key visual, a handful of characters, screenshots of gameplay and animated cutscenes by A-1 Pictures. However since then, magazine coverage of Otome Yuusha went silent. I haven’t been buying magazines lately so I’m not entirely sure if there’s more articles on it in B’s Log.

After some silence on development, in May 2017 Otome Yuusha finally got an official twitter and started tweeting since July with regular to infrequent tweets since then.

Release date was moved to “Summer 2017” but once summer had passed it moved to “This Winter”, assuming it’ll release December 2017. The latest promotional video was released at the end of October, 2017, still promising that it’ll release “This Winter”. Whether or not it’ll release will be up to whether level-5 thinks it’s polished enough to release to the public.

Fingers crossed that it’ll release this year with no bugs or mishaps. Also hoping they’ll anti up the marketing side of this game, it’d be a shame if this went under peoples radar when it looks pretty decent so far (which is why I’m doing a post about it, hopefully it doesn’t blow up in my face when it turns out to be a kusoge).

Introduction | Story

Otome Yuusha is an RPG, or as level-5 likes to describe it’s genre: “An RPG where two people’s love saves the world”–in translation, ‘An RPG with a sprinkle of romance with your harem of slayer men’. It’s a free* game that you can prolly play on the go on your mobile as long as you’ve got mobile data. Card collecting is also a thing, which means that there may be a gacha feature.

For now it’ll be released in Japan only, in Japanese, so people outside of Japan might not be able to play it (unless you go through great lengths to bypass region lock). If this gets a good English following then the possibility of fan translations releasing and English guides available is more likely to happen.

They also plan to expand upon Otome Yuusha through other media like anime and books etc.

*Free but with microtransactions to buy items to help you play (but probably not needed to play the game)

As for story, here’s a short synopsis from the website.


There was once a Hero in this world—

Together with their comrades, the Hero exorcised darkness,

sealed away the demon and returned light back into the world.

However, 300 years later—

After the resurrection of Demon Overlord Triniwohl/Trinivore(?) [トリニヴォール]

The world is once again consumed by darkness.

The King of Granlot(?) [グランロット]–the power country that is competing for first place–

revives ‘Road of Glory’–a tournament to have warriors compete against each other

while also suppressing demons that have been infesting the continent.

The only man to gain the title of “Strongest Warrior – Grand Slayer” will accompany the Hero to challenge the Demon Overlord

—–It’s your decision on who will accompany you on your quest to save the world


Sorry about the third paragraph being so awkward, I’m not 100% great at translating, but damn was that sentence confusing.

As a summary of the story in my own words, there are 24 ‘slayers’ (who are the main playable characters) and 1 Hero (yuusha), who is the heroine aka the player. The world is infested by demons and to be able to challenge the demon overlord there must be one Hero and one grand slayer. Though, to be honest, wouldn’t they have a better chance in numbers? But I guess it’s to push that theme of ‘only the love of two people can save the world’.

Anyway, I’ll apologize for now and for future translations with the made up places/countries in this game. While the names of characters have official English translations, the names of countries and the demon overlord don’t so I’m gonna have to guess it.


There are 24 characters in total, these characters are called ‘slayers’ who are participating in the Road of Glory and will be the playable characters in the game. You are the Hero, who has yet to have an official name so it is unsure if she is a self-insert.

Whether or not they’ll add more characters after release is up to level-5.

All character images were taken from the website. The character profiles were translated by me, I tried my best but I’m sure there’s a bunch of mistakes here and there.


“Just leave me be, it’s none of your business.”

Ixa | CV: Kaito Ishikawa

A Swordsman with Amnesia

A young swordsman with amnesia.

He’s a lone wolf with a cool aura who prefers not to conspire with others.

He believes that if he wins the Road of Glory he’ll understand who or what he is.

Age: 17 years old

Height: 178cm

Birthday: 9th October

Blood Type: Unknown


“Hey, don’t go lettin’ your guard down around other guys.

SlashCV: Toshiki Masuda

The Hero’s Childhood Friend

He dreams of becoming a palace knight after succeeding in the Road of Glory.

He has a foul mouth and is blunt, but is a kind young man at heart.

He is worried about you, who was suddenly chosen to become the ‘Hero’.

Age: 17 years old

Height: 179cm 

Birthday: 21st August

Blood Type: Type A


“Still… sleepy… may I… rest my head on your lap?”

Fal | CV: Hikaru Midorikawa

Sleeping Elf

He is a young man who often sleeps, regardless the situation, and rarely opens his mouth.

He was a partcipant in the Road of Glory 300 years ago. He may look like he’s in his late teens but in fact he is over 1,000 years old.

