[Drama CD] Review – Midnight Jiangshi: Tenchou Yuugi (Chuchu)

It’s Halloween and what better way to spend the day than to listen to some jiangshi boyos having a hard time trying to drink some capri sun without the straw while moaning (it’s a weird habit that plagues many jiangshi). It’s a long time coming for me to review Chuchu, I think I said I’d do a review as soon as I got the CD but I just kept forgetting and things were eating away at my time, but here we are.

Chuchu was release back in May so this review is super late, I apologize for the wait and I hope this review isn’t a big fat poopoo. Anyway, here’s a copy-and-paste introduction I used for the previous reviews to keep everyone back on track on what this series is:


Midnight Jiangshi: Tenchou Yuugi is the follow up CD series of the original Midnight Jiangshi. Not sure whether to call it a sequel or anything seeing that CDs like these don’t have consistent continuity, I’m looking at you, Diabolik Lovers.

Everything is almost the same in this new series, except the fact that Meimei is missing/doesn’t have a CD in this series and there’s two new jiangshi/kyonshi. The main focus of this series is the new rivals and the lead up to the ‘Red Full Moon’, said to have a certain significance to the jiangshi.

I’ve reviewed Shushu and Reirei. If you want to read my review on the first Midnight Jiangshi series then click here, I’d recommend

Chuchu | CV: Souma Saitou

Chuchu is the ‘Tsundere Jiangshi‘ and is the youngest twin brother of Shushu, even though they dont’t seem like twin brothers 😆 I’ll take your word for it. Chuchu is also a super idol and the center of the famous idol group 熊猫48/Xiongmao 48 (aka Panda 48, or in broken japanese ‘bear-cat 48’ lol).

I’m not sure if his idol stuff comes up a lot in the drama CD, hell, I can hardly remember much about it but one thing has got me scratching my head. The jiangshis that appear in this CD series have been slumbering for hundreds of years, they wake up and for some reason their first course of action after waking up is to attend high school (why?) and some of them already have successful careers as idols (Honoka and Chuchu) in a span of how many days after waking up?? Rejet get your world building and shit together man. I ain’t paying y’all for these CDs to half-ass it… then again they’ve been half-assing it since prolly the beginning, just look at Diabolik Lovers for example.

Anyway, I’ve been bidding some time to talk about the drama CD because I haven’t listened to it in a while so I’ll just get into explaining what happens in Chuchu’s CD (while maybe listening to it at the same time).

So the whole deal with Chuhcu’s character is that he’s not exactly a tsundere. Wow, great job there, Rejet. He’s more like a “dere-tsun”, almost 80% of the time he’s a bit flirty, outgoing and almost happy go lucky. It’s only when you mention Honoka that he goes apeshit crazy and I don’t even think that’s what a tsundere does… and if the part where he goes apeshit whenever Honoka is mentioned is him being “tsun” then I don’t know what the fuck Rejet has been smoking. Anyway, if y’all are wondering why Chuchu’s got this big grudge on Honoka, well it’s something pretty hilarious but I won’t spoil it now.

The two of you meet at a fan signing event and Chuchu is a pretty popular guy, even though he prolly woke up days ago and had to get accustomed to modern life… y’know, ’cause they’ve all been asleep for 400 years. Shit ain’t gonna be the same back in the 1600s y’all, but I guess the scenario writer completely forgot that shit. Chuchu already knows that you’re a doushi (taoist priest) from the smell of ya and he asks you to go on a cafe date, for some raisin, prolly just want your sweet, sweet doushi blood.

At the cafe he finds out from you that you’re the only doushi around but instead of being an asshole and mock you for not being able to change the sealing talisman like a mom who changes her babies diapers, he’s actually thankful that you’re a dummy. According to him, now he can be an idol like he was before he was sealed… so the word “idol” was something common in 1600s Japan/China? (Least likely, considering アイドル is a word borrowed from English and the English word “idol” prolly didn’t have the same meaning as it is in modern day Japan back in the 1600s). Anyway, Chuchu seems like a pretty chill guy, he somewhat worries about the other Jiangshi (he mentions Meimei once and that’s it lol) and prolly worried that they might be a threat to you. The two of you exchange mobile numbers, he says that he hopes that he can be of some use to you and even walks you home. What a nice guy. Sure hope he doesn’t turn heel and be a do-s asshole like the rest of them.

Next day, y’all bump into each other at school and he drags you into a classroom because he was being chased by his fans (apparently). After some small talk, Chuchu finds out that you listened to one of his songs, even though you don’t listen much to idol songs, which makes him happy but he gets annoyed when he heard you also listened to Honoka’s song. He gets more pissed as you continue to blab on about Honoka and his song that he actually snaps. Chuchu then spiels over how Honoka fucked up his chances on the day of an idol audition (I think?), like yeah, there were idol auditions back in the 1600. Anyway, get ready for the big reveal on why Chuchu hates Honoka because it is hilarious.

