[Monthly Overview] July 2017 Releases


Oni to Hanatsuma ~Hanausutto wa, Tsutsuji ka Tsubaki ka~ – 28th July – Eins

*R18 PC Game

Furue, Yurayura to – Jougen no Sho – 28th July – A’sRing

*R18 PC Game

PS Vita

Himehibi 1 Gakki -Princess Days- – 20th July – TAKUYO

Utsusemi no Meguri – 27th July – Matatabi

Kenka Banchou Otome ~Kanzen Muketsu no My Honey~ – 27th July – Spike Chunsoft RED Entertainment

Hiiro no Kakera ~Omoi iro no Kioku~ 27th July – otomate


Hakuoki Shinkai Fuukaden – 23rd July – otomate


I apologise for being MIA last month, the last few weeks have been tough on me and my family and I’d rather not go into too much detail because I don’t want to stress or worry anyone. I’m doing ok for now and I still want to keep blogging for you all and for myself, so here I am.

I plan to catch up on the content I wanted to do last month and try to put most of them in this month. Hopefully I can get around expressing my thoughts on the latest “first person” anime Roommate (from the creators of Makura no Danshi whoops wrong info lol). Boy is it gonna be good to tear it apart. Hopefully I can get around cleaning up and updating a bit of my blog too.

This month seems to be jam packed full of releases, especially near the 27th of July, say goodbye to that hard earned cash. I’ll do a quick run down on what each game has in store for us…

Himehibi 1 Gakki – Princess Days- is a port of a 2006/2008 game to the PS Vita by TAKUYO. Yes the graphics really do give that nostalgic feeling of early 2000s visual novel graphics but in my opinion it kinda holds up, my only issues is a bit of the shading style and colors but it doesn’t look too bad. Himehibi seems to be one of those good ol’ high school romcoms and to put the cherry on top its one of those ‘heroine is the first girl to attend an all boys school’ cliche, which I can get behind as long as its having fun with the idea. The heroine seems to have a bit of personality compared to other ‘first girl to attend an all boys school’ heroines, if you look at the example CGs on the 2006 website (which you can tell is a really early 2000s web page lol) you’ll see some examples of the heroine’s personality so that’s reassuring and kinda helps out with the comedy if your protag can bounce off of others to get a good laugh from the audience. The original PS2 game has gotten fairly good reviews on amazon, so maybe I’ll take a look/try it, but really all it comes down to is how well of a port it’s gonna be. No one wants terrible audio or image artifacts on the CGs when playing a port.

Hakuoki Shinkai Fuukaden is the newest game to be released in the “How long do you think we can milk this thing? We can literally live off of repackaging and sequels/spinoff games for all eternity” series. It is a PS4 game, possibly one of the first of many ports to the PS4 by otomate, of the “Shinkai” series of Hakuoki. For those who don’t know, the Shinkai series are kind of like a remake of the original Hakuoki game with additions to three (3) new characters that have routes as well as your fav side characters like this fucker getting routes. The Shinkai series were split into two halves for maximum profit, where the first half had been localised into English just 2 months ago. If only the people who localised it waited a bit more until Otomate announced Shinkai Fuukaden (the all in one experience for the PS4), but hey, maybe they can make more profit by localising the PS4 version too. Win-Win for everyone.

Utsusemi no Meguri is the second game to come from Matatabi. Their first being RearPheles Red of Another which had this ‘Slender Man’-esque mini-game incorporated into the story (don’t ask me to play it bc I suck at running or hiding in video games and prolly not good for my heart lol). Utsusemi no Meguri is one of those games set in a fantasy version of Japan in the older eras, like possibly Heian era or later, where onis live among humans. Seems like this game will get a little steamy with the Cero D rating and all (hell, theres a few CGs in the gallery that are bordering on KamiAso InFinite levels of Cero D CGs). I’d like to play it one day but I’m not great when it comes to playing drama heavy games, also there seems to be a mini-game involving button inputs and you’re up against a timer to fill in the gauge 😆 no pressure there. But I am curious about it and its got my main boy Shinnosuke Tachibana being a (possible?) yandere, so that looks promising considering how well he plays those characters. I’ll think about purchasing it when it’s cheaper.

Kenka Banchou Otome ~Kanzen Muketsu no My Honey~ is a fandisc of the original Kenka Banchou Otome game, which will hopefully give some sweet after story moments with the boys. I was hoping for a route with Hikaru & Sakaguchi being a small family with Hinako and just having some kind of crazy shenanigans together (or maybe a stand alone romance route with Rintaro’s half-bro/step-brother… like I wish Tasuku Hatanaka can get into more console based otome games roles, especially playing characters with routes lol, pls give the guy a chance). Though I think Hikaru and Sakaguchi might have a route or something similar in a bonus story where its just chillin’ with the dudes and no romance. The website isn’t giving out a lot of details on what the story and bonus content will be, a bit worrying when it’s releasing this month and the ‘story’ and ‘special’ tabs on the website are still inaccessible. Also I hope Yoshimasa Hosoya (voice actor for Rintaro Kira) is getting better and on the road to recovery.