Age: Over 1,000 years old

Height: 173cm

Birthday: 18th April

Blood Type: Type A


“Come, I’ll shower you with love until you’re satisfied.”

Larkam | CV: Yuichi Nakamura

Pompous Prince of the Desert

He is the 9th prince of a desert empire, Legendra (レジェンドラ).

He has a somewhat rare charisma, but he’s a little bit confident and has some selfish aspects to his personality.

To solve the demon curse that had been inflicted to his right arm, he decided to particpate in the Road of Glory.

Age: 19 years old

Height: 181cm

Birthday: 9th July

Blood Type: Type A


“Nyaha, my bride is adorable ♪”

Higan | CV: Takahiro Sakurai

Cheerful Merchant

A merchant from an oriental country, Izuruno (イヅルノ).

He has a bright and fun personality, with a charisma that fascinates those around him.

In order to make the Hero his bride, he participates in the Road of Glory.

Age: 20 years old

Height: 177cm

Birthday: 4th April

Blood Type: Type AB


“*yawns* I said I’ll do it properly… tomorrow.”

Darryl | CV: Ryohei Kimura

Hopeless Gambler

A free-spirited gambler.

He’s a hopeless man who loves alcohol and gambling. His motto is “I’ll do it properly tomorrow”.

He became a participant in the Road of Glory for the sole purpose of gaining enough money to have fun for the rest of his life.

Age: 26 years old

Height: 178cm

Birthday: 10th August

Blood Type: Type A


“This pain is also pleasure…”

Aliulla | CV: Tomokazu Sugita

Fortune Teller of Atonement

A fortune teller who begs for atonement.

A beautiful youth with an aura of a hermit. Calls oneself an “impure criminal”.

Is a participant in the Road of Glory so he can gain atonement by throwing himself into the battlefield and getting hurt.

Age: 23 years old

Height: 186cm

Birthday: 9th March

Blood Type: Type B


“*sniff sniff* You’ve got a nice scent!”

Tatin | CV: Daiki Yamashita

Rookie hero

A youth from a family–Vento (ヴェント)–descended from dogs.

He is the little brother of Krumm. He hates staying still and is an energetic kid.

He has a habit of sniffing people’s scent immediately. He wants to beat the Demon Overlord and become a hero.

Age: 16 years old

Height: 174cm

Birthday: 1st November

Blood Type: Type O


“Come, let’s take a nap together.”

Krumm | CV: Takuya Satou

Kind Hearted Big Brother

A youth from a family–Vento (ヴェント)–descended from dogs.

He’s a kind hearted big brother but because of that he always finds himself wrapped around his little brother’s finger.

He takes care of the children who have no relatives and in order to protect them he decided to partake in the fight.

Age: 22 years old

Height: 184cm

Birthday: 18th November

Blood Type: Type A


“You wanted to see me?  So you have nothing better to do then, huh.”

Zekuu | CV: Kensho Ono

Ice Samurai

A swordsman from an oriental country, Izuruno (イヅルノ).

He is an heir to a clan of distinguished swordsmen and because of his stoic nature, he is often called the “Ice Samurai”.

For the honor of his clan and for the sake of a certain mission he is taking part in the Road of Glory.

Age: 20 years old

Height: 180cm

Birthday: 3rd February

Blood Type: Type A


“You should know that I’m a dangerous man…. Just kidding ♪”

Dill | CV: Junichi Suwabe

Legendra’s Shadow

One of the Empire Legendara’s soldiers and Larkam’s attendant.

Despite his carefree and somewhat elusive personality, he can manage to do the job effeciently and he is a dignified man.

He is accompanying Larkam in his participation of the Road of Glory.

Age: 27 years old

Height: 182cm

Birthday: 29th September

Blood Type: Type B


“My, my, aren’t you a naughty child.”

Matthias | CV: Kosuke Toriumi

The Hero’s Teacher

A man who lives in a village called Tantreebe (タントリーベ) and has been the Hero’s teacher since she was a child.

He is intellectual, has a gentle personality and is loved by the villagers.

Worried about you had been chosen to be the Hero, he participates the Road of Glory.

Age: 31 years old

Height: 178cm

Birthday: 25th March

Blood Type: Type AB


”Fufu, as you wish, princess.”

Lienhardt | CV: Tomoaki Maeno

Royal Palace Red Cavalry Leader

Kingdom Granlot’s beautiful cavalry leader.

Participating in the Road of Glory for the sake of the King’s life.

He has great confidence in himself and is an unrelenting playboy. Even so, within the kingdom, no one else can surpass him in what he does.