Despite putting all his heart and soul into practicing for this day for him to break out as the besterest idol 1600s Japan/China has ever seen, Honoka poisoned him with a… wait for it… soft serve ice cream. I ain’t making this shit up. Honoka gave Chuchu a soft serve ice cream before it was his turn to go on stage and he got so sick from it that he fainted and Honoka took his place on stage. What a lil shit. But let’s see how accurate this is to history, now we’re assuming this happened before they were sealed and apparently every jiangshi in this series went to sleep for 400 years, so let’s say they were awake and messing around in the 1600s. Let’s see when soft serve ice cream was sold commercially, shall we…


Now I don’t know much about history but I think I smell some bullshit in this writing.

Anyway, now he’s pissed off at Honoka because he’s always above him in everything Chuchu does. Kinda sounds like he also has a complex like his brother where he doesn’t like being second best. Now that you pissed him off by bringing Honoka up that he’s in “tsun-tsun” mode, according to the scenario writer, that now he gotta suck your blood as punishment for being a Honoka fan 😂 He’s also pissed to know that Honoka drank your blood before him and that you like him so Chuchu plans to cuck you from Honoka.

Next day, you bump into Chuchu and he runs his mouth about not drinking your blood because it’ll cause some scandals seeing that he’s an idol but he doesn’t want to give you to Honoka either–and that’s when you run away 😆 Of course, in this series it’s impossible to out run a Jiangshi seeing they have teleport powers but you still run away and I’m like

After running away from what seems like a day, you hide yourself, made sure you locked the door but this bitch ain’t quittin’ and Chuchu uses his goddamn teleport powers to blip himself in the room. He corners you and you try to protect your neck by placing your hand on it (like that will guard you from jiangshi attacks lol) while he teases that he can always drink any place on your body. He gives you a fair warning to not be alone and shit, but especially don’t spend some time with Honoka because that’s a big no-no. You have now become Chuchu’s servant girl and he gives you a booty call call during class to go get him some drank because he’s practicing his idol.

You hand over the drink to him but he’s like “owie, I don’t like cold dwinks 😢 time for your punishment 😈” and tries to go for your warm blood, but you’re like “iyaa” so instead of blood he asks “which one do you prefer to bite you? me or honoka?” and after a while you choose him which pisses him off that it took you 15 seconds to say it. Boy, you’re in trouble gurl. Thankfully Chuchu’s phone goes off before he can do some shit. Turns out his manager managed to get Chuchu to appear on a show instead of Honoka which makes him uber happy that he managed to steal something from Honoka once again.

Next night Chuchu breaks into your house through the window to say hey, your house is kinda shit but at least you keep it clean. Seems like he interrupted you researching through some old ass books to try and seal him away, which kinda pisses him off. You try to get your sealing talismans only for Chuchu to rip it up in front of you. Next phase of attack, you throw some rice at him which he pretends to be hurt only to have it be trampled on by Chuchu. You bring out some buddhist prayer beads (which is a new one I haven’t seen the heroine of this CD bring out lol) but again, it’s no match to Chuchu. You’re out of attacks and options so you give up which makes him go “Oh so you’re ready to become mine now?”, bitch please.

You don’t answer him which makes him more pissed, he asks shit like “what have I ever done to you?” and forces you to look at him in the eyes. I dunno Chuchu, maybe if you just let the girl do whatever she wants and not force her to be with you 24/7 then maybe she won’t think that you’re a freak. He starts to get paranoid and thinks that Honoka is the only one in your heart, and somewhat pleads you to only look at him. Yo, don’t pull at my heart strings, especially when it’s Souma Saitou doing a good job being emotional here. He whisks you off saying that “I’ll make sure you won’t think about sealing me, no matter what”. Now I don’t know exactly what his true aim is here, is he afraid of being sealed away before he exact revenge on Honoka for being a lil shit that one time or he just wants to be with you (knowing this series, it’s least likely).

Last track of the CD, the two of you are in a limo after one of Chuchu’s concerts. You’re spacing out as Chuchu asks you for some praise until he sniffs some Honoka scent off you and he goes a bit ballistic but calms down, in fact he sounded a bit concerned. Apparently you called Chuchu after the encounter with Honoka and your voice was shaking. A bit concerned, Chuchu asks if Honoka did anything to you and seems like he didn’t (hopefully). But it seems like you were watching Honoka during the concert instead of Chuchu–at least, according to Chuchu–so for ‘punishment’ he asks you to let him drink your blood. You kinda distract him by opening up the window of the limo and both of you see the full red moon. If y’all have been living under a rock, apparently full red moons make jiangshis all horny for blood, especially blood from doushis, and by drinking the blood of doushis during this time they’ll fully awaken.

