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[Monthly Overview] September 2017 Releases

PS Vita

Beast and Princess ~in Blossom~ – 7th September – otomate

Nil Admirari no Tenbin: Kuroyuri En’youtan – 21st September – otomate

Teikoku Kaleido -Kakumei no Rondo-  – 21st September – operahouse dramatic create

Heiligenstadt no Uta – 28th September – eXtend

Shinobi, Koi Utsutsu -Kanmitsu Hana Emaki- – 28th September – otomate


Big apologies for not posting last month 😆 I told myself that I won’t post anything until I’m done compiling and making a video for an upcoming mobile game review but it seems like it took a long time and I found myself getting distracted by other mobile games… Also last month had been pretty hectic with me trying to do shit with my life and stuff.

tl;dr, I’ll do my best this month. I’ll try to at least do one post minimum per week, if I’m feeling up to it I’ll do two posts per week. I’ll also try my best to get that video done because I already put hours into it (yet I only got around 3 minutes of footage made so far lmao). Thankfully winter should be over around here so I can stop feeling sluggish and lazy because of the cold.

Anyway let’s run down with this month’s games before I keep going on about my plans this month.

Beast and Princess ~in Blossom~ is the fandsic for Beast and Princess which was released last year. For me, the first game (beast and princess) was a bit disappointing and kinda bland but I guess there’s people out there that are excited for this FD. The main cast were originally animals but because of magic they’re now humans, not sure if its permanent in the FD. There’s also a new character who’s an old ass dragon voiced by Yuuki Ono, I’m not sure if he’s a route but he’s being pushed as a major character with the CGs and videos so I’m gonna guess he has a route. There’s two types of scenarios in this game: if story and after story. After story is obviously an epilogue type story after your happy end, not 100% sure what if stories are, prolly just extra stories about “what ifs”.

Nil Admirari no Tenbin: Kuroyuri En’youtan is possibly a sequel or FD for the first Nil Admirari where it takes place a whole year after the first game. Seems like for a whole full year there were no incidents like the first game until the start of this game. Like, what happened during that whole year without incident? Did they just enjoyed their uguu love-love couple life or something? Anyway, seems like because of continuity the routes will prolly be just both of y’all as lovers and some shit is going down again. I’m not too interested, but my main boy Tasuku Hatanaka is going to voice a new character. I wish  his character had a route or something but maybe least likely. Pwease Tasuku…. Pwease voice in more otome games.

Teikoku Kaleido -Kakumei no Rondo- was once a mobile game which is now being ported to the PS Vita. It has been localised into English to  be on PC/Steam under the name The Charming Empire. Dramatic Create is porting this, they’re prolly the go-to company to port games to the PS Vita. As usual with Dramatic Create ports, they try to add some new stuff for the PS Vita version and for this game they’re adding: new character episodes, new event CGsthe ability to listen to bonus voices in the CG gallery screen whenever you tap places in the CG, and promise to refine the graphics considering it was originally made back in 2014~2016. Apparently the original game was pretty short, which isn’t surprising considering that it was originally a mobile game so hopefully these new additions will help improve it. Too bad it’s already been localised from the old mobile version so I don’t think they’ll localise this improved port…

Heiligenstadt no Uta is eXtend’s 3rd game. This game’s theme is all about music, more importantly the story’s main conflict is the sudden cases of “sound loss” in the town, where music cannot be played and songs cannot be sung. The heroine is the only one not affected during an incident of sound loss at an orchestra concert venue. The illustration style is not what you’d normally see, preferably the proportions especially in the faces but its not quite bad. You can view some samples of the illustrations in the gallery page, though I worry they’re showing all the CGs because damn 😆 that’s a lot of CGs. If you like classical music and something a bit light but mysterious than maybe this is the game for you. Not sure if it’ll be good though.

Shinobi, Koi Utsutsu -Kanmitsu Hana Emaki-  is either a FD or a sequel. It’s becoming kind of hard to tell whether or not it’s a FD or what. It will take place after the first game and will include the new characters introduced in the PS Vita port/FD(? I don’t know anymore), where hopefully the heroine and the main boyos either graduate, have a proper ninja job and maybe even marry, who knows. The meromero mode is back, though it makes me wonder if Kaede can properly control her meromero power by now so she wouldn’t need that training meromero mini-game. I might skip on this game for now, maybe wait until it’s dirt cheap considering my only interest is Kamakiyo (best boy btw).

And that should cover most of the games. Hopefully I didn’t forget any (I prolly did lol).

In bunny news, I reinstalled Steam and created a new account so I can try out some English otome games/visual novels. The laptop I have right now can’t handle big games, seeing that it’s 7 years old and shits the bed occasionally, so just having short visual novels/otome games is aight with me. I have bought 2 games so far, so maybe I’ll review them or something, hopefully this month.

I’ve also made a page where y’all can send questions/feed/requests. Hopefully I can check my email often (tho it’s prolly gonna be empty), hopefully it’ll be easier to contact me there. The new page is the contact page. Pwease be gentwle uwu

Sorry again for not doing much last month. I’ll make up for it this month, hopefully.

As always, thank you for reading!