Age: 23 years old

Height: 184cm

Birthday: 12th June

Blood Type: Type B


“I permit you 3 minutes of my time, nothing more, nothing less.”

Clovis | CV: Shinichiro Miki

Royal Palace’s Black Sorcerer

The head black sorcerer of the Kingdom Granlot.

Like Lienhard, Clovis participates the Road of Glory for the King’s sake.

Always with a furrowed brow, a sharp penetrating glare accompanied by his sarcastic behavior, which is notorious within the kingdom as well as abroad.

Age: 25 years old

Height: 179cm

Birthday: 20th October

Blood Type: Type B


“Fufu, you don’t seem to get tired of watching [me(?)].”

Sasha | CV: Koutarou Nishiyama

Easygoing Royal Palace Scholar

Kingdom Granlot’s head scholar and son of a Minister.

Sasha is also participating in the Road of Glory for the sake of the King.

He likes to go at his own pace. His flaw is that once he goes into a daze, he immediately ‘enters into his own world’ (geeks out).

Age: 21 years

Height: 174cm

Birthday: 15th September

Blood Type: Type AB


“Keep up with me, Servant No.1!”

Laith | CV: Nobuhiko Okamoto

Little Red Prince

Crown prince of Kingdom Balsion (バルシオン) that was destroyed by demons.

He is a strong, energetic boy that never admits defeat. He is Musluca’s older twin brother.

Takes part in Road of Glory to exact revenge and reconstruct their kingdom.

Age: 13 years old

Height: 157cm

Birthday: 24th May

Blood Type: Type O


“Hehe, I won’t let you down, Miss Hero.”

Musluca | CV: Ayumu Murase

Little Blue Prince

Second prince of Kingdom Balsion (バルシオン) that was destroyed by demons.

He is a gentle and polite boy, he is also Laith’s little twin brother.

Takes part in Road of Glory to exact revenge and reconstruct their kingdom.

Age: 13 years old

Height: 158cm

Birthday: 24th May

Blood Type: Type O


“No matter what, I’ll protect you and their Highnesses.”

Scar | CV: Hiroki Yasumoto

Scarred General

General of Kingdom Balsion (バルシオン) that was destroyed by demons.

He is a veteran champion with a body riddled with scars.

He is accompanying Laith and Musluca as a guard on their mission of revenge for their kingdom by participating in the Road of Glory.

Age: 37 years old

Height: 183cm

Birthday: 20th June

Blood Type: Type B


“I’ll have to punish you if you take your eyes off me☆”

Serpico | CV: Tsubasa Yonaga

Devilish Dancer

Lakrimossa’s (ラクリモッサ) theatre’s headliner dancer.

He’s a devlish boy who enraptures those who gave upon his magnificent dance and his angelic smile.

He decided to participate in the Road of Glory to become a worldwide star.

Age: 15 years old

Height: 164cm

Birthday: 22nd February

Blood Type: Type AB


“Wahaha, You can rely on this old man!”

Grants | CV: Kazuhiko Inoue

Veteran Warrior

A veteran warrior with a big body and an equally big heart.

Despite being rowdy at times, he is greatly adored for his duty and humanity.

He is participating in the Road of Glory as Serpico’s guardian.

Age: 40 years old

Height: 188cm

Birthday: 21st January

Blood Type: Type O


“I-It’s not like I’m lost or anything! *sniffles*”

Hughes | CV: Natsuki Hanae

Crybaby Rabbit

A youth of the prideful Rarapitt (ララピット) Race. He has rabbit ears and tail, and takes pride in his unparalleled beauty.

In order to take vengeance on the demons, he decided to participate in the Road of Glory.

Despite being prideful and his prickly personality, he’s actually…?

Age: 18 years old

Height: 180cm

Birthday: 22nd December

Blood Type: Type O


“Kuku, get numb from my tongue.”

Jami | CV: Tetsuya Kakihara

Dangerous Viper

An assassin called “The Viper*“. He’s a dangerous man who likes fighting and beautiful skin. His tongue is poisonous.

Even though he has no interest in suppressing the Demon Overlord, he decided to become a participant in the Road of Glory to find an opponent that can excite him.

Age: 18 years old

Height: 176cm

Birthday: 25th July

Blood Type: Type B

*I took the liberty to translate it to ‘viper’. In reality, they call him「毒蛇」or “poisonous snake”, but it seems kinda half-baked calling a guy ‘poisonous snake’, like, ‘Oh no, it’s Poisonous Snake’ so I chose a poisonous snake name to make it less uncool in English. You’re free to fault me for this translation.


