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[Monthly Overview] November 2017 Releases



Fukushuu Teikoku – 30th November – Fetish

*R18 PC Game (BL)

PS Vita

Usotsuki Shangri-La – 30th November – Rejet

Gakuen Club ~Himitsu no Night Club~ – 30th November – OperaHouse / dramatic create

Chouchou Jiken Rhapsodic – 30th November – Otomate


It’s November which means we’re getting closer to the end of the year, along with Christmas just being around the corner. I’ll be travelling overseas near the end of this month so hopefully I can make a few posts and schedule them for when I’m overseas (keeping my fingers crossed lol). I was thinking maybe not doing any posts for this month so I can focus on making posts for December, but I think if I can manage my time wisely then maybe I can do posts for this month and next month.

I’ll be back at the start of next year, hopefully with a better outlook and renewed energy 😆 I’ll make another post for when I go and sticky it on the home page of this blog just in case.

Anyway, onto some run downs on each game releasing this month (seems like everything is releasing on the 30th?) as well as some bonus otome news afterwards.

Fukushuu Teikoku is a Sci-Fi R18 BL PC game. This game takes place in space, particularly with a setting of “interstellar war”. Ok, let’s just be blatant here, it’s Gay Star Wars The PC Game™ . You got two opposing forces: The Republic and The Empire, your protag is part of the Empire. Some shit went down where the protag is in trouble with the Empire and to win back their trust he’s gotta get some dudes from Republic to coorporate with the Empire. Only way he can do that is by controlling them with “pleasure”, as in sex slaves or something. For a company named Fetish producing this, they sure are pretty vanilla (I’m joking). The development on this game has been pretty quiet until recently so I’m not sure if they’ll make it to the deadline of end of this month to release it. Who knows, maybe they’ll pull a miracle.

Usotsuki Shangri-La is Rejet’s yearly “One Video Game Per Year” game. It was either announced early this year or last year, I’m not sure but as promised it’ll release this month, hopefully. I haven’t been keeping up with this game and I have the faintest clue as to what the game is about. I have a feeling it’ll be like one of those dark fairy-tales, preferably full of tragedy, just the way Rejet likes it. I still have a sneaking suspicion that at least one of these guys is either a wolf/werewolf considering how much the moon is involved with this game, you always think it’ll be something supernatural if the moon is a pivotal plot theme. Either way I’ll pass on it, I’ve had my fair share of tragic otoge this year (I know I only played one tragic otoge this year but a second is too much for my kokoro).

Gakuen CLUB ~Himitsu no Night Club~ is a port for a mobile game to the PS Vita. Because it’s being handled by dramatic create you can bet your sweet ass they’re gonna upgrade the mobile version to port to the Vita. Dramatic Create always does god’s work when it comes to going above and beyond porting a game. New additions to this port: New character episodes/story, new CGs, new feature where when you touch places on CGs in gallery mode you’ll hear the character’s voice, better game system. Gakuen CLUB has been localised to Steam but it lacks these new additions because it was done before this port existed, prolly would’ve helped the game’s reception in the west if they waited for this port.

Chouchou Jiken Rhapsodic is Otomate’s latest game to release. It was announced a while back but had to wait until the manga it’s based on to finish to start announcing the game’s development. I’m not sure if the manga spoils anything that’ll be revealed in the game, but I think a character’s true identity was prolly revealed in the manga (hint: The character Ayumu Murase voices ain’t who they say they are), then again the opening movie spoils that anyway lol. Speaking about opening movie, the song is great. Still can’t get over the choice of songs by Loverin Tamburin, good choice. I’m still wondering if this game is about vampires or something, considering the first teaser had text saying “Gurl, you smell good, so good i could eat you” and if Dialovers taught me anything, only vampires say that shit lol. Not sure whether to get this, it might be one of those trashy vampire stories for teens, but then again I could be wrong.

In another News: The movie version of Dance with Devils– “Dance with Devils-Fortuna-” is out in cinemas in Japan. Here’s a snippet of the beginning 6 minutes of the movie.

It’s kinda like with the Puella Magica movies where they reuse the TV anime animation and splice it with new scenes and animation to slap together a movie with a better vision. I think the lyrics on the side are prolly shown when watching it in the cinema so everyone can sing along. I’ve noticed it’s becoming a thing where animated movies with music segments will have a “call and response” thing going on like with King of Prism where they encourage the audience to be involved which is pretty neat.

Anyway, besides Jek having his own music segment in this movie and having a more bigger role, there will be another new character added into the story who is voiced by Toshiyuki Toyonaga (he voices the white haired kid). I’m looking forward to this movie and see what they retcon and add into the movie. Too bad I can’t watch it in cinemas because it’s only showing in Japan but I hope the DVD releases soon (and maybe hopefully it’ll have English Subs… but that might not be likely….).

That’s about it.

I hope I can prepare some posts for you all to post while I’m away so you don’t miss me too much haha.

As always thanks for reading!


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      1. I never played bc i saw the reviews on steam and it didnt look good 😂 they were complaining about the story or something prolly bc its a direct port from the mobile game and has nothing new added to improve it

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