Hiiro no Kakera ~Omoi iro no Kioku~ is a port to the PS Vita. Still not sure if its a remake tho. Otomate already has their Yone Kazuki copycat artist to fill in for the job of Yone Kazuki, so why not remake it, its not like they haven’t spliced in copycat artwork with the original one into the same game before (coughsHakuokiShinakaicough). It seems like this will have not only the original first game, but also the fandisc and other short stories added into it. They promise to up the resolution of graphics and make a few adjustments to the ‘adventure parts’, whatever that may mean. I dunno if I’m interested in this series, I remember watching maybe 1 or 2 episodes of the animation series by Studio Deen and then dropping it like a ton of bricks. That aside, I’m sure others who have been meaning to play this but didn’t have the consoles to play it on will be happy about this port.

Oni to Hanatsuma ~Hanausutto wa, Tsutsuji ka Tsubaki ka~ is one of them R18 otome PC games that are set about thousand of years ago, I’m not sure but it seems like the flavor of the month when it comes to R18 otome games. I’m guessing one or both of the dudes are onis or something, which makes it a bit more swexy amirite gals? 😉 Just kidding, I’m so jaded by this holy shit. You can prolly write a short synopsis on these kinds of games with this same exact theme and maybe try to make a game out of it where you try to match the title of the game with the right synopsis. Prolly won’t be an easy feat to get them all correct unless you are well-versed in each game. Anyway, the art looks all right except for a few shots where the heroine’s eyes look like they’re not positioned right. You can download the PC demo here, be warned its an R18 game and I’m not sure if the demo is NSFW but download at your own risk.

Furue, Yurayura to – Jougen no Sho is the second part of the Furue, Yurayura series and is also an R18 otome PC game. This second half includes the other half of the main cast as romanceable dudes. The story goes along the lines of “modern day school girl accidentally time slips into the past (usually Heian period or later) and has to date (or maybe fuck in this case) her way to find a way to go back to her original time”, that kind of trope/cliche. I’m sure there might be more to the story than I’ve described, so if you’re interested maybe play to find out or check out the website. You can download the PC demo here (don’t choose the DMM mirror, also it is the demo for Kagen no Sho–the first half of Furue, Yurayura to) be warned its an R18 game and I’m not sure if the demo is NSFW but download at your own risk.

Anyway that’s about it. Stay warm (or cool, whichever side of the hemisphere you’re in). I’ll do my best this month too.

As always, thank you for reading.

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6 thoughts on “[Monthly Overview] July 2017 Releases

  1. hey now, I was really excited to have a chance to hang out with that f*cker! http://randomc.net/image/Hakuouki/Hakuouki%20Hekketsuroku%20-%2013%20-%20Large%20Snapshot%2003.jpg
    Sadly I am a sucker for the incredibly milked Hakuouki IP. but I doubt I’d get the ps4 ver. I only got the english Junsouroku for ps3 cuz it had Zuisouroku on it but I’d rather have otome on handheld. I can rarely can use the big tv and my tiny tv would be annoying to use (it is convenient for older consoles tho.)

    lol but anyways thanks for the round-up! good for people like me that don’t make any effort to sift thru news and stuff. D: I want the kenka bancho games… I liked the mainline psp game that came over and the otome looks so funny!

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    1. I wanted to play the original kenka bancho games but bc it was on psp (a handheld console i dont have) i couldnt play 😂 tho i think they have the latest ones, jpn ver only, on the 3DS. But the 3DS is region locked too lol


      1. x’D I guess kenka bancho is just being a total shabazo delinquent by being so inaccessible!! I just remembered, we picked up that psp game sort of on a whim. the funny thing is, that and two other unrelated games were just traded in earlier that day by some guy, and we ended up buying all three. xD talk about quick turn-around.

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  2. Nice to see you’re doing alright, Billy. I don’t want to go into details about it since you yourself said you didn’t want to but I want you to know that I’m always here for you if you need to talk or anything. *hugs*

    I look forward to your scathing review for that horrid anime 😉

    I will literally buy anything Takuyo puts out. I’m holding off on the Hakuoki games because I’m not a huge fan tbh. It was alright. Nothing amazing, imo, but I can understand that for many it was their first otoge and first love. I do have to balk at how the english localization is blatantly making us purchase 2 separate games for one. I don’t understand the reasoning for it. Other than the belief that fans will eat this up…

    And dayum those spicy cgs lol

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    1. Its ok! I appreciate the words and support! Thank you.
      Like, I have a feeling Idea Factory (the english localiser) didnt have a clue that Otomate was gonna announce they were gonna announce an all in one PS4 game after the first half was released in english, then again who knows what was going behind the scenes. Im guessing the Shinkai series was too big to fit on a ps vita game card so they had to split it but i have no idea if its cutting the whole story of the original hakuoki in half or what (prolly too many routes made it too heavy for a vita game card). Still its kinda weird its split in half lol.

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