Because of this, Chuchu forces himself on you in the back of the limo, rips your clothes and feasts on your sweet, sweet blood (even though blood tastes like iron and kinda gross) before Honoka can get his tiny grimy hands. This is where Souma Saito moans and whispers for a good solid 2~3 minutes, only good thing that happens in this CD (just kidding). He muses that if he keeps drinking your blood you might die from the blood lost, but he’s like “just having you truly looking at me and believing that you’re mine is just enough to give me strength” and that he’ll cherish you as long as you think of him as no.1 always… boyo. At least this time we know for sure that the heroine ain’t dead like the other CDs where the ending seems like maybe she died from blood loss but who knows. Maybe this is the happy ending the heroine needed lol. Just as long as Chuchu doesn’t go ballistic based on his paranoia, it might be ok…. maybe. Still not the ideal relationship tho 😆


So that’s the end of the series for now. I’m not sure if Rejet will continue the series and whether they’ll get Meimei back (I don’t think the CDs I’ve listened to actually explained why Meimei ain’t there). Yuugen Romantica already has 4 series of CDs now and I think the first CDs for Yuugen released around the same time as Midnight Jiangshi, so maybe Yuugen is more popular/brings in the money than Midnight Jiangshi so that’s why they don’t make a lot of CDs out of it. After all, the CEO of Rejet says that they only continue series that sell a lot/are popular. Oh well… they still got the Diabolik Lovers CDs to keep the crowd that loves blood sucking.

As for Chuchu’s CD, it was aight. Kinda a nice change where the character ain’t a complete asshole but it was weird how his character keeps flip-flopping and it’s kinda hard to tell if he’s really interested in you or if he just wants to destroy Honoka’s life. I’m not sure what Honoka’s CD is like but it’d be interesting if the two of the CDs are happening at the same time and it’d explain why Chuchu keeps saying shit about smelling Honoka’s scent on you because I’m always like “Since when did that happen omg? This girl is going behind our back doing some risky shit”.

I’m still a bit rolling my eyes at how the past of Chuchu is kinda hilarious and historically inaccurate. Unless they retconned that they all fell asleep 400 years ago and replace it with that they were sealed during the 20th century. Either way, smelt like bullshit to me, but also hilarious that Chuhcu’s downfall was all on this soft serve ice cream.

Also I tried to listen to Chuchu’s CD last night and I found myself falling asleep right in the middle of it lol. Lately that’s what Rejet’s CDs have been affecting me, I always fall asleep when listening to them omg. I guess it says a lot about them.

Here’s the final inner jacket artwork for Chuchu:


I’m glad the quality of the scanner for my new printer is really good, now it doesn’t have the weird paper texture but it’s not as sharp as my previous scanned images. It’s almost the same quality as the original picture but the colors need to be adjusted a bit but this is close enough.

Anyway, as always, thanks for reading and Happy Halloween y’all.

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  1. Thank you for reviewing Chuchu’s drama CD! May I request you review Riei’s drama CD for the second season? I know he’s a trashy character, but he’s amusing to listen to though.

    I also do wonder why they suddenly cut Meimei out of the series. It’s rather odd that he didn’t appear in the second season and I wonder he’ll ever return. Hopefully they’ll create a third series? I don’t know, but if there was a third series, what do you think the storyline will be like? Do you think they’ll add more characters in each season like DiaLovers did?

    I don’t exactly listen to MJS a lot due to the fact that it reminds me too much of DiaLovers. Do you think MJS would’ve also worked out as a game?

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    1. If i can find an online store that still sells Riei’s CD then maybe I’ll give it a shot lol.

      If there was a third series, i dunno what kind of storyline it’ll be. Sometimes Rejet just pulls it out of their ass, but maybe they’ll do what Dialovers did with introducing a new character(s) that would threaten the jiangshi boys by taking their blood bank doushi away. Then again I think thats what Shushu and Chuchu characters were supposed to be 😂 seriously, i have no ideawhat direction the series will go to.

      Anyway I dont think they’ll add more characters like dialovers considering dialovers is a big hit and MJS isnt as big (i think). If it was big then it’d be on its 3rd or 4th season like Yuugen Romantica.
      If MJS was a game, then maybe it’d work. Then again the writing isnt good or consistent and borrows a lot from Dialovers (didnt dialovers have something about the full moon affecting them or something) so it cant really be its own thing unfortunately. Itd be interesting if the heroine wasnt so much of a pushover and actually taught herself to be a proper doushi so she can defend herself against the jiangshi, thatd be interesting. But this is rejet here and almost half of their heroines are pushovers. Oh well.


  2. I’m like 60 years late to the party, but I just listened to Chuchu and after reading your review, I’m glad I interpreted most of the volume right (´ω`) I thought it was a bit more tame than usual (comparing to part 1) and it’s nice that you don’t die LOL. I have no way to listen to a physical CD so I’m just sort of waiting for Honoka’s route to pop up online. He’s my best boy.

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