[CD/Character Songs] A3! – Autumn Troupe Album: “First AUTUMN EP”

A3! released a line of four seasonal albums for each troupe (from Spring to Winter troupe), each album consisted of the troupe’s theme song, their first stage play song and solo character songs of the two main stars of the troupe. As a avid Autumn Troupe fan I’ve bought their album, hopefully this won’t be the last because I want to hear everyone’s solo songs especially Taichi’s who’s one of my favs lol.

Autumn Troupe’s album released just last month and if you haven’t listened to the audio sample of the album in above’s video, then listen to it now because those songs are lit as fuck 😆 Honestly I love their songs and fits well with the image of Autumn Troupe: just a bunch of delinquents (or ex-delinquents) that are hard as nails and are not to be messed with.

Anyway, I’ll do a little review for it to just share more of my opinions on what I love and find interesting about this album.

First off I’d like to comment on the jacket, pretty simplistic but I love that they’re still sticking to that simple geometric shape style that appears often in the game and that the characters drawn by Ryou Fujiwara don’t look like they’re out of place like they’re super imposed onto the cover, they’re just interacting with the background just right that it doesn’t look awkward.

Plus, I’m thankful they give out serial codes for SR Cards based on the characters that are on the jacket, but you can only choose one of the two characters so I chose Juza because I already have Banri’s SSR card from the theme song CD bonus. I don’t exactly know why they’re SR cards this time instead of SSRs because the quality of the illustration looks too good for an SR 😂 Anyway, here’s Juza in his beautiful glory:


His card also comes with a backstage story where everyone is preparing for a celebration party towards the second set of stage plays (? don’t take my word for it) and Juza & Banri are in charge of getting some sweets. They buy some cupcakes, which Juza has been staring holes into because he wants to eat them so much, and reflect on how they’ve grown, especially Juza who was really bad at acting since audition. Juza thinks about how at that time he really wanted to change himself, to become something else and that it was only his chance and is thankful that it worked out in the end. Though, as they chatted about all of that it seems like Juza ate most of the cupcakes without thinking omg…

Onto the songs, if you haven’t noticed I really love the songs in this album 😆 OnexOne is prolly my second favorite song, mainly because Banri (? I think) says “motherfucker” during the intro of the song… well, that’s not the only reason why I like it haha. It’s a really upbeat song during the chorus but at the same time it’s also like a rock song for the most part. Ichiyakagiri no Aibou is the song used for Autumn’s first stage play and yeah, even listening to the full version it’s pretty catchy. Though up until this point I thought they were saying “barry” (pronouncing it at “barreh“) instead of “buddy” lol, I guess that’s why they give you the lyrics so you won’t mishear stuff. Banri’s and Juza’s voices seem to really match and harmonize pretty well, though at time’s Banri (Chiharu Sawashiro) seems to steal the show a bit with his slight huskiness or whatever he’s doing with his voice lol. Though, gotta hand it to Juza (Shunsuke Takeuchi) for hitting those notes hard and strong, especially when he starts off soft and then ends with a good impact. I remember having the song set as my main background music in the game for quite a long time so I’ve gotten so used, so hearing the full version is a nice change. Now I have to get used to remembering the rest of it haha.

Banri’s solo song is named after his well known catch-phrase: super duper uber easy peasy mode… Jk, I mean “Super Ultra Easy Mode”. I gotta say, this song has really grown on me every time I listen to it. It’s a good song with a nice build up to the chorus, and don’t get me started on the chorus. Every time I listen to this song I always anticipate the chorus because that’s where the good shit is at, it’s hard to explain what exactly gets me hyped up about that part but if you heard the sample audio in the video at the start of this post you might know what I’m talking about. Also I’m impressed with Chiharu Sawashiro’s (voice actor for Banri) singing in this song, when he’s by himself you can really hear how good he’s at at singing. If you haven’t heard Chiharu’s everyday voice you would prolly find it hard to accept that he voices Banri/sings exactly how Banri sounds like, mainly because everyday Chiharu sounds like a really soft spoken guy and quite the opposite to Banri so it’s incredible to me that he can sing in character as well. Anyway that’s enough of me appreciatin’ Chiharu & Banri.

Next solo song is Juza’s “Loner”, is a bit of a somber song and different to Banri’s song in terms of beat, it’s kinda pretty mellow most of the time but it rises up at parts like the chorus. I guess it kinda describes Juza, how he rises up and wants to change himself (or maybe I’m reading too into this haha). It kinda reminds me of those old songs, like something grunge and heavy feeling, it particularly reminded me of an opening song for a 15 year old anime called Witch Hunter Robin which you can listen here. I’m not sure if they can be compared to being the same but it gave me the same feeling the OP for Witch Hunter Robin gave me, that’s why it reminded me of it. Shunsuke Takeuchi does a pretty good job, especially with his deep vocal range. Its kinda hard to believe that he’s about 19 years old. I’d prolly tie this song with Banri and Juza’s duet song in third place, it’s good but it doesn’t really beat onexone in terms of a song that gets my blood pumping. It’s a nice song to listen to when you’re chilling or on public transport, just watching the world pass by.

Overall I’m glad I bought this CD, pretty much worth the 2,000 yen for about 4 songs plus the instrumental versions. Plus I get a free SR card. If you’re interested in Autumn Troupe’s CD, there’s one copy left at CD Japan (though it would prolly be sold out by the time I post this, though knowing CD Japan they’d have some stock from their supplier). I think the serial code for an SR card is in every CD, the card is already fully bloomed so don’t worry about buying a second CD for another serial code just to bloom one card, unless you want to get the other character’s card too.

If you’re interested in listening to the other troupe’s CD samples in video form I’ll list them here:

Spring | Summer | Winter

I hope there’s some copies of the CDs available online if you’re also interested in buying them.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post. Thanks for reading!

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