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Status Update – What have I been up to?

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If you haven’t known, Persona 5 just dropped internationally and I’ve been playing it non-stop ever since. The reason why I haven’t been blogging lately and stuff is because of it lol. The reason why I’m playing it non-stop is because I know I have this terrible habit where if I stop playing a game I will never come back to it, so in order to enjoy it fully I’m gonna focus most of my time on it… so far I’ve focused 90~100 hours of my time on it 😆

Hopefully once I’m done playing it I can finally get back into the groove of things. I wish I could stream it for all of you guys but it seems like Atlus doesn’t want ppl streaming/making videos past a certain date because of spoilers, which I will respect bc nobody likes spoilers. I’m hoping I can stream it maybe next year or the year after on a new game+ file so we can enjoy it together.

I’m trying my best not to share spoilers on my twitter, just posting some stuff I think is funny and would like to share. Most of my internet activity will be on this twitter account sharing Persona 5 stuff.

Maybe I’ll write a review on it when I’m finished, who knows haha. For the time being, please be patient with me and I’m very sorry if you were expecting some posts this month…

As always, thank you for reading!



4 thoughts on “Status Update – What have I been up to?”

  1. I have that same habit too! I love starting things but finishing it requires more motivation that I can’t expend. I miss reading your touken ranbu diaries! They’re hilarious and relatable. I hope you get back into the game!

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    1. I have been thinking of writing another entry for touken ranbu after the sengo event but it seems like I got caught up in other video games that I forgot 😅 I’m glad you enjoy them, hopefully I’ll get to write some soon


  2. I’m following your tweets about this game xD
    I love Persona series but I don’t own a Ps3/4 T-T
    I wished they released for Vita too.

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