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[Monthly Overview] May Releases 2017


Furue, Yurayura to – Kagen no Sho – 26th May – A’sRing

*R18 PC Game

PS Vita

Starry☆Sky ~Summer Stories~ – 11th May – honeybee

Marginal #4 Road to Galaxy – 25th May – otomate rejet


This month seems to be pretty desolated too. Whatever saves me from buying more games is okay with me 😆 There was supposed to be one more PS Vita game that was supposed to release this month, Crank In by p-reve, but it seems like it was delayed until Summer 2017. Next month seems a bit more busy with some ports I’m interested in checking out… tho I should hold off buying the Tsumikui port, seeing I still have the PC disk (tho its been hard for me to sit still and play it on my laptop).

As for the games of this month…

Starry Sky ~Summer Stories~ is a PS Vita port containing all the Summer stories. Seems like honeybee had trouble porting Spring Stories with all them delays, but it seems like Summer Stories might release on time (watch me eat my words when they delay it on the last second), considering it’s been keeping the same release date for the past few months. Though it still makes me wonder who would buy a port of an almost 6 year old game with the same old CGs. Prolly would be worth the trouble if it was a remake with newer graphics in the new style of the original character designer.

Marginal #4 Road to Galaxy is more like Utapri’s Music games, where it’s mostly a rhythm game on the PS Vita where you can unlock different scenarios and stuff and get some bonus interactions of your fav idol boys. I’m not sure if they still used the same character sprites and backgrounds from the first PS Vita game bc I never played it, but it seems like its UNICORN Jr.’s first time in a PS Vita game. The game kinda plays like a mobile rhythm game where you get points from clearing songs (theres like 26 playable songs) and you use those points to purchase scenarios. That’s basically the game. Also the heroine is in the game somewhere, I don’t know where tho lol.

Furue, Yurayura to – Kagen no Sho is one of two R18 PC games, the story of Furue, yurayura to is split into two games each game has three different routes each. I’m not exactly sure what it’s about bc the summary on the website is in a font that’s kinda hard for me to read in an instant, but from a few things I’ve understood is that this is one of those “time slip” stories where the heroine from the modern day somehow slips through time to an old era, in this game she time slips into the Heian Era and won’t get back for some time soon. How many times has this trope been done to death 😂 And why does it have to be an R18 game? Who knows really, based on the 4komas its cute without the heroine getting a good dicking by dudes (she’s like a school girl too and most of the dudes are older than her so wtf). Maybe the R18 bits just gives a little bit of spice to the “time slip” genre/trope?

As for me, now that I’ve finished P5 and finally obtained my copy of Side Kicks! that I ordered over a month ago, I can go back to playing otome games. The main reason I took a break from playing is mainly because after playing a few games that didn’t quite live to my expectations I started to get all disinterested in what I was playing and wanted to just cleanse my palate after some kusoge by not playing much at all and go back to the general games that I love playing. Hopefully Side Kicks! won’t leave me so jaded as well bc so far it looks promising… but I’ll my thoughts on that for another post.

As always, thanks for reading, and if you’re in the southern hemisphere and experiencing cold ass winter in May then keep warm, just like how I’m wearing three layers of clothes right now.