[Monthly Overview] April Releases 2017


Taisho Alice HEADS & TAILS – 21st April – Primula

Shinobazu Seven – Full Package – 28th April – Hitsujigumo

*Opening Video may be NSFW

Kusunoki Yashiki no Monogatari ~Himitsu no Ochoumen~ – 28th April – Pil-Vamp

*R18 PC Game

Nonke Ippatsu Tabehodai – 28th April – Astray

*R18 PC Game

Blackish House ←sideZ – 28th April – honeybee black


A whole lot of PC games releasing this month. I had to double check to see if there was a PS Vita game being released but surprisingly there will be no PS Vita games of any sort being released this month. Which is prolly a blessing for my wallet.

Anyway, lets do a little run down on what games are releasing this month, shall we?

Taisho Alice HEADS & TAILS is kind of like a fandisc. It has two new routes for the supporting characters: oniichan and wolf boy. There are after stories for the original cast that takes place after the happy ending and finally a “what if” story that’s just for fun and is about all of them as high schoolers.

Shinobazu Seven – Full Package is a repackaging of a 2012~2013 PC Game, packaging all seven of the PC games as well as 7 songs. It promises a fully voiced cast (except for the Heroine)and dummy head mic scenes. Took them about 4 years to get this into full package but they got there eventually 😆

Kusunoki Yashiki no Monogatari ~Himitsu no Ochoumen~ is another eroge aimed at women from Pil-Vamp, tho I’m still not sure what makes the difference between an eroge aimed at men and these sorts of eroge aimed at women where you don’t see much p○n○s and get a whole lot of vag○○○. You can download the trial version here, I haven’t tried it myself so I’m not sure if it’ll be NSFW/R18+ so be warned. The heroine is voiced so bet your ass you’re gonna hear a lot of moaning from her during the H scenes. Even though the characters look like they’re from some kind of 18th Century European country, they are in fact Japanese, or at least have Japanese names lol. The blonde guy seems to be the heroine’s fiancé and the heroine is pure to the point that she doesn’t know what ecchi means until one night when she had a lewd dream…. so I’m guessing this whole game is just her exploring ecchi shit with her suitors despite her being engaged lmao.

Nonke Ippatsu Tabehodai seems like an R18 BL game packed with humor. If I’m gonna guess what the title means in English I’d say it means “All you can eat buffet of straight men”, again this is just me using my limited Japanese to translate it lol. The protagonist is the seme, has no eyes and has the power to distinguish which straight guy has the legendary tits and ass. I’d say it’s humorous because of this CG, someone please explain it to me without any context and try not to make it sound humorous. You can watch the opening movie here and download the trial/demo of this game (again, I’m not sure if the trial is NSFW so download at your own risk). Maybe I’ll try out the demo and give my thoughts on it to share to you all, who knows.

Blackish House sideZ is the second part of the Blackish House series, while the first one seemed like diabolik lovers (ain’t it cute that they’re handcuffed to each other ❤ain’t it also cute when you have the heroine drugged and out of it while chained up 😍, tho not gonna lie, I would prolly play it just for this precious boy), this one seems like either about murder/death and maybe NTR based on the CGs… more or less this one seems a bit depressing lol. Whatever floats ppls boats I guess. Though what gets me concerned about this one is that the website legit shows a CG of one of the guys dying… unless it’s fake and it might be for some kind of acting thing, I’m concerned if this is spoiling a bad end or what.

Hopefully the games I purchased last month will arrive some time soon so I can do stuff. Also hope that the HDMI splitter I ordered will arrive too so I can test on how it’s like to stream a Playstation TV and report back to y’all.

I’ll try my best this month to deliver some more content!

As always thanks for reading.

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