“I, Lindor, am off to patrol!”

Lindor | CV: Yoshitaka Yamaya

Righteous Priest

A young priest burning with justice.

He’s a serious and polite youth but also has a side where he is sometimes stubborn and rushes things too much.

In order to correct the Demon Overlord onto the righteous path, he decides to take part in the Road of  Glory.

Age: 17 years old

Height: 169cm

Birthday: 7th January

Blood Type: Type B


“You… Do you wanna be devoured or something?”

Kin’Caro | CV: Shunsuke Takeuchi

Thief Beastman

A young beastman, who is a bandit leader with a worldwide fugitive warrant.

If he attempts to do any criminal activity he will receive a shock from the collar he is wearing.

In order to be free, he must join the fight and defeat the Demon Overlord.

Age: 22 years old

Height: 190cm

Birthday: 2nd December

Blood Type: Type O


Character Correlation Map


I tried my best making a correlation map using the information from the official website.

Might be subjected to change once more information is available.


According to the website, it kind of hints that you have to choose out of the 24 slayers one guy who you like to progress the story with, so it makes me think that the main story and ‘quests’ are split between each character. It also kinda hints that you ‘answer with your love to up his affection’ which may mean there might be dialogue options within the story that you get to choose, whether or not those dialogue options actually change the story is unknown.

Like I said, it’s kinda vague at the moment, might have to wait until the game releases to confirm this. Anyway, onto the gameplay elements.

—Race Battle

This is where the main gameplay is and the RPG elements begin. The battles go in waves of enemies, you’ve got a team of 3 characters who fight for you that have different weapon types and a rock-paper-scissors system in terms of weakness and strength.

However there’s a little bit of a twist. It’s also a race against other slayer characters–rival slayers–to see who will reach the goal and take first place while defeating enemies and sabotaging other slayers. It’s a different take but somewhat interesting. You’re also timed, so the faster the clear time the better results and rewards you get.

Its more like a real-time RPG than a turn-based RPG, you can select special attacks that have cool down timers and are unique to each character and you can use certain items to distract/sabotage other slayers in the race so they can slow down leaving you with the upper hand (kind of like Mario Cart). I have a feeling that the other slayers are ‘CPU’ as in they’re controlled by algorithms, but it’d be interesting if they were just recorded data from other players.

As I said before, you can have a team of 3 during the race battle which I assume you can switch between at any time. There’s an auto-mode for anyone who’s busy and want to multitask or for the person at work who wants to grind for stuff secretly.

For those who want to have an active part during race battles, you can leave the auto off and select the three circular buttons. From scrounging around Otome Yuusha’s website and twitter, I noticed that a slayer will either have three or two active buttons you can press during race battles which makes me wonder if the rarity of the card affects how many actions you can do or whether you can equip these actions in a load-out screen. I also noticed that there are active/offense(includes special attacks), passive/defense and buff actions you can select from.

There’s also colored attributes that are attached to each slayer and enemy. These attributes are weak and strong to enemy colored attributes so best be prepared with the right colored attribute team. Here’s the rundown on the weaknesses and strength.

■ Red attribute is strong against Green Attribute but weak against Blue attribute

■ Green attribute is strong against Blue attribute but weak to Red attribute

Blue attribute is strong against Red attribute but weak to Green attribute

Yellow and Purple attributes are weak/strong to each other

Some special attacks may also be a certain attribute even if it isn’t the same attribute as the slayer.

Whether or not the weapon class of each slayer affects their strength is unknown. The known weapon classes each slayer can be is either: swordsman, archer, staff wielder, spear wielder, axe wielder or claw wielder.

After battles, the slayers in your team can gain ‘affection’ between them and the Hero. When accumulated enough affection they will rank up which improves their stats as well as unlocking ‘special episodes’ at certain rank ups.

—Spirit Burst

This is a special little feature that’s been used in KancolleTouken Ranbu and even Fire Emblem Heroes. It’s a mode activates during battle when a slayer’s HP is low and they’re in a pinch, in Touken Ranbu it’s called “Awakening” but in this game it’s called “Spirit Burst” where they almost burst out of their clothes and they reach their maximum power. It’s a way to introduce a little bit of fanservice while saving yourself from trouble.

lot of clothes to be mended.PNG

In this mode your slayer’s impact force is higher, you can subdue enemies quickly but it comes with a downside where your slayer’s defense is lowered so it’s like a double-edged sword.

Whether or not Otome Yuusha also borrows from Touken Ranbu and Kancolle where you can actually break and lose your sword/boatgirl forever is unknown. However the second video I posted makes me think otherwise with the dying words at the end of the video. I’m sure that they drew wounded/dying CGs for every slayer because in a magazine they had more dying CGs in the article so it makes me wonder if there is… if there are death scenes then damn, that’s really heartbreaking.

