[Monthly Overview] October 2017 Releases



Gakuen Rensenki – 27th October – Daisy2

PS Vita

Yuukyuu no Tierblade -Fragments of Memory- – 5th October – otomate

Yoshiwara Higanbana – Kuon no Chigiri – 12th October – MariaCrownPrototype

Uta no Prince-sama♪ Amazing Aria & Sweet Serenade LOVE – 19th October – broccoli

Steam Prison -Nanatsu no Bitoku- – 26th October – HuneXDramatic Create


Happy Halloween Month! lol, seems like recently everyone treats October as Halloween all month long especially when it comes to Japan and Mobages that just straight up starts Halloween events on the 1st of October. Anyway, seems like I couldn’t keep my promise last month about making posts once or twice a week haha… but I’m still determined to try to provide some content.

Next month I might not be able to post much, same goes for December because I’ll be visiting family overseas for about 2 months. I wish I could do my yearly overview and roundup but I’m not sure if I’ll have access to the internet, which kinda sucks. If I can make it in advance and schedule it to post on the usual days then maybe I can still get to post them, crossing my fingers.

Anyway, time to talk about what will be releasing this month.

Gakuen Rensenki is apparently a PC game based on the drama CDs that are based on another PC game called Sangoku Rensenki. The drama CDs and this game are more like an AU of the original game where it’s set in modern day. I think this game came out of the blue and I’m not even sure if it’ll be ready to release this month considering the only stuff available are rough character designs on the website, no opening/promotional/teaser video so I worry if they’ll release on time.

Yuukyuu no Tierblade -Fragments of Memory- is a fandisc (?) for the original Tierblade game that released just last year. It already has a gold sticker of approval from Famitsu so maybe its gonna be pretty good, then again, Famitsu gave Diabolik Lovers Lost Eden a gold award lmao (in fact they gave most of the Diabolik Lovers games a gold award/whatever that gold stamp is). Anyway back onto this game, it seems more like sequel to me than a FD, but anyway, like most FDs this is kinda like an after story where you can spend more rabu-rabu time with your boyo. Also bonus to this game is that you can have routes(?) with your robot pal that takes the form of a small boy or a bishie man, take your pick. Anyway, this’ll prolly be a good game for those who enjoyed the original, I’m not sure how the original was because I didn’t play it 😆

Yoshiwara Higanbana – Kuon no Chigiri is a port to the PS Vita. The original game was an R18 PC game so porting to the PS Vita means that they had to make it more SFW, though it’s still gonna be a CERO D lol. In addition to replacing H CGs with SFW CGs, there will be a new route just for the Vita which is for the umbrella holding dude who might also be a bodyguard, I dunno. If you couldn’t tell from the opening video, the story is basically one of those prostitution stories in around the 17th Century, which is also splashed with some angst here and there. I’m kinda looking forward to this because I would rather play the SFW ver 😆 but also because it seems interesting. Too bad if I preorder it now I prolly won’t be able to play it because I’ll be out of the country once it arrives to my doorstep, oh well.

Uta no Prince-sama Amazing Aria & Sweet Serenade LOVE is a PS Vita port of the original PSP games (Amazing Aria and Sweet Serenade were separate games). Considering it’s such a long name let’s abbreviate it to AASS LOVE, like the official website’s url. In addition to having 2 games in one there will be 3 new songs added into the game, a new route or two which is split into three routes prolly to separate the guys from Haruka and make it a sausage fest considering that’s the direction Broccoli loves going to–BL all the way babyyyyyyyyyy (im joking), 30 new full voice episodes, 30 new event illustrationsRetouched versions of the PSP sprites, graphics more vivid as well as new functions such as rewinding in a scene and skip minigame function. Also there’s an extra game where you’re Cecil and you’re in a galge trying to romance all the original cast who are now girls (was this in the original PSP game? lol)

Steam Prison -Nanatsu no Bitoku is a port to the PS Vita from PC. Apparently the sales for the PC game wasn’t that good, rumor has it it’s because of the anti-pirate software in it or something (which is why the Vita is a good console to make sure things don’t get pirated seeing that its prolly impossible). Because of the lackluster sales HuneX decided to go to crowdfunding to help get the game to the PS Vita, which was successfully funded and now Steam Prison has an opening theme song sung by the main cast, an extra route and upgrades to the game thanks to the crowdfund. I heard the game was good story wise so I’m interested in it, sadly I’ll prolly won’t get it when it releases, maybe next year I’ll get it.

That’s about it. I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll be able to do some spoopy posts to celebrate halloween…month. My last Midnight Jiangshi review is somewhere on the top of my list to do, but I’d like to do some quick posts first.

As always, thanks for reading!

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