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[Monthly Overview] June Releases 2017

PS Vita

Tsukitomo. -TSUKIUTA. 12 memories- – 1st June – Bandai Namco

Shiro to Kuro no Alice – 8th June – otomate

Tokyo Yamanote Boys for V [Main Disc] – 22nd June – rejet

Tsumikui ~Sen no Noroi, Sen no Inori~ for V – 29th June – operetta dramatic create


Ah, it’s June time, which means we’re halfway through the year and also the start of summer (or winter if you’re in the south hemisphere like myself lol). It’s getting kinda hard for me to be productive because its pretty cold right now that I’d rather hibernate, but hey, gotta do something.

This month we have nothing but PS Vita releases, tho being a small handful of games being released this month. Sangoku Rensenki Sakigake was supposed to release this month but it has been moved to August 25th. Two of the games being released this month are ports to the vita.

Tsukitomo. -TSUKIUTA. 12 memories- isn’t necessarily an “otome game”, which is kinda why I didn’t add it to my overall year overview (that, and I totally forgot it existed). It’s more about a game about the dudes being dude bros and bro-ing it up. However, according to the 2 current amazon reviews, it seems like a very short game (1 guy took them 30 minutes to complete, there aren’t any routes and there’s 1 ending). One commented that its more of a game that would be best aimed at elementary or middle school kids and that it would’ve been fine on the 3DS so why put it on the PS Vita. I’m guessing its more of a game for the fans of Tsukiuta to get more content on their favorite guys. Tho I kinda like the idea that you can collect coins for a gacha which gives you “goods” like badges/pins and bromides for you to arrange on your cork board, just like real life!

Shiro to Kuro no Alice has been in “delay hell” so here’s hoping it releases this month. Seems like a lot of people are excited for this game (tho for me it’s just another Alice in Wonderland game except with biting/vampirism(?, whatever that is) Otomate, we need to discuss on your biting habits in otome games). There are two heroines to choose from, each heroine has their own bois for them to chase after. I have no idea why or how but there seems to be a “real world” and “wonder world” that all the characters can traverse between, might need to do some research on the website to look into what’s up with that.

Tokyo Yamanote Boys for V [Main Disc] is a port with all the main discs released on PC (and then prolly re-released on PSP) merged together to make 1 game. The fan disc version will be released in August. New additions to the PS Vita version is special illustrations of the guys as vampires, little red riding hood etc will be added alongside a short story about the costume, they also promise new scenarios to be added as well as a new extra feature that reveals confidential setting materials of the game. They also say there will be a newly recorded theme song/OP and if you purchase the limited edition you can get a CD of it. Kinda wished they would update/redraw character sprites and CGs but that would be too much work I guess.

Tsumikui ~Sen no Noroi, Sen no Inori~ for V is a  PS Vita port for the 2016 PC game with the same name. It will have new bonus content such as a route for Kagerou, I think there’s an after story+new CG for that after story of each guy, another bonus scene requested by many users asking for some more interaction between Ren when you met him until you gain a mutual trust (having played the common route I can say the jump between meeting Ren and then being buddies with him was huge and kinda jarring). Hopefully these new scenes etc will be nicely polished and not half-assed for a port, but considering its some new material being added its very generous for a port.

…And thats about it on the rundown of this month’s game releases. I wanna say that I plan to buy Tokyo Yamanote Boys for V and Tsumikui for V (because I rather play on the vita seeing that I have a hard time laying down with my laptop and playing it lol). Plus, considering the PS Vita port for Tsumikui is adding new stuff and improvements it might be a better version than the original PC game. But… I would like to save money 😆 So I won’t be buying them straight away and hopefully find them at a cheaper price, maybe second hand, some time in the future. Plus I have a huge backlog and need to concentrate on the games I have right now.

Anyway I’ll try to do some more posts this month, seeing that last month was a barren wasteland in terms of posts. I’m hoping I can be more productive this month… as long as the mobages don’t steal my soul again.

As always, thanks for reading.


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