—Spirit Summoning

Don’t get your hopes up that they won’t be any gachas in this game because there is a lot of card collecting involved in this game. So say goodbye to your wallet and bank account as you try so hard to get your best boy’s high rarity card.

So far I’ve only seen 3 star and 4 star cards within the second promotional movie and on the website. With the 3 star cards, they look more of a higher rarity, more like a 4 star than a 3 star seeing that most card collecting games have 3 stars that are actually their sprite during story mode. It makes me wonder if the top rarity is a 4 star.

Only shown in the video, it seems like you can ‘awaken’ your card which improves stats and changes the illustration. Whether or not that means there’s gonna be a skill tree with skill branches you’ve gotta unlock to get that awakening is unknown, but it’s usually the case with most card collecting games haha….

I’ve yet to see a 5 star card but damn this 4 star card looks gorgeous.


This part isn’t covered by the website but an online article from Famitsu (for Girls) touches on it briefly. You can find the article here.

Each slayer has a maximum of three equipment slots (1 weapon slot, 1 armor slot and 1 accessory slot). You cant get these equipment through summoning and smithing/through the workshop.

The workshop is tended by a slayer (which is randomized every time) where you can make equipment with the materials you have. The equipment you make have their own star ranks just like the cards, 1 star being a Rank D equipment to 3 star being Rank A equipment. Equipment can also have colored attributes just like cards which according to the article, changes the attribute of the normal attack of your slayer.

Weapons increase your strength, armor increases your defense and accessories give you an added bonus/skill. I have a feeling there might be certain weapons that will give you buffs/skill but so far I haven’t seen a screenshot of it.

The only visible change when equipping stuff to your slayer would be the look of the weapon. I’ve yet to see whether or not equipping a certain armor would change the clothes of the slayer but I’m keeping my fingers cross that there is because that’d be pretty neat.


Exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a mode where you can tap on your favorite slayer boy to raise up affection as well as getting some cute lines from them. It uses live2D (an animation tool that makes 2D images move as if they’re on a 3D plane) and is basically that skinship feature from Fire Emblem: Fates (y’know, the one that had to be removed in the localized version).

In this mode you’ve got to tap the guy in the right place, each guy has a different place that they prefer to be touched so it’s all about trial and error. I’d imagine that if you keep tapping in the same place they’d get annoyed 😆 Here you can see all kinds of facial expressions and if you keep tapping in the right place they will come closer and closer to you.

In exchange of being a good sport and tapping them in the right place you will raise up their affection with you as well as gain compensation in gifts/items. There’s a certain item you can get which is something that will amaze you…. Which apparently, in an online article, is the slayer’s underwear! (whut) That underwear can be equipped as an accessory and it’s not restricted to the original owner so you can equip the underwear to some other slayer to wear. Of course the underwear will have added bonuses/buffs just like an other accessory.

Slayers will wear sleepwear if they get injured or sick from the race. Going into skinship mode will help cure their sickness or injury. Your slayers may get all kinds of ailments/sickness after race battles and will seem down or complain when you’re at their profile screen. In one of the screenshots in this online article, Clovis can get the status ailment “dry eyes” while Lienhard can get “love sickness” after the battle is over, which is kinda cute not gonna lie.

These status ailments can go away if you wait for their timers to expire but completing a perfect skinship will heal them up. Seems like each ailment connects to a slayer’s character, not sure if this happens at random or not.

After thoughts | Links

That’s just about it for this spotlight. I really hope that this time they release it ‘this winter’ (whatever that may mean) considering that it looks finished by now, especially when the author of that famitsu article has been given a journalist access to play the game and see everything that the game has in store (and this was back before it was supposed to release this summer). It’s really why they pushed it back again but I guess they just needed to do more touch ups, maybe even do more promotional stuff.

Usually with mobile games these days, they would have a campaign to help promote the game like a pre-registration campaign where each milestone means bonuses for those who pre-registered which means they’re more like to share about it with their friends to get to the milestones. Otome Yuusha is missing that kind of advertising. Sure a few promotional videos will help it out, same goes for online articles but boy, you gotta go big or go home.

It looks promising and has a lot of thought put into it so I’m just crossing my fingers it’ll be released and that it’ll be good.

Anyway if you want to follow Otome Yuusha’s development go check their facebook page or follow their twitter down below:

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    1. I think everyone is in love with Hughes 😂 great character design and an interesting